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Rosybrown Self Balancing Scooter nal and Technical College after graduation has been at home unemployed. From January 1991 onwards, following his mother in the spring market farmers sell live pigs. Xu has a self use white liberation of a small truck, and Xu Mingliang from 1990 June to obtain driving qualifications. After identification, Xu Ming liang left hand fingerprints and 8.7 kill dead body body of the fingerprints can be extracted for the same identification, Xu Mingliang s left index finger does have a sharp cutting marks. Xu Mingliang after the case, refused to admit that he had committed more than murder. After the trial, Xu committed guilty of their crimes confessed. The case has been transferred to the C City People s Procuratorate, will soon appeal to the C City Intermediate People s Court. August 22, 1991, C City Intermediate People s Court, the Criminal Division. Although Xu Mingliang murder case before 9 o clock, just after 8 o clock, the trial court door was surrounded was packed. In addition to the media to come to interview, there are a lot of people come to hear the wind. However, since the case involved rape, only the family of the victim and other minorities were allowed to sit in the courtroom.public with almost. Lin Guodong do not want to go on, time is not allowed. He took the plastic bags to the rosybrown self balancing scooter kitchen, took out the ribs, soaked in the basin, the black plastic bag, kneaded rosybrown self balancing scooter as a ball, readily thrown in the trash next to the reserved as a garbage bag. Now close to 7 30 pm, to deal with the woman before midnight. He Lala plastic gloves, walked quickly to the bathroom. Although their approach has become more and more rosybrown self balancing scooter skilled, however, it is necessary to break down a person into a few easy to carry lawngreen self balancing scooter and scattered, or take some time. Fortunately, this process is pleasant. Only the taste can make his desire to ascend only forced to let him feel conquered and possession only those women s neck in his tightening under the softened to make him navajowhite self balancing scooter feel the pleasure of revenge. And all this, in their dismantling to reach the emotional peak. you are mine. I can control your body, your fear, and even rosybrown self balancing scooter your life and death. You can no longer hurt me, and I can turn you into the shape rosybrown self balancing scooter I want. Xiao Jin, you do not know how much I love you. Xiao Jin, you do not know how much I hate you. 10 o clock in the evening, Lin Guodong s work is basically completed. Most of this woman has been packed i.

r mother, but a can play with toys a removable toy. Think of these, his mouth suddenly hard cold lines up. At this moment, is the case, yes. He was exhausted after putting her in the bathtub. Coma after a woman moving and a slight impact, a slight sense of recovery. Out of instinct, she subconsciously clamped his legs, his eyes also slightly opened. He did not dare to look directly at the woman s eyes, turned and picked up the bathroom toilet pumping, and then open a condom, set in the handle. This is a must to complete the part, he also can not do the rosybrown self balancing scooter part. This evening, he has tried numerous times, are not successful, can only use this approach. The woman has been awake, is horrified to look at the environment, while struggling to try to stand up. Helpless hands and feet are tied, exhausted can only make themselves curled up in the corner of the bathtub. Especially to see him holding a rosybrown self balancing scooter toilet pumping sub to their own, a woman both fear and doubts, she shook her head desperately, his eyes filled with tears, the tape was sealed mouth issued vague whining sound. He was holding a toilet West self balancing scooter pumping child, kneeling in front of palegreen self balancing scooter a woman, a time some flustered, and my heart first thought is.to bottom. A man in a camel s sweater was shouting loudly at his back to the door, and a hand kept beating the table. The other five men sitting on the other side of the round table, his face is both helpless and bored expression. Wei Jiong a door to smell the smelling of alcohol, while the foot came a burst of abnormal sound. He looked down, the box on the ground is already a mess, broken cups and dishes mixed in the leftovers, it seems that someone put a whole set of braised intestine thrown to the ground. Yue Xiaohui frowned toward the shouting man, patted his shoulder Dad, go. Men are suddenly a wave, hit heavily in the body of Yue Xiaohui. You do not control, I told them a few good said Opposite middle aged man stood up and said Hey Old Yue, do not talk to the child hands ah Yue Xiaohui side rubbing the sore, while the opposite of the men from the lost smile, my dad s clothes Soon, a black down jacket was thrown over. Yue Xiaohui put the down jacket draped over rosybrown self balancing scooter the man, turned to Wei Jiong whispered Come, help me hold him. Wei Jiong according to do. Around the man in front of him the first time to see each other s face weight loss, beard short hard, wrinkled, sickly flu.

Rosybrown Self Balancing Scooter er to him, and took smart self balancing scooter battery fires the ashtray in front of him. what s up Dad, is this Luo Ying hesitated to say, Xiangyang came to me, he want to remarry. Oh Luo Shaohua holding the hand of the lighter stopped in the air, self balancing motorcycle even for a moment, lit the mouth of the cigarette, What are you thinking I do not know. Luo Ying seemed distraught, he said, and the woman broke, will change, no longer committed Dad you say this man can change it change Bedwetting can change, swearing can change, stealing things can change, and even drug can be changed. However, some things can be changed Luo Shaohua suddenly remembered Lin Guodong, he can change it After twenty two years of imprisonment, he can come in the deepskyblue self balancing scooter dark night, in a calm state of mind to face the color of the world Lin Guodong rosybrown self balancing scooter Maine self balancing scooter whether there is the which is the best self balancing scooter to buy possibility of recidivism, is the last few months to Luo Shaohua the most tangled things. When tracking became a habit, when the monitor into a normal state, when the Green Bamboo Garden District 14 6 floor monitor point became his most familiar place, Luo Shaohua began to forget their original intention. It seems that this person, this matter, has constituted the focus of all his life. Day aft.r what I will look at Lin Guodong continue to kill Do I fear every day waiting for the exposure of this matter Luo Shaohua s voice has been with a tearful voice, This is why I am looking for you today. Ma Jian suddenly returned to calm, mouth and even with a trace of Ruoyouruowu smile. Luo Shaohua stared at him, stunned for a long time only stammered and asked Do rosybrown self balancing scooter you mean Must rosybrown self balancing scooter be resolved Lin Guodong, rosybrown self balancing scooter or sooner rosybrown self balancing scooter or later there will be an accident. Ma Jian convergence of a smile, eyes become aggressive, but also to catch in front of Du into. Luo Shaohua is still an unknown on pink self balancing scooter the inside look. Ma Jian took out his cell phone, open the picture library, open one of the pictures, handed to Luo Shaohua before. The picture is a girl, twenty year old look, looks sweet, well proportioned, is a drink shop to buy tea. Ma Jian s fingers sliding on the screen, the girl s photos in turn appear. Bus in the bus station. Organize documents at the desk. Stalls at the street to buy cards. See the last one, Luo Shaohua s eyes suddenly stared the girl sitting in a hot pot shop, and the opposite is the man smiled and chat. And that man, it is Lin Guodong. She is This girl called Chen Xiao, Lin Guodong is.

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