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Quartz Self Balancing Scooter he looked down at the active bed lying on the Du Cheng, faint, said These two son of a bitch pretty cunning, rented two suites, 8 floor, 15 floor, making drugs how do you know on the 15th mediumseagreen self balancing scooter floor Du into his back lying. No pillow, the head slightly backward, loose skin on his neck piled up, looked more rounded face. It smells the kid s clothes and his hair are sour, he said, pointing out two fingers, In the elevator, he made it clear that he would press 15. Zhang Zhen Liang out of his fingers in between the two folders a cigarette, but also to help him lit. Zhang Yan Liang and look at self serving smoking Du into, suddenly raised the voice, the sound is not the same as the smoke, You fucking can be true, they dare to arrest people We come a step later, that kid robbed your gun, collapse of you No matter. Du into laughter, Let me unloading the cartridge no bullets in the chamber. Zhang Zhen Liang smile I said quartz self balancing scooter the master, you do not give me the elderly do not mess with the line Hey, the comrades, the smoke pinched it A middle aged male doctor wearing a white coat came, This is not allowed to smoke. Zhang Zhenliang hurriedly stood up, easily into the mouth of the Du Duyan down.access. Oh, I know. Wei Jiong walked quickly back quartz self balancing scooter to his seat, before the seat to the administrator bowed slightly, I m sorry. The administrator nodded, continue to bow to fiddle with the phone. Wei Jiong open the table the only remaining a file, pretending to check, feel the heart is still beating to jump non stop. The administrator in front, but not as casual as the surface, his every move in his surveillance, how could get the file it Wei Jiong heart health back Italy, anxious to immediately escape this archives room. However, the thought of waiting in the downstairs Yue Xiaohui and looking forward to the old documents with their return, brown self balancing scooter and hesitated. Is dilemma, the quiet file room suddenly sounded a pleasant music. Wei Jiong subconsciously raised his head peru self balancing scooter and saw the administrator is staring at the phone screen, immediately slide on the screen a bit, the phone attached mediumvioletred self balancing scooter to the ear. Hey Although he tried to keep his voice down, the conversation was still clearly visible in the quiet archives. From the administrator s tone and expression point of view, the other should be a close relationship with his female. I do not know the order to keep the file room, or two people talk to th.

of a mind is growing He should turn over, right Look at him, is a tame little old man ah. In particular, Lin Guodong purchased the computer after the third day, this guy installed at home broadband Internet access, since almost at home, in addition to shopping and simple physical exercise, every day at home in the home Internet. Luo Shaohua in the telescope to see him sitting in front of the computer preoccupied look, the first reaction is anger son of a bitch, how can you enjoy the convenience of science and technology to bring fast, what to live like an ordinary person, In such a short period of time to flatten the distance of more than 20 years The second reaction is actually a sigh of relief. He is trying to integrate into a new life, he is trying to feel the beauty of this world, he was re understanding of what has been missed. He did not want to be deprived again. He does not want to die. Then, the monster will sleep, right Luo Shaohua decided to give yourself quartz self balancing scooter a leave, and secretly persuaded that they can put a holiday. New Year s Eve. At quartz self balancing scooter four o clock in the afternoon, Luo Shaohua a start eating dinner. The so called a is a discount. Sunningdale early in the morning to Chunhu.bottles in a paper bag, indicating Wei Jiong left. Are you sure of that Yes, amber incense. Yue Xiaohui refers to the list, the quartz self balancing scooter third victim of the list of topaz family given the brand, this perfume impressively in the column. Return of the bus, Yue Xiaohui rarely open, but repeatedly looked at the two perfume bottles, and in the two wrist were painted on two kinds of perfume. Approaching the nursing home, she suddenly flashed two hands, let Wei Jiong again smell. Wei Jiong nasal cavity of the aroma has long been swept away, the try again, really distinguish the two fragrance similar flavor. mysterious. Melancholy. Like quartz self balancing scooter a young woman standing on the beach, wearing a veil. This is the two perfumes after the transfer. Yue Xiaohui look a little tired, smile indifferent, the victims are in the paint after a period of time after the encounter of the murderer, so I think the final aroma is to stimulate the source of the murderer. That, do not have to buy it back. quartz self balancing scooter quartz self balancing scooter Wei Jiong finally put forward has been lingering in the heart of the doubt, Old Ji did not let us do ah. I have their own use. Yue Xiaohui looked out the window, replied casually. Du Cheng and Ji Qiankun are in the room, is stud.ption is slightly different, but the judicial examination will not have been void of the criminal law, I will not tell you. Well, thank the quartz self balancing scooter teacher. Iowa self balancing scooter The boys carefully put the textbook into the bag, bowed to him, they rushed away. Meng teachers smoking, watching the boys disappear in the corner of the corridor, I thought this kid is much stronger than Shidi Shimei. In the cafeteria for lunch, Wei Jiong took out his cell phone, open the micro letter, called Candle Volunteer WeChat group, once again confirmed the collection of time and place 13 30, in front of the library. He watches, and about an hour. Wei Jiong the plate to the recovery office, walk out of the gate. Normal University is located not far from the city center, in front of the school is a trunk road in the city, opposite is called Star MALL large commercial buildings. Wei Jiong no smoking habits, weekdays will not go to pay attention to selling cigarettes. However, Ji Qiankun designated Jianpian cigarettes in the supermarket on the campus did not buy. Wei Jiong vaguely remember Star MALL north of the cold drink shop next to a hanging alcohol monopoly brand stores, intends to take a chance. A door, Wei Jiong to feel conf.

Quartz Self Balancing Scooter ooked at the yellow quartz self balancing scooter tape wrapped around the bag, subconsciously raised his head, just met Ma Jian gloomy eyes. Photograph fixed evidence is completed. Forensic doctor tweezers carefully opened the tape, after extraction, he opened the bag, from the plastic bag in the hands of a length of human limb. A closer look, he turned to Ma Jian said right thigh. Ma Jian did not speak, indicating that inspectors check plastic bags. The latter pinch the handle of the plastic bag, with a survey lamp on the internal back and forth glanced several times, in turn bag up, under repeated observation in natural light, and finally, Ma Jian shook quartz self balancing scooter his head. Look, I did not leave a fingerprint, so I went back and looked up. Ma Jian silent for a few seconds, quartz self balancing scooter whispered First extract it. At this time, a young uniformed police rushed over, rushed straight ahead of Ma Jian Colts, the main entrance of urban gardens, but also found a black plastic bag. He swallowed It seems to be the trunk. Ma Jian tightly closed his eyes, immediately opened, turned and waved Luo Shaohua go. The victim Liang Qingyun, female, 29 years old, during his lifetime as the city s first department store salesman, October 27, 1992 at 9 o.carrying in his hand. What you fear, he is what. Luo Shaohua issued a who makes the best self balancing scooter sharp whistle, left hand tightly grasp the torch, his right hand touch the waist, eyes of the night, an instant on forestgreen self balancing scooter the overwhelming. Shaohua, Shaohua Wake up Luo Shaohua suddenly opened his eyes, his right hand uphold in the futile futile in the quartz self balancing scooter waist, a full half a minute later, he realized that before looking down at their own, is his wife Jinfeng. Is a nightmare, but also the nightmare. Luo Shaohua heavily back down on the bed, big mouth breathing heavily. Jinfeng Phi out of bed, took a towel to help him wipe the sweat full of head full of brain. Wiping the neck, Luo Shaohua Jinfeng grabbed the wrist, her wrinkles, has been slightly relaxed skin to Luo Shaohua peace of mind a lot. Jinfeng did not move, obediently silver self balancing scooter let him hold, gently caress, until Luo Shaohua breathing gradually stable, she was softly said sleep a little longer. Luo Shaohua nodded. Jinfeng turn off the lamp, strip to lie down, a moment, they issued a slight snoring. Wait for her to sleep, Luo Shaohua re opened his eyes, a hand in Jinfeng who gently patted, sideways, watching Self Balancing Scooters Useful Hint the sky a little lit up the window. At six o clock the alarm sounded a.

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