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Rhode Self Balancing Scooter ting the amount smart-balance wheel news of his right hand, holding half a cigarette, in front of a spread out of the album. Jinfeng put the cup on the table. Luo Shaohua turned away, the golenrod self balancing scooter face of the wet trace reflects a slight light. Jinfeng silently watching the crying wife, hand Lanzhu his shoulder. For several days he is like this, kept looking at some old objects. The rank of the first officer, the police officer certificate, the key of the handcuff, the leather holster, the police dagger, and some old photographs. Non stop smoking, water meters not into. Jinfeng holding Luo Shaohua, looking at a photo album. Ma Jian, Du Cheng, Luo Shaohua side by side, who is the olive green eighty style uniform. Ma Jian in the middle, his hands were riding on the shoulders of Du Cheng and Luo Shaohua, grinning big mouth smiled. Du into the shirt collar open, did Rhode self balancing scooter not wear caps, is pointing to what the camera said. Luo Shaohua uniforms are straight, back straight, his face still with a shy smile. In another photo, drunk Luo Shaohua wearing a suit, chest also wearing red flowers, hair full of color confetti. Du standing behind him, will Luo Shaohua backhand his hands, his face grin. Ma Jian in front of Luo Shaohua, hold.personally. Later Wei Jiong wheelchair parked at the end of the corridor, around the side of the body Ji Qiankun, leaned over, staring at his eyes. Later Ji Qiankun looked back at him, smiled, I was in a car accident, and then to live here. Wei Jiong hanging eyelids, re stand up straight, turn the wheelchair, walk back slowly along the way. A car accident, which year is the thing June 7, 1994. Ji Qiankun tone flat, spring and summer at the turn, and then I was unconscious for a year and a half, was sent to the beginning of 1996 what to ask Wei Jiong paused, then continue to push him forward. Then you ve been waiting What are you waiting for Wait for a chance, or wait for someone like me to come along. Ji Qiankun did not answer, a long time, he slowly spoke. Wei Jiong Ok. Do you think I used you No, said Wei, walking slowly toward the little building, I just feel that you are not as simple as I first knew. Ji Qiankun and silent for a while You mean Zhang Haisheng that thing Waiting for a few seconds, see Wei Jiong did not respond, he sighed and said I was forced to, want to be free here, not Rhode self balancing scooter Zhang Haisheng not Moreover, my time is running out. Go on, I m either crazy or d.

news easily forgiven. You can sympathize with my people will die, I can not ignore the year s exposing day. Du Cheng hanging eyelids, pointing in front of the chair Sit ah, Ma Bureau. No, I have something. Ma Jian reluctantly smiled, into the child, you take care of the body, I can help busy, you open despite. Why this greeting can not be from the beginning to the end of the brothers, why do we hate each other in life through the best time Du tightly closed his eyes, immediately opened. Let s talk MA, let s talk. Ma Jian silent for a few seconds, then open, the tone has become hard cold. What This tone so that the hearts of Du Cheng inexplicably relaxed. He pointed to Ma s armpit folder Talk about him. Oh Rhode self balancing scooter You are not passing by today. Du Cheng out of a cigarette lit, You are looking Rhode self balancing scooter for a person named Lin Guodong information. Ma Jian immediately turned to look bright. The latter looking embarrassed, said the phrase you talk opened the door slip away. Meeting room, smart balance wheel only two into the Du and Ma Jian. Ma Jian silent for a while, opening said Private matter. Lin Guodong owes me a relative of more than ten thousand dollars, and now people can not find the Ma Jian Du interrupted h.t bear to brush the old man s interest, he encouraged a plus to accompany him to play. Is thinking, Wei Jiong Iguang swept to sit in front of the oblique Yue Xiaohui. She was secretly waved his hand, a laughing expression. Wei Jiong Yang Yang eyebrows, and asked her silently how Yue Xiaohui does not answer, pointing to their own hands. Wei Jiong open the phone and saw Yue Xiaohui just sent a WeChat Look old WeChat, ha ha, the old man a long ability. Wei Jiong curiosity, Rhode self balancing scooter open the old discipline of the WeChat and found that he sent this is not a photo, but a video. Phone and shake it, is sent to Yue Xiaohui with headphones. Wei Jiong responded to an OK , looked up at land grandmother, secretly took Rhode self balancing scooter out his headphones from his pocket. mediumseagreen self balancing scooter This is a period of only self balancing scooter bluetooth 20 seconds of video, the old discipline should be in the yard, the object is a group of people walking in the Yong Road, California self balancing scooter the elderly. Screen fairly stable, the sound is also very clear. Wei Jiong read twice, do not see this video what is special, give old Ji sent a. Old Ji quickly replied how to shoot fairly clear it. Wei Jiong smile, this old man did not learn how to use punctuation. Wei Jiong Yes Yes, Ji director. Old Ji Ha ha.in that course, go out on. Wei Jiong does not look at her, but staring at the open roof, and gradually dark down Rhode self balancing scooter the sky. Yue Xiaohui staring at the boy s face, his cheeks began to thin, fine hair on the chin to come out of Hawthorn. He looked worried and worried. Although still reticent, but in front of the Wei Jiong made her feel strange. Du into the Rhode self balancing scooter side of the news Not yet. Wei Jiong shook his head, to collect 23 years ago the evidence, too difficult. Yes ah. I have a few days and evidence of law textbooks read several times, Rhode self balancing scooter more and more feel that there is no confidence. Yue Xiaohui suddenly smiled, At that time, if I have this momentum, sure to get out of. Wei Jiong also laugh. However, that smile fleeting. Old Ji should thank you. Hey, what can be grateful. Yue Xiaohui or look like Taitailielie, Old Ji and Du Cheng, the two old men, are worthy of our help. Wei Jiong silent for a moment, opening asked Your mother s case, also intends to check it Of course, it goes without saying Yue Xiaohui s voice firm, regardless of his ends of the earth, as long as living in the world, I must find him Well, said Wei, as if to himself, sure to find him. So, to help the old discipline, in fa.

Rhode Self Balancing Scooter hesitated, and finally pressed the 10. Du into his hand from behind, press the 15. The man s breath was clearly paused and the elevator began to rise. Rhode self balancing scooter Narrow confined space, self balancing scooter suppliers a variety of strange taste transpiration. Du into the hands of men to look down at the shopping bag, two polyethylene boxes are braving the heat, the inside of the shopping bag has been covered with a thin layer of water vapor. Du into the suction nose, raising his hand to his waist, quietly open the holster. Elevator line to the 8th floor, suddenly heard a noisy sound, the human body entangled tussle sound, a security door hit the wall of the blunt ring, but also hear someone shouting Do not move. Du into a slight frown, also heard the car also has a voice men s plastic shopping bags issued by the rushing sound of friction. Virginia self balancing scooter Man finally looked up, tightly staring at the LCD panel, breathing suddenly rapid. 10 figure just appeared, he immediately conspire in front of the door, just a door to squeeze out. Elevator to continue up, Du immediately press the 11. When Rhode self balancing scooter the elevator door opened again, he rushed out of Rhode self balancing scooter the walk, down the fire along the channel. Just go to the slow platform, Du into the phone rang. He do.ue. However, being investigated for wrong cases, dismissal, and even imprisonment, so full of honor from the heroes who bear the shame of life the price, Rhode self balancing scooter affordable Horrible silence, lying in the hearts of two people who cherish the hearts. A kneeling on the ground, disturbed to wait for sentencing, the hearts of both hope and despair. A leaning on the shoe, struggling to justice and peace between the choice of landing. This is two diametrically opposite paths, each pointing to a different outcome. Is there really no third way optional On the police school, the criminal law teacher segway self balancing scooter fails said, punishment, is a deprivation of pain. Deprivation of liberty, deprivation of liberty until deprivation of life. Is deprivation of life really more painful than deprivation of liberty He needs a reason to convince himself. Luo Shaohua s head gradually lifted, visual front, teeth bite. The third way, found. I ll give you two choices. Lin Guodong all of a sudden straight from the body, eyeful looking firebrick self balancing scooter at Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua did not rush to open, but lit a cigarette, after a few mouthfuls of deep suction, look at the impatient Lin Guodong. First, I ll catch you back, what will be the results, you kn.

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