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Red Self Balancing Scooter ou want to go in and see Du Cheng nodded, red self balancing scooter dwarf from beneath the warning belt drilled, and then stand up straight body, has been in the 803 room. It is a one bedroom, one bedroom home with a distinctive twentieth century architecture. Simple furnishings, double bed, wardrobe, writing desk are old objects. Trance, Du Cheng red self balancing scooter also thought he returned to the 90 s. He went from the bedroom to the living room, kitchen, and in the bathroom around a circle, looking at the huge dry stains in the bathtub, turned and asked Zhang Zhenliang The owner To inform him, people have not to. Zhang Zhenliang look at the watch, should be fast. Is it surname Yes. Zhang Zhenliang raised his head, he is One of the victims of the husband. Oh. Zhang Zhenliang looked around, softly asked, have found it Du Cheng shook his head see the situation, the owner has not lived here for a long red self balancing scooter time. Zhang Zhenliang immediately took out the phone I ll get him. Before he pressed the number, the door came a Qieqie voice No, I I came. Du Cheng and Zhang Zhen Liang also turned around, but saw the boy standing next to a nervous expression, next to the girls have to be much easier, from time to time curious to look at t.ituations where we do not take into account you have a lot to do with fingerprints. Wei Jiong s blush I just casually guess. Proved, your guess is likely to be accurate, otherwise we will not find Lin Guodong body. Du into patted his shoulder, not afraid of whimsical, afraid no ideas. After listening to his darkorchid self balancing scooter words, Wei Jiong slightly self balancing scooter price restored a red self balancing scooter little confidence. Then I ll check it first Well, I need to help, I will make every effort, but I am now the main energy, or navyblue self balancing scooter have to put Lin Guodong body. Du nodded, This bastard brought to justice, I help Yue Xiaohui check her mother s I always feel that these two cases are certainly some kind of association. Suddenly, his face a bit dim, then bright again. Du Cheng Chong Wei Jiong squeeze his eyes I hope I can hold on to that time, you kid gave me hold on Lake water slightly drift, in the noon sun emitting large steam. Wei Jiong looked at the lake is not clear, trying to get through the thick dark green to peep deep lake. Sludge, in addition to the aging accumulation of bottles, stones, animal bones, whether there are more secrets So, you can not tell me, twenty two years ago, who put a black plastic bag thrown into the lake, stirring the ca.

, and unless Lin Guodong has long wings, he will not be able to get out of the city. Du did not make a sound. Scene investigation there is a problem, you and Ma Jian s car hit together, and the damage is serious. Zhang Zhenliang a little pause, said truthfully Du Cheng raised his head, and lit a cigarette, a few mouthfuls of smoke, slowly said I and the horses are anxious to save the rain, the road slippery, it hit together. OK, I ll reply to them in a moment. Lin Guodong home search warrant down Down. Zhang Zhenliang look at the watch, estimated that moment has already set out. red self balancing scooter Du into press out cigarette butts, stood up go. Green Bamboo Court Area beige self balancing scooter 22 Unit 4 downstairs stopped a few police cars. Surrounded by a dozen residents, facing the 501 room window pointing. Du into the unit in front of the concrete steps of standing for a while, turned upstairs. Zhang Zhen Liang without a word to follow behind him. Room 501 has been pulled up a warning zone. Du into the bend, see the technical team s Zhang has begun to sort out the survey box. Riding out the matter Yes ah. Zhang Limin refers to the bedroom, is not a routine search Du standing in the living room, look around this two bedroom., saw him, at the very beginning asked Where did you go Oh, I let the little Wei pushed me out to walk. Ji Qiankun replied on behalf of Wei Jiong. Girl Chong Ji Qiankun out of a smile, the backpack into the arms of Wei Jiong withdrawal of the withdrawal, the bus and so on for a long time. Wei Jiong nodded, on Self Balancing Scooters faq the Chi kun, said The old discipline, I put you back. Do not. Ji Qiankun finger at the door to smoke Zhang Haisheng, Zhang has it, you go back, do not let you wait for you. Well, it does. Wei Jiong looked up Zhang Haisheng, who dangling from the cigarette, looked at them blankly. You darkseagreen self balancing scooter Ji Qiankun Wei Jiong looked at the eyes, smiling, at least once again, right Volunteers in twos and threes around from Wei Jiong, he shook the body in the crowd, the backpack on the shoulder. Finally, he told the same old smile. Will do. Chapter IV Old Cases Du into the patient wearing a blue and red self balancing scooter white clothes, cross legged sitting on the bed, watching the leaders and colleagues around the bed Chuimo silently standing, all look solemn, could not help but Puchi a red self balancing scooter sound. What the hell are you doing Du Chengtiao feet out of bed, Do not stand, Duan, sit. Do not move, do not move. Duan Hongqing. foreach($txt as $text)

Red Self Balancing Scooter e to go to the High self balancing scooter change Court, right I think so, the Court will red self balancing scooter have concluded some of the major or difficult cases, more representative. Would you like to study the practice and see if the file is useful It is. Wei Jiong quickly turned to look at the hands of self balancing electric scooter walmart the notebook, the above is Yue Xiaohui handwriting, However, to see the files in the trial transcripts, learning efficiency is higher, not too many opportunities to listen to trial, may not be able to encounter typical case. He read the sentence almost word by word, after the breath of waiting for the teacher s response Meng. Well, a little bit of truth. Your kid is also very studious, rare. Meng teacher thought, Well, you come to gear best self balancing scooter red self balancing scooter my office tomorrow morning, I ll give you a letter of introduction.I have a classmate in the High Court , You directly to him on the line. Wei Jiong quickly thanks, the relieved hung up the phone. You can really do it. He handed the notebook back to Yue Xiaohui, You compiled these words really let the teacher believe. Of course. Yue Xiaohui quite proudly put the notebook into the bag, Lao Meng s favorite students, law school all know. She made careful preparations for the telephone call. The dialogue bet.minutes later, he closed the hands of the file, got up from the seat. The moment he lifted his foot to the archives, Wei Jiong s eyes caught the administrator s red self balancing scooter action he looked up and looked at Kansas self balancing scooter himself. Wei Jiong did not red self balancing scooter turn around, strong for calm, step by step to the archives before the file back in the hands of the original position, and quickly scanned the archives on the index red self balancing scooter card 2010 red self balancing scooter 2013 punishment. It seems that this row of archives is indeed used to file criminal files, and is the case concluded by the order of the year to arrange. He looked to the back of the archives there should be a case before 2010. Wei Jiong bite the bullet and went back, clearly feel the administrator s eyes fell on his back. Go to the next rack, he looked up to see the index card 2005 2009 punishment. It seems that his estimate was right Wei Jiong confidence greatly increased, was about to continue to look forward to, suddenly heard the administrator in the back shouted Comrade, what are you doing Well Wei Jiong shocked, hurriedly turned around, I I want to see other. Liu Tingchang to you which, you see what. The administrator stared at Wei Jiong, tone is quite severe, can not easily.

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