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Reliable Security Self Balancing Scooter $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/\\r\\n/\', \'.\'.chr(13).chr(10), $txt2);om the vaguely sound came bang, then, the platform also slightly trembling up. The passengers began to gather together before the plastic Weidang, the next subway station is about to stop. Soon, the white car subway roared. Docked on the platform, the plastic enclosure on the electronic control door open, a large number reliable security self balancing scooter of passengers from the car down, waiting for the passengers on the platform waiting, occasionally impatient, has been upstream and into the car. Luo Shaohua was bustling crowd had to stand instability, the eyes are always on both sides of the magenta self balancing scooter door back and forth patrol. However, still not seen Lin Guodong or reliable security self balancing scooter Luo Ying traces. He looked down at the phone again, neither phone calls nor short messages. This son of a bitch want Do reliable security self balancing scooter not let me on the platform silly Platform ringing sound, cars closed, the plastic enclosure on the electronic control door is also slowly close. Benban subway station. Luo Shaohua standing in situ, helplessly watching the train in front of their own slowly, my heart is anxious and doubts. With the speed increase, the window of the countless faces quickly swept away, gradually turned into a towing away the spot. The last carriage flashed before h.

aking rushed in. Luo Shaohua Zhang Zhenliang noticed his hand holding a long handled screwdriver, hurriedly stopped him, What are you doing Luo Shaohua eyes scattered, whole body soft, it seems likely to collapse to the ground at any time. In the face of Zhang Zhenliang block in front of his arm, Luo Shaohua on the potential hold, firm body, and a push him, went straight to Lin Guodong rush past. In Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui screams, Du Cheng walked quickly, hold Luo Shaohua s wrist, a backhand twist, he fell to the ground, while taking away his Louisiana self balancing scooter hand screwdriver. What the hell do you want Luo Shaohua sitting on the reliable security self balancing scooter ground, the right wrist Du is firmly clamped. However, he seems still not reconciled, struggling to climb to the Guogong Dong, his mouth growl vague kill kill him Du into the complex expression, look both anger, but also sadness. He waved his hand to indicate that turquoise self balancing scooter Zhang Zhenliang dragged Luo Shaohua out. Zhang Zhen Liang should be a cry, leaned reliable security self balancing scooter over his body, his arms through the arms of Luo Shaohua, dragging him toward the door. Luo Shaohua still unconscious, legs kicked in the ground weakly, my mind seems to only one thought. I kill him Ji Qi.stopped, and continued to push the wheelchair forward, sorry. Nothing to be sorry. Ji Qiankun He He laughed, I do not feel like any other people and their own. Is also. Wei Jiong thought, However, will be lonely, right Only experienced the lively people will feel lonely. Ji Qiankun look at the mistyrose self balancing scooter yard or get together to chat, or carrying a lonely old people, I used to live alone a long time ago, long ago used to. His sight left the old man They know what is lonely. Temporarily silent. Wei Jiong I do not know what to say, Ji Qiankun seems to fall into the memories, shrink in the wheelchair silent. Silence, the reliable security self balancing scooter reliable security self balancing scooter wheelchair once again came to the end of Yong Road, Wei Jiong intends to return to the same way, Ji Qiankun spoke and said Push me to the door. Wei Jiong nodded promised, pushing him onto the main entrance of the nursing home through the Yong Road. In front of the nursing home is a small road, although narrow, but people come to mediumseagreen self balancing scooter the car, it is lively. Baking sweet potatoes, boiled corn aroma, relative to an iron gate across the nursing home, where reliable security self balancing scooter it is more like the world. Wei Jiong pushed a wheelchair to rusty mottled iron gate, reaching to pull the latch, immediately felt a col.u explain to me, what is the time purple self balancing scooter limit for prosecution The time limit for prosecution Wei Jiong was puzzled, Why ask this Do not be afraid, not to test you. Old man laughed Oh, I just want to know. Wei Jiong carefully recalled a moment, found a complete recitation of the original criminal law is really impossible, put the prosecution prescription to tell the general meaning of the elderly to listen to. The old man listened with great concentration. To see him reliable security self balancing scooter intently, for fear of missing any word look, Wei Jiong could not help but think of himself in the final examinations before the teacher assigned to the scope of the examination when the moral character. However, listening to Wei Jiong stammered finished, the blanchedalmond self balancing scooter old man s mood was suddenly subsided, the eyes of the light slowly dim. He sat silently for a while, and pulled out a cigarette lit. Do not say, kill people The old man looked thoughtfully misty smoke, twenty years later, all right No. Wei Jiong quickly waved his hand, seems to continue to prosecute, is the highest law or the highest seized to Ah The old man s face slightly relaxed, young man, not solid ah. Wei Jiong face Teng to look red. See his distress.

Reliable Security Self Balancing Scooter The doctor came round. The police acted quickly to open the window and toss the cigarette butts. Less than smart self balancing scooter amazon half a minute, the doctor went into the ward. A door, he sucks nose, brow wrinkled up. How so many people He dissatisfied with the ward of the police, also smoking, Du into you do not kill it Duichou a. Du Cheng Hei hei smiled, Chong Zhang Liang made a wink. Zhang Zhen Liang Xinling get up, got up and put that cigarette butts hidden behind the bottle of mineral water. All out, all out. The doctor waved impatiently. Duan Hongqing stood up, the doctor lost reliable security self balancing scooter a smile Doctors bother you. When he finished, he turned to Du Cheng You have a good rest dare I will shut you off. Du rolled up his sleeves, ready to allow nurses to blood pressure I am in the hospital and closed what is the difference ah Duan Hongqing do not speak, put out a little bit of Du Cheng, a great warning. Done into a helpless, I listen, became, right Duan Hongqing darkviolet self balancing scooter slightly relaxed face, turned around and motioned everyone out. The policemen reliable security self balancing scooter said goodbye to Du. Zhang Zhen Liang came over and said Master, tomorrow I ll see you again. Do not Self Balancing Scooters faq come. Du into waved his hand, first deal with the case say, get out of it. Zha.mind had a later life. The weather was sunny and sunny. C City, the temperature reached zero on the second day, a record since the city recorded the highest temperature over the same period. Spring seems reliable security self balancing scooter to be a little earlier than in the past. Because it is a rest day, combined with warm weather, North Lake Park, visitors are more than usual. Silence of a winter park finally ushered in the first lively day of the year. Visitors, with the whole family travel mostly, there are young men and women come together to play. At this time and place, that outing is too early. Because the dry branches have not bloom new green, most of the ground is still a yellow, and even covered with snow is not completely ablation. However, this did not affect the interest of tourists, the vast park, the frolic loudly, put on a variety of shapes and posed for pictures of men, women and children everywhere. The center of the park is an artificial lake. North Lake in the name that comes from this. A stone bridge across the lake, there are a number of corridors and pavilions decorated on it. Here you can rest, you can also enjoy the lake, therefore, has always been a reliable security self balancing scooter relatively concentrated tourist areas. We.

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