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Purple Self Balancing Scooter ankun always sit on the sidelines. Oh He rushed across the Lin Guodong Yang Yang chin, It seems mediumpurpul self balancing scooter that today you want to kill you, more than one of me. Voice hardly ever, the presence of people have heard a burst of unexpected ringtones. Ji Qiankun frowned, reaching out from the body of the piece of brown jacket down jacket took out a cell phone. He looked at the screen, and handed Du into. Look for Luo Shaohua. Du Cheng took the phone, see the screen shows the wife word. He turned to see just dragged out the door to Luo Shaohua, press the answer key. Sister, I was into the child Do not ask you this first. Du into a sigh, Shaohua nothing you do not come, he really purple self balancing scooter nothing Well we in purple self balancing scooter the Hing Wah Street North and Dawang Road He hung up the phone, leaning toward the Chi kun. The old discipline, I now talk to Luo Shaohua Lin Guodong murder evidence in his hand. Du best self balancing scooter for kids paused, You give me some time. Ji Qiankun mouth twitch a bit, spit out three words half an hour. Well. Du Cheng straightened up, turned around to see Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui, purple self balancing scooter You Yue Xiaohui standing did not move, Wei Jiong look at her, turned Du Chong shook his head. Du Cheng seems to.again. After listening to Ji Qiankun, look slightly dignified, a little pondered about, the right color of Du Cheng said Du police officers, I let these two children to go to steal the files were nothing to do with them. Du waved his hand, it seems that this matter does not care This thing does not belong to me, but He narrowed his upper body to his sienna self balancing scooter face and stared at each other s face. Why are you purple self balancing scooter going to see the file twenty three years ago Do you still use the question Ji Qiankun looked back at Du without hesitation, you arrested the wrong person, kill my wife s murderer, still at large. Du into the face can not see the Louisiana self balancing scooter purple self balancing scooter expression, always staring Ji Qiankun So I want to catch him. Ji Qiankun s eyes bright and piercing, it s that simple. Du into the body sit up, lit a cigarette, the line of sight from the face of heaven and earth moved to the legs can not let go Never put down. Ji Qiankun smiled, You are not the same, otherwise, why do you and Wei Jiong to see the same file it Du Cheng Yi Leng, then laughed. Yeah, he said, staring at his knee and shaking his head, No place. I have forestgreen self balancing scooter to say thank you very much, said Ji Qiankun, in a tone of sincerity, I heard that when you t.

n where Can not let him sit on the cold ground, right Put me on the staircase handrail. Wei Jiong act according to words. Ji Qiankun sideways lying on the staircase handrail, his hands clutched iron railings, legs soft ride on the ground. Okay, I ll carry my wheelchair, Ji asked, Be careful, that stuff is heavy. Wei Jiong did not dare to stay, wipe the sweat on his forehead, ran on the third floor of the trot, and even dragged to pull the wheelchair to get down. Ji Qiankun also maintained that uncomfortable posture lying on the staircase handrails, looks like a pile of purple self balancing scooter discarded old clothes. Hear the voice of Wei Jiong downstairs, Ji Qiankun raised his head, looking forward to looking at him, there is a trace of regret in the eyes. It s hard work for you. Wei Jiong know he also insisted. His arms to support the body weight alone, he may slip at any time on the ground. So he had no time to rest, they hurried to sit in a wheelchair. For purple self balancing scooter him to cover blankets, Wei Jiong straight from the waist, two people at the same time grow a breath. JiKunKun patted his back send me back to the room bar, bubble tea, we have a good rest. Zhang Haisheng is still in the room, Zheng Gongzhuo in Ji Qiank.ter and gray feather vest was sitting at violetred self balancing scooter the table pressing the calculator. Lin Guodong came in and raised his head and asked, Are you Lin Guodong remember his surnamed ginger, the last interview on his own, busy piled up smiling face Manager Jiang Jiang Zong, I came to send the manuscript. Oh what s your last name Ginger stopped his work. Yes, Lin, J graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages, is not it Lin Guodong nodded, he conspire to the table, from the hands of the plastic bag out a stack of printing paper, I translated well, you see. Ginger left hand to take the original, the right hand to take the translation, a careful review of the control, his face can not see what expression. Lin Guodong slightly bowed back, vertical hand standing at the table, looking humility and peace. A few minutes later, Jiang always put down the manuscript, cleared his throat Yes, old graduates, skills or some. Lin Guodong straight from the waist, nodded slightly, look quite contented. The total prize Jiang. The line, then we contract it. Jiang Zedong bowed in the drawer to find, do not have to sit classes, there is no insurance, a purple self balancing scooter five Jin Han, a job to give you a call as for r.d to check to see. purple self balancing scooter Du into the pondered and turned around, eyes gazing Ji Jiakun, If the source is really to stimulate the murderer of perfume, then Xu Mingliang certainly be wronged. Ji Qiankun nervously looking back at him Why Xu Ming liang has a chronic ethmoid sinusitis caused by olfactory hypoesthesia. Du into the tone of the more excited, the deceased who is purple self balancing scooter rubbing the perfume or toilet water, for him is meaningless. See Ji Qiankun excitedly took a wheelchair, I m not wrong Do not rush proud. Du waved his hand, I have to figure reliable security self balancing scooter out topaz and Li Lihua do not have perfume, and what brand. He pointed to Yue Xiaohui This little girl is very powerful. Thank you. Yue Xiaohui smiled, his eyes have become aggressive, Now, the you. Oh Du Cheng Yi Leng, then realized purple self balancing scooter that she was asking the focus of their investigation, I am concerned about is the fingerprint. In the fourth case Wei Jiong asked. Ah. Du into the fourth column of the photo, the murderer in the first three committing the crime process, without leaving any traces of evidence.We in the dead bodies and parcels of plastic bags on nothing to extract to. , In the fourth case, he exposed the flaws. Ji Qiankun then said pig hair.

Purple Self Balancing Scooter looked at Luo Shaohua silent action. Finally, he went to the entrance hall, pedal shoes, no longer could not help. darkmagenta self balancing scooter Shaohua Luo Shaohua heard her call, whole body Yi Chan. However, he did not stop, continue to slowly lace, back satchel. Raising his hand to open the door, he hesitated a moment, turned to Jinfeng. Jinfeng looked at Luo Shaohua. He went to his wife, stared at her for a long time, and finally stretched out a hand on her cheek. The hand wrinkled, cold biting. I made a mistake, a lot of mistakes, Luo Shaohua said softly, both purple self balancing scooter tired and resolute, This mistake killed the old horse.Now, I m going to correct this error. Tears from the eyes of Jinfeng emission, she seized the hands of Luo Shaohua, shaking his head, pleading silently. Do not, do not go, do not leave me and this home. Luo Shaohua stood motionless in situ, staring at never been so beautiful wife. How leray self balancing scooter safety good a woman, how good life. but Jinfeng suddenly felt the face of the hand quickly pulled away. And then looked up, the only time to see the clothes Luo Shaohua flash in the doorway. With the closure of the iron gate of the ring, Luo Shaohua has come to the corridor, the sound of piercing cry shouting off behind. Fle.Du, I am afraid he will immediately request Wei Jiong the phone out. However, he just looked at the volume 1. Du into the thought, it seems that purple self balancing scooter trade off within the heart, and finally, he pulled out from behind his own bag. Look at this. Du into a bag from the bag out of a few thick files, and handed Ji Qiankun, This is all. Ji Qiankun only look at a few pages, his hands shaking up, it seems incredible to this surprise. This Nothing. Du into Ji Qiankun, again turned to Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui, In this matter, we are on the same side. Chapter XIX Lin Guodong recent life is very regular. In nearly a week of continuous tracking, Luo Shaohua gradually identified the fact that Lin Guodong did find a job, and with his line of work have a relationship. Every two or three days, Lin Guodong will go to the morning to buy some food or daily necessities, and then almost at home. In most of the day, he would sit right in front of the computer, serious translation of a certain manuscripts this point, from time to time purple self balancing scooter he needs access to English Chinese dictionary can be verified. Occasionally got up from the seat, not to the bathroom, is to add water to the cup. At noon he would briefly rest.

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