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Saddlebrown Self Balancing Scooter on the car next to the back door. self balancing scooter in india Immediately, he opened the door, leaned into the body, picked up a gray haired old man, put him lightcyan self balancing scooter in a wheelchair. Old man sitting in a wheelchair, the middle aged man off the door, the taxi quickly away from the cemetery. Middle aged man pushing the old man into the cemetery, and gradually come into the crowd to worship. Bypassing the remains of several farewell hall, the two went straight to the ashes hall. At the door of the shopping, they stopped. Middle aged man from the hands of the elderly took a few notes, turned into the shopping. Then came out, his hands more than two bouquet saddlebrown self balancing scooter of flowers. The elderly to hold flowers in his arms, pushed by the middle aged man into the ashes. Soon, a middle aged man came out, leaning against the door, first looked around a bored look around, then took out the cigarette smoke. The old man stayed in the ashes for a long time. Middle aged man gradually become anxious, from time to time to peep from the door to the ashes, the face of the expression has become increasingly impatient. A full hour later, the old man slowly came out of his wheelchair. His head hanging, face tragic, the whole person seems a small circle.office, is full of years of thick dust. Suddenly, his hand stopped, his eyes suddenly stared. Immediately, he removed from the top of a long strip of objects. This thing wrapped in newspapers, both ends wrapped with a yellow tape, the same coverage with a layer of thick gray. Wei Jiong picked up it shook, self balancing scooter uk a large group of dust Pu Susu to fall. Newspapers on the font is also exposed, is October 29, 1992, People s Daily. Newspapers have purple self balancing scooter been yellowed, brittle, a little pulled on the broken open. Some dark brown things appear in the newspaper below, feels the metal saddlebrown self balancing scooter cold and hard feeling. Wei Jiong breathing rapidly, he torn off the newspaper, that saddlebrown self balancing scooter thing finally show the whole picture. Is a hand saw. Du into a good car, the pace hurried across the road, looked up at the front of the shop signs LeoCafe. He turned around the sidewalk and headed for the entrance. Just two steps, he saw the other side of the floor of the glass window Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua sitting at the table, in front of a cup of coffee did not move. His hand sandwiched cigarettes, soot has been burning a long length, falling on the table at hand. He seems unaware of this, just stare at the cup of hot smoke, the whole.

same age as me I m a little smaller than you, Yue Xiaohui s voice approached. My mother died, and he did not marry again. Your parents feelings must be good. Well, she said, her voice a little closer, My father still has her mother s relics, and she can not bear to lose it. Alas. Ji Qiankun sighed, is also a dedicated person. Perseverance to bring him only pain, endless pain. Oh He was a drunk man, and he could only forget his mother s death. Ji kun kun silent for a moment But at least you stay with him. It s no use, Yue Xiaohui chuckled, I look like my father I d rather be like my mother. Clothes rustling sound of friction. Then, is the sound of a towel to wipe the blade. The old discipline. Ok A person, really can be attached to that degree Probably, I and your father are good examples. Do not hesitate to destroy yourself Ok. And even destroy someone Ji Qiankun not speak. A moment later, he whispered, How is your mother dead Yue Xiaohui a good while before answering car accident. Oh. Ji Qiankun twisted body, Xiao saddlebrown self balancing scooter Hui, towel a bit cold. saddlebrown self balancing scooter Oh. Yue Xiaohui wake up like a wake up reaction, sorry sorry, patronize the chat. She removed the towel from her face. Evenly applied to the sh.public with almost. Lin Guodong do not want to go on, time is not allowed. He took the plastic bags to the kitchen, took out the ribs, soaked in the basin, the black plastic bag, kneaded as a ball, readily thrown in the trash next to the reserved as a garbage bag. Now close to 7 30 pm, to deal with the woman before midnight. He Lala saddlebrown self balancing scooter plastic gloves, walked quickly to the bathroom. Although their approach has become more and more skilled, however, it is necessary to break down a person into a few easy to carry and scattered, or take some time. Fortunately, this process is pleasant. Only the taste can make West self balancing scooter his desire to ascend only forced to let him feel conquered and possession only those women s neck in his tightening under the softened to make him feel the pleasure of revenge. And all this, in their dismantling to reach the emotional peak. you are mine. I can control your body, your fear, and even your life and death. You can no longer hurt me, and I can turn you into the shape I want. Xiao Jin, you do not know how much I love you. Xiao Jin, you do not know how much I hate you. 10 o clock in the evening, Lin Guodong s work is basically completed. Most darkturquoise self balancing scooter of this woman has been packed i.a cup of tea, saddlebrown self balancing scooter the relative sit. Ji Qiankun blowing tea cup, carefully sipped a hot tea, asked What are you busy recently Not seen you for several days. Oh, I apply for Driving. Wei Jiong scratching his head, to Lianju to the, Hey, rush. Ha ha, just started learning to drive like this. Ji South self balancing scooter Qiankun holding cup, smiling at Wei Jiong, For you, which is the most difficult ah From the slope. Wei Jiong embarrassed smile, always stalled, coach was scolded yesterday. That simple. Ji Qiankun put down the cup, while gestures side said, stop to the slope, the clutch and brake, and then slowly loose clutch, feel the body vibration, a darkhaki self balancing scooter little bit of brake release Wei Jiong look seriously listened to, it seems that the intentions of memory. OK ah old discipline, can not think of you also know driving after I have not, and asked Hello. No problem. Ji Qiankun quite contented, I am the old driver. Wei Jiong s face was gloomy, without a word watching Ji Qiankun, eyes look very strange. Ji Qiankun feel strange, frowned and asked Your kid today is how it Well. saddlebrown self balancing scooter Wei Jiong soon returned to normal, he went to the window, set off the curtain looked to the outside. The old discipline. Ok Today the weath.

Saddlebrown Self Balancing Scooter for a while, eat lunch, and nap for half an hour or so. Luo Shaohua had secretly checked his trash bag thrown in the door, did not find Rhode self balancing scooter anything unusual. This morning, Luo Shaohua days off to get up. Because from yesterday s tracking results, Lin Guodong is not in front of the computer for a long time to beat, but to browse the majority, and occasionally think for a while, type a few characters. Luo Shaohua saddlebrown self balancing scooter realized that he probably has completed the work, the ongoing proofreading and revision. Well, today is probably his delivery date. Therefore, he should start early to ensure that Lin Guodong can keep up with him in the door, and finally find out where he worked. Luo Shaohua wearing clothes while feeling, before retiring, to determine the whereabouts of Lin Guodong is easy. Unfortunately, now different, a lot of means and duties on the conditions can saddlebrown self balancing scooter saddlebrown self balancing scooter not be used, can only be used to track the most stupid way. Time is still early, the street has not begun to operate early amortization. Luo Shaohua the night before has been Aohao porridge, and then a few hot buns, prepare two side dishes on the line. He went to the kitchen, open the reheat function of the rice cooker, and remove th.p the phone, took out a pen. What is your address The door opened the moment, Wen Jianliang to recognize the skque self balancing scooter Du into. I remember you, now you are sturdy than now, hair is also more. Du into laugh all over the past two decades, and now I am the old man. Wen Jianliang is also a lot of old, was originally opened on March 7 separately, and now combed neatly to the back of the head. Gray woolen cardigan stretched in the raised belly, the lower body is a dark blue wool trousers, feet are cotton slippers, a retired at home, the image of the elderly for their later years. Wen Jianliang to Du into the living room, greeted him sitting saddlebrown self balancing scooter on the sofa. Taking advantage of his time to tea, Du Cheng got up in this Sanshiliangting the house and turned. See, Wen Jianliang and his son live together, his family fairly rich. Balcony hung a bird cage, living room southeast corner of a long few, placed above the ink pen and ink, it is estimated that he retired after the pastime. In short, Wen Jianliang is now living a peaceful and peaceful life. Soon, Wen Jianliang carrying two cups out, but also with a box saddlebrown self balancing scooter of cigarettes. I remember you are smoking. Wen Jianliang out of a cigarette and handed Du Cheng, spe.

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