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Royalblue Self Balancing Scooter veral times, leray self balancing scooter reviews there is no qualification test. And then think of Yue Xiaohui have to skip class to buy cat food, and stray animals in the cats and dogs in the rescue station. Then is their own social practice homework. Then, is that three royalblue self balancing scooter story royalblue self balancing scooter building, as well as the old discipline. Think of the old discipline, Wei Jiong one hand Tuosai, the other hand with a ball point pen, look out the window. Today s weather is slightly gloomy, no sunshine, outdoor all lost color, as if a black and white photo. The leaves of the leaves and trees, as well as the dark school buildings, are enveloped in a thin layer of haze, looks lifeless. It is said that for the elderly, the most difficult is the winter. One is the high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases of the season two to everywhere are dying desolate scene, always make people into the late twilight of the heart, is about to come to the end of life sense. Even young people such as Wei Jiong could not afford to play spirit, let alone is Ji Qiankun so helpless old man. Do not know the old discipline of the small room, at the moment is the same dark and boring Wei Jiong Qing sighed, turned his head, looked at the podium holdi.a did not care for her. Luo Ying Mississippi self balancing scooter Pie Piezui him, close the door to work. Standing watching the front page, Luo Shaohua and turned to the local news, browse again, convinced that he did not want the information, he folded the newspaper, return to the table. This is his recent habit, every morning the first thing is to see whether the morning post to the door. Luo Ying feel strange, asked several times, he was ambiguous in the past perfunctory. Jinfeng has been quietly, but in the Luo Shaohua pay attention to his newspaper when the face. After breakfast, Luo Shaohua wash dishes, served Jinfeng eat the medicine, and catch a grandson to write winter homework. He watched television for a while, wandered around the living room for a few laps, and finally went to the balcony to smoke. The air is cool, although the remains of the firecrackers after the smell of light smoke, but the breath of the Chinese New Year has disappeared. In the short carnival, the city has resumed the busy, the anxiety of the truth. Life re indifferent face, as the cold climate, the spring, is still out of reach of one thing. The road downstairs after a few days of silence, once again lively, even more congested. Lu.

ith the phone, fingers on the screen quickly moving. Old discipline, you carry Wi Fi s speed Well Well, that name is too funny 60 year old old discipline , ha ha. Also make do, you play. Ji Qiankun absent royalblue self balancing scooter minded perfunctory, attention is still concentrated in front of a thick pile of information. Wei Jiong on line search for a large number of serial murder case related to the information, download and print out, bound into a book to facilitate access to old Ji. Now with the help of Zhang Haisheng, Wei Jiong come and go in the royalblue self balancing scooter nursing home freely. Although Zhang Haisheng often looking poor, but the requirements of Ji Qiankun, he obediently do so. One reason, only Wei Jiong know. This is the second time to bring information to the old discipline. He looked very seriously, from time to time with royalblue self balancing scooter a red signature pen marked on the information, and occasionally stopped, and Wei darkgreen self balancing scooter Jiong to discuss a few. Some of the information is not informative. Ji Qiankun look at playing with mobile phone Yue Xiaohui, depressed the voice, may be the subjective speculation of Internet users, or even cranky. Yes, I screened a part, too outrageous directly ruled out. Wei Jiong suddenly some embarrassed smile.nned. He raised his hand and wiped the corners of his mouth and royalblue self balancing scooter found that he was full of blood red. Ah, this is his mother how royalblue self balancing scooter Du Cheng shook, muttered to himself. He looked up and looked at the blood of the Duan Hongqing, mouth out of a helpless smile. Sorry, Duan Bureau. Du Zhang Zhang Liang break out royalblue self balancing scooter of arm support, want to wipe the face of blood off the segment. Just one step, he fell down a head down. Chapter twenty five royalblue self balancing scooter shadow murderer Later Chen looked up at Lin Guodong, brow Weicu, eyes full of concern. Lin Guodong s hand around the shoulder of Chen, gently stroking her hair, I do not know why a minute ago, I also do not know why, She was obviously like me, or will not go to the movies with me, rowing, but why can not she let us go further Has she come back Come back, but also with three to defend the cadres. Ah Chen Xiao to hand cover mouth, uttered a little exclaimed, do not need so absolutely it At that time she is so absolutely. Lin Guodong wry smile, accused me of attempted royalblue self balancing scooter rape. Chen Xiao Lin Guodong arms from the break out, his face surprised You were arrested No, Lin Guodong re hugged her, I was inexplicably shut a night, and was inexplicably put out, after being su.same age as me I m a little smaller than you, Yue Xiaohui s voice approached. My mother died, and he royalblue self balancing scooter did floralwhite self balancing scooter not marry again. Your parents feelings must lightgodenrod self balancing scooter be good. Well, she said, her voice a little closer, My father still has her mother s relics, and she can not bear to lose it. Alas. Ji Qiankun sighed, is also a dedicated person. Perseverance to bring him only pain, endless pain. Oh He was a drunk man, and he could only forget his mother s death. Ji kun kun silent for a moment self balancing scooter manufacturer But at least you stay with him. It s no use, Yue Xiaohui chuckled, I look like my father I d royalblue self balancing scooter rather be like my mother. Clothes rustling sound of friction. Then, is the sound of a towel to wipe the blade. The old discipline. Ok A person, really can be attached to that degree Probably, I and your father are good examples. Do not hesitate to destroy yourself Ok. And even destroy someone Ji Qiankun not speak. A moment later, he whispered, How is your mother dead Yue Xiaohui a good while before answering car accident. Oh. Ji Qiankun twisted body, Xiao Hui, towel a bit cold. Oh. Yue Xiaohui wake up like a wake up reaction, sorry sorry, patronize the chat. She removed the towel from her face. Evenly applied to the sh.

Royalblue Self Balancing Scooter . His implication is that the reason why the case is not detected, because once the murderers arrested, is likely to prove that the previous series of murder cases are the people. The royalblue self balancing scooter direct consequence is that the case of Xu Mingliang case is wrong. This is a result of all can not afford, so, as the case will be shelved. Of course, pink self balancing scooter this inference is based on the premise of only one murderer. In this regard, Du Cheng is still holding a reservation. In his view, the 1992 10.28 murder case there are too many doubts, it is difficult and the previous series of rape and murder case together. Moreover, he can not believe that the two old friends because they can not bear the responsibility to let the murderer free. However, Du Cheng insisted on Luo Shaohua and Ma Jian to investigate, there are other reasons. I was a guess. Zhang Zhenliang waved his hand, Then I checked a bit, then the overall situation are engaged in a drug case, no time to spare may also. Investigate to this stage, all the possibilities can not let go. Du into the wall, trying dimgray self balancing scooter to stretch the pain is the abdomen, Luo Shaohua that night to find me, I find it very strange. Jian Jianmian, chatted for a long time, and definit.up, excitedly sucking his nose. The sleeping room of the living room and turned the man, muttered a few words, continue to sleep. Dinner will soon be put on the table. Braised yellow croaker, fried broccoli, cola chicken wings, sausage egg assortment, as well as melon ribs soup. Do you want to drink Yue Xiaohui side of the bowl and asked. no need. Well, then drink this. Yue Xiaohui from the refrigerator next to the carton and took out two cans of Sprite, home brown self balancing scooter wine Daoshi a lot, but I do not like. Wei Jiong look behind the sofa Do you want the uncle cried Do not. Yue Xiaohui opened soda cans, placed in front of Wei Jiong, to stay for him, so he woke up and eat. Food entrance, Yue Xiaohui rarely speak, but occasionally teasing about the feet wrapped in the cat. Wei Jiong is the first time and the girls alone to eat, do not know what to say, had to bite the bullet. Fortunately, Yue Xiaohui s craft is good, Wei Jiong eat hearty, unwittingly, a bowl of rice has been met at the end. See him so join in, Yue Xiaohui ineffectively straight laugh, got up and gave him a bowl of rice. It was getting dark. The room, in addition to a chandelier at the top of the table, there is no other light. W.

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