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Pink Self Balancing Scooter the dead blood. I have found some hair under the bed of Lin Guodong, which may have leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel your wife. He faced Lin Guodong, yellow, swollen cheeks showing a smile, Luo Shaohua agreed to testify, You re done. Ji Qiankun stared at the piece of paper and non woven, tears gradually filled eyes, and ultimately, one fell on the desktop. He sat back in the Delaware self balancing scooter chair, his hand and his face, silent cry. Du officers, Wei Jiong, Xiao Hui vague voice came from the fingers, Thank you Thank you. Du into the heart of a song, waving hands at the door of Zhang Zhenliang. Zhang Zhenliang with a few policemen trotted toward the table, a pull from the surface, such as Lin Guodong, put on handcuffs. Lin Guodong, you are suspected of rape, intentional homicide and robbery. Du looked at him, loudly announced, You are arrested. Zhang Zhenliang and another policeman dragged Lin Guodong to go outside the cafe. Lin Guodong bowed his head, feet dragged on the ground, like a dead dog in general. Approaching the door, he suddenly struggled up, turned away to the Ji qian kun shouted By ah, you waste this wimp pink self balancing scooter you murderers Du into coldly watched Lin Guodong was dragged out of the cafe, disappeared in the wa.s, want to open the car heater, as soon as possible to melt this bottle of frozen water. However, he looked up to see the room is still lit 501, and put his hand down. cold. hungry. thirsty. anxiety All kinds of negative emotions in my heart, and finally converged into an anger. Luo Shaohua rolled down the window, the bottle thrown out fiercely. Hard as a stone water bottle hit pink self balancing scooter the wall, issued a huge sound, 4 units in front of the voice activated lights lit. This sudden light down Luo Shaohua calm down, he sat in the cab breathing heavily, his mouth also mechanically chew moving. Finally, the mouthful of saliva slag wet bread, pink self balancing scooter the last difficult to swallow it. Bastard, you d better be honest, otherwise Luo Shaohua raised self balancing-scooter start his head, just to see the 501 room lights go out. The window is like a closed one eyed. Monster finally to sleep, in this silence of the night. Suddenly, a strong sense of fatigue suddenly green self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua heart somewhere out of the rapid occupation of the body of every bone and pink self balancing scooter every muscle of the muscle. He began to extremely desire home bed and warm bed. self balancing scooter samsung battery However, he still can not relax, always staring at the dark hole of the window. Half an hour later, the 501 ro.

mended to him several radio and portable MP3 player. These goods is clearly not his goal, Lin Guodong just looked briefly turned away. After a little hesitation, he went straight into a recent computer franchise stores. Luo Shaohua look at the store s trademark, and my heart secretly funny. Sure enough, Lin pink self balancing scooter Guodong after a tour, they ran out of fear, but also go back and look at the neon signs that the bite of the apple, shook pink self balancing scooter his head. But he did not give up, look around, and into a domestic computer franchise stores. Into the store after the first price tag, I feel acceptable, patience to stroll up. Soon, Purchasing Guide came to provide advisory services. Luo Shaohua hiding in a dozen meters away from the side of the pink self balancing scooter counter, pretending to pick the keyboard, secretly watching his every move. Lin Guodong and the Purchasing Guide in the conversation, mainly in the other asked, and Lin Guodong very little answer. From inen self balancing scooter Lin Guodong clumsy words and constantly support the gesture point of view, he told the Purchasing Guide to describe their product requirements. And his request is clearly relatively low, Purchasing Guide quickly designated a few computers for his choice, and to Immediately, he went to the sofa next to observe the style and fabric, roughly deduce its display time, Du Cheng stood up, his eyes toward the bathroom. The bathtub became the first object to attract his attention. Du into a circle in the bathroom, shouted to the door the people, come. Zhang Limin crashed to. Du into the bath and the walls Here, re inspection. Oh Zhang Limin put away the cigarettes about to fire, a look of surprise, check what Focus on the blood. Du into the ground, tiles have to check, do not miss each slot. Zhang Limin more puzzled, however, he see Du into a serious look, did not ask, waved his colleagues came to work. Thank you, the people. Du into patting his shoulder, have found Maine self balancing scooter immediately told me. He walked out of pink self balancing scooter the bathroom and continued to look at it indoors. Zhang Zhenliang at the door to call, see him out, put away the phone came. Ma s home to the Bureau of the sister in law. Zhang Zhenliang looked at Du Cheng, Luo Shaohua also came. Du Cheng took the elevator, went straight to the Office Indiana self balancing scooter of the Deputy Secretary away. Just a few steps away, he heard someone called him behind. Du turned back, see Zhang Haisheng pushing Ji Qiankun, are coming to th.Yes ah, and they are more than trivial. He turned off the page, trying to stretch the sore back, turned to look out the window. The first month, even late at pink self balancing scooter night, the festive atmosphere is still pink self balancing scooter strong. Firecrackers from time to time, and occasionally can see the gorgeous fireworks in the far or near the place bloom. The past ten days, the Green Bamboo Court area where there is no quiet. This is an old neighborhood, few households young people. Weekdays desolate, can only see on crutches, eyes turbid, cold old people walking around in the yard. Only the Spring Festival, the festival should be reunited, in order to allow the children scattered around the back here. Lin Guodong open the window, looking downstairs slowly driving away a black car. It is just the end of the family to visit relatives. Routine, satiated, said, Mom you pay attention to the body, I ll see you free kind of courtesy, then, glad to leave. The old lady was standing downstairs until she could not see the taillamp of the black car. The so called free , is probably a year later. Lin Guodong smiled. Behind him, is this empty home, no family, no responsibility. No need to insincere greeting, less rice and salt tro.

Pink Self Balancing Scooter hing to do.The murderer probably imitate the impulse , But found the ability to imitate the crime is not enough you also noticed that he is in a very panic to complete the case of crime so there is no next time. Du Cheng did not say anything, the complexity of this matter has exceeded his imagination. Originally just traced an old case, now becomes two. The next question is, the murderer seems to be behind the killer. And the relationship between the two men, really just imitate that simple He placed the dossiers of the two cases on the table, glancing back and forth. This action was Zhang Zhenliang see in the eyes, the latter hesitated, reaching out to the two files together in the pile. Master, Zhang Zhenliang said slowly, You say, this case from behind, why not cracked You know, we are engaged in the case, especially murder, are from the motivation to start, and then began to investigate the social relations around the victim. He pointed pink self balancing scooter to the file This case is likely to be a random choice of victims, no motive to kill, naturally bad investigation. Is there nothing else Du Ducheng raised his head, just met Zhang Zhenliang meaningful eyes, he immediately realized that apprentice.n Hongqing pondered a long while, whispered Lao Du, what plan Du Cheng and smoked a cigarette, Zaza Zizui contented, his hands gently on the knees afraid of the name discharged home. Do not, Master. Zhang Zhenliang first objection, We have a good cure, where not to go to Beijing, to Shanghai Do not worry about medical expenses, I do. The doctor said very clearly I have diabetes, this problem lies in the liver. Governance liver, kidney is finished governance kidney, the liver is finished Both sides do not please. No Duan moccasin self balancing scooter Hongqing shook his head, you give me honestly in the hospital, preparing pink self balancing scooter surgery, the cost of the Council out. Draw it, no meaning. Du into his body than the painted, all this age but also suffer a knife, and radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the good people tossing waste, say, is also white. Then stiffen Duan Hongqing stared, Do not fight his mother, listen to me. The pink self balancing scooter problem is I m fine ah. Du into the hands of a pool, I can not run a few days before venetian electric self balancing scooter I can jump I did a lifetime of Interpol, you let me stay in the hospital, could not wait ah You less nonsense Duan Hongqing a wave, give me a few days to say rest. Du into distinction, highlight on the break came

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