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Run Active Smart Self Balancing Scooter en, one of which looks about the age of 60 years, bald. Wei Jiong remember in the nursing home saw this man, but do not know which room he is. Another person is Zhang Haisheng. From the video content, two people are talking, and talk about things quite secretive. Because they are constantly looking lightcoral self balancing scooter around. Zhang Haisheng always sandwiched smoke, tilted his head, a lazy look. Bald man seems to have asked him, his face has been flattering expression. At the end of the video, bald man according to Zhang Haisheng s shoulder, stuffed his pocket with something. Zhang Haisheng dodge a few times, but see that he is just doing like, and finally pretended to helplessly nodded promised. Bald man run active smart self balancing scooter cheeky, and talk to him after a few hurry to leave. Zhang Haisheng also turned to walk to the other side of the corridor, walking from his pocket and took just the things from the action point of view, it should be a few notes. The video ends here. Wei Jiong was very surprised, he did not know the meaning of this video, is it bald man also please Zhang Haisheng from the outside purchase of nursing homes contraband Is thinking, the old discipline has made a WeChat over received it. Wei Jiong reply recei.oon, Wei Jiong found that almost all of these talk about the same, and volunteers at the beginning of the greeting, it is difficult to find the topic can talk to go on. On the contrary, the old people s interest is very strong conversation, each room is talking about the old man and his face to listen to laugh like a college student. Wei Jiong felt a little bored, and he finally know what that heavy smart-balance wheel stuff is. Loneliness, and the fear of man s death. He slowly walked through the room full of loud laughing, more and more heavy footsteps. He did not know the meaning of this companion. Everyone seems to have tried to prove what the old people still remember the clear, vibrant volunteers love, kind and warm. But, a few hours later, we went back to their own life track. Old people continue to count their own few remaining life, volunteers continue to self balancing scooter spain squander youth, toward the ignorant future even among the passengers are not really. Wei Jiong thought, unknowingly went to the end of the promenade. He subconsciously looked up, but found the last room door is closed. No one, or no one to accompany He set his sights on a male worker who smoked in the doorway, who looked indifferent, but rais.

the same time, took out his pocket from the bus card. Although Lin Guodong does not intend to take the 249 bus, but the smell of the girl who seems to have magic in general, pulling him to the site of the bus to go. It seems that the self-balancing scooter product specification girl immediately followed behind her Lin Guodong did not notice, attention is still on the phone, while walking to open the micro letter, select a contact, click to send a video. Subsequently, she put the phone into the bag in front of the grid strap. At this point, she just step onto the bus pedal, credit card, into the crowded compartment. Lin Guodong also followed on the train. The doors closed behind them. Wei Jiong sat in the library, in front of a turned to page 177 of the College English six teaching materials. He had at least stared at the page for two hours, but not at all on those English words. He turned to look out the window, the campus lights dotted in the gloomy night sky. Hum of the wind vaguely discernible. Wei Jiong inexplicably feel distraught, it seems that something to happen. He looked at the table on the back of the ramp, a small greasy hair boy is hard to read an advanced mathematics problem set. That is where Yue Xiaohui used to.a cup of tea, run active smart self balancing scooter the relative sit. Ji Qiankun blowing tea run active smart self balancing scooter cup, carefully sipped a hot tea, asked What are you busy recently Not seen you for several days. Oh, I apply for Driving. Wei Jiong scratching his head, to Lianju to the, Hey, rush. Ha ha, just started learning to drive like this. Ji Qiankun holding cup, smiling at Wei Jiong, For you, which is the most difficult ah From the slope. Wei Jiong embarrassed smile, always stalled, coach was scolded yesterday. That simple. Ji Qiankun put down the cup, while gestures side said, stop to the slope, the clutch and brake, and then slowly loose clutch, feel the body vibration, a little bit of brake release Wei Jiong look seriously listened to, it seems that the intentions of memory. OK ah old discipline, can not think of you run active smart self balancing scooter also know driving after I have not, and asked Hello. No problem. Ji Qiankun quite contented, I am lightslateblue self balancing scooter the old driver. Wei Jiong s face was gloomy, without a word watching Ji Qiankun, eyes look very strange. Ji Qiankun feel strange, frowned and asked Your kid today is how it Well. Wei Jiong soon returned to normal, he went to the window, set royalblue self balancing scooter off the curtain looked to the outside. The old discipline. Ok Today the weath.used. The boss sat behind the glass counter, behind him, high and the ceiling shelves filled with cigarettes. The boss is playing with the landlord on the computer, see someone coming in, thistle self balancing scooter without looking up and asked What smoke Is there a health card Health card The boss looked up a bit Wei Jiong, seems to think that he did not like the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau s unannounced visits, to a few milligrams Well Wei Jiong some puzzled, What a few milligrams Tar content. The boss stood up, help others with Yes. There is a milligram, four milligrams and eight milligrams. The boss hands Zhu on the counter, thinking that this is probably a gift for lightblue self balancing scooter the teacher to pass the kid. What s the difference The lower the tar content, the softer the taste, the higher the tar content, the greater the strength. The boss too lazy to explain too much. Wei Jiong think of Ji Qiankun gray hair, I thought or do not come hard , and will be a milligram of cigarettes. Boss hands and feet from the counter to take out a carton. run active smart self balancing scooter One hundred and twenty one, a few Two bar. Wei Jiong forget about, reach for wallet, open invoice. The invoice The boss stopped smoking the hand, This is not a tobacco monopoly scarlet self balancing scooter of tobacco, c.

Run Active Smart Self Balancing Scooter kun look at the watch, a run active smart self balancing scooter little planning a lot, his face becomes bleak. Wei Jiong, Xiao Hui you go. Ji Qiankun looked up, washed two people smiled, There are five minutes. Wei Jiong suddenly stunned, a long while, only stammered and said old discipline, and so on okay, Du Cheng may It is run active smart self balancing scooter impossible. Ji Qiankun shook his head, Luo Shaohua if willing to hand over the evidence, there is no need to kill Lin Guodong. Ji Qiankun from his pocket and pulled out a police dagger He is ready. Wei Jiong think of that burning portfolio, heart disorder. Thank you to accompany me to finish this last section of the road. Jiqian Kun pat on the shoulder Wei Jiong, eyes kindly, Thank you, I have no regrets. Immediately, he faced Lin Guodong The rest of this run active smart self balancing scooter a few minutes, they left me and him. Suddenly, Lin Guodong rattle to laugh. Yes ah. Lin Guodong staring at the run active smart self balancing scooter hands that half of cigarettes, but also a bite, I have something to say to you. The remaining three people immediately quiet down, stared at him. Do you want to know what your wife was like before she died An chill passing from the heart of Wei Jiong. He turned around and looked to Ji Qian Kun the latter shaking a bit, his face bec.Yes ah, run active smart self balancing scooter and they are more than trivial. He turned off the page, trying to stretch the sore back, turned to look out the window. The first month, even run active smart self balancing scooter late at night, the festive atmosphere is still strong. Firecrackers from time to time, and occasionally can see the gorgeous fireworks in the far or near the place bloom. The past ten days, the Green Bamboo Court area where there is no quiet. This is an old neighborhood, few households young people. Weekdays desolate, can only see on crutches, eyes turbid, cold old people walking around in the yard. Only the Spring Festival, the festival should be reunited, in order to allow the children scattered around the back here. Lin Guodong open the window, looking downstairs slowly driving away run active smart self balancing scooter a black car. It is just the end self balancing scooter reviews of the family to visit relatives. Routine, satiated, said, Mom you pay attention to the body, I ll run active smart self balancing scooter see you free kind of courtesy, then, glad to leave. The old lady was standing downstairs until she could not see the taillamp of the black car. The so called free , is probably a year later. Lin Guodong smiled. Behind him, is this empty home, no family, no responsibility. No need to insincere greeting, less rice and salt tro.

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