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Salmon Self Balancing Scooter e seem to shout far away, struggling, tussle, while a few men scolded, but also mixed with women screaming. Gradually, the confusion of the voice attributed to calm, and ultimately completely quiet down. Du inexplicably thought of prison lightgodenrod self balancing scooter and Ji salmon self balancing scooter Qiankun where the nursing home. A few minutes later, a man in white underwear walked into the drawing room. He walked down to roll up the sleeves, kept breathing heavily, his forehead full of shiny sweat. Du police officer is not it He went to the table, out of a hand to the Du, My surname Cao, is the attending physician. Du Cheng stood up, across the table and shook his hand. Sorry to keep you waiting, darkblue self balancing scooter there is a patient of the disease. Dr. Cao wiping sweat, sitting in the opposite Du Cheng, eyes fell on the cup of hot water. Du immediately pushed the glass to him You drink, I did not move. Dr. Cao also rude, picked up the cup drained. What are you looking for About a patient. Du Cheng out of Notepad, he called Lin Guodong, I heard that you are his attending physician. Dr. Lin Guodong Cao, raising his hand and wiping his mouth to stop the action, He has been discharged. I magenta self balancing scooter know I just saw his discharge proved. Du Cheng nodded, is the most flying off, many ink spots scattered, fell on the windshield, doors and seats, and soon disappeared. Luo Shaohua eyes to the front windshield near. An ink dot adheres to the right side of the visor. The viscous liquid dripped and fell on the back of the visor. Immediately, an invisible hand to wipe the shade self-balancing scooter useful hint above the ink point Luo Shaohua looked at the piece of sun visor, slowly reach out and turn it down. In the lower right of the sun visor, a dark brown dot is clearly visible. Luo Shaohua breathing rapidly, he removed the sun visor, carefully hides into his arms. Car window, Liu Zhu looked at his every move, his face more doubts. I said police comrades, you take this Self Balancing Scooters Useful Hint removed, how do I explain ah You first look for a change, to buy a line, looking for my reimbursement. Luo Shaohua pointing to his chest, I used after you. Lin Guodong he Liu Zhu panic up, I do not care, ah, this kid no matter what salmon self balancing scooter happened, oil money had to give me alas He suddenly cried, pointing to the direction of the district entrance to come Luo Shaohua turned and saw a three year old man wearing a black trench coat, carrying a brown bag came over. Liu Zhu ran in the past, grabbed a man s a.

d in the law Son of a bitch, do you think you have salmon self balancing scooter to hide in the past Luo Shaohua increased the intensity of the feet, I will go back to apply for a search warrant.We now have DNA technology, those blood, soon know who Yes Lin Guodong stared, You go ah I will not salmon self balancing scooter run away, I ll be here waiting for you Suddenly, his body to relax down, lying on the ground, quacking laughed out of the sound. I know I deserve to die. Lin Guodong narrowed his eyes staring at Luo Shaohua, I also know that I am not a prison Luo Shaohua stunned. Indeed, as Lin Guodong said, he arrested and brought to justice, although the deceased for the deceased, Xu Mingliang vindication, but Luo Shaohua, who will pay a heavy price. A so salmon self balancing scooter called iron case will be flipped, honor was deprived, the Council will be ashamed for this up and down. More importantly, salmon self balancing scooter he is very clear how Ma Jian Xu Mingliang is the confession, once the things brought to light, they bear not only disciplinary action, more likely to be held criminally responsible. From the punishment of the people s good police, into a tragic shameful order of prisoners. Lin Guodong see his hesitation, the eyes of light to. He reluctantly propped up half of the bod.ogether Luo Shaohua began to ask, how she has not come home Well Xiangyang s voice sounded more astonished than he did. No, we re separated at seven. So early Luo Shaohua surprised, salmon self balancing scooter and asked, You did not smart self balancing scooter amazon send her back In the end how is it We how to say it, talk too happy. Xiangyang tone is quite embarrassing, Luo Ying that temper, you know, he left Luo Shaohua interrupted his words Where are you about Washington House, 4th floor, a Japanese restaurant.Dad, in fact, I Luo Shaohua did not continue to listen to the direct hang up the phone. cadetblue self balancing scooter Washington Building, less than five kilometers from here, even if the walk, Luo Ying should also be home early. It seems that the child and Xiangyang Tan collapse, under the irritable mood, and perhaps find a place to drink boring wine. After much deliberation, or do not feel at ease, salmon self balancing scooter but also call the phone Luo Ying. The wait for a longer time, Luo Shaohua about to hang up when the redial, the phone suddenly connected. Luo Shaohua heart of a song Yingying, where it Strangely, Luo Ying did not respond. Handset came a whirr of the wind, seems to be living in an open outdoor space. Yingying Luo Shaohua the phone close to the Immediately, he went to the sofa next to observe the style and fabric, roughly deduce its display time, Du Cheng stood up, his eyes toward the bathroom. The bathtub became the first object to attract his attention. Du into a circle in the bathroom, shouted to the door the people, come. Zhang Limin crashed to. Du into the bath and the walls Here, re inspection. Oh Zhang Limin put away the cigarettes about to fire, a look of surprise, check what Focus on the blood. Du into the ground, tiles have to check, do not miss each slot. Zhang Limin more puzzled, however, he see Du into a serious look, did not ask, waved his colleagues came to work. Thank you, the people. Du into patting his shoulder, have found immediately told me. He walked salmon self balancing scooter out of the bathroom and continued to look at it indoors. Zhang Zhenliang at the door to call, see him out, put away the phone came. Ma s home to the Bureau of the sister in law. Zhang salmon self balancing scooter Zhenliang looked at Du Cheng, Luo Shaohua also came. Du Cheng took the elevator, went straight to the Office of the Deputy Secretary away. Just a few steps away, he heard someone called him behind. Du turned back, see Zhang Haisheng pushing Ji Qiankun, are coming to th.

Salmon Self Balancing Scooter d the whole family Duan Hongqing shocked You This is twenty years, it blocked here Du into the collar, pointing to his throat, the sound seems to gush out from the chest, I can not swallow, but also spit it out Every night, My wife and children are looking at me, they told me, husband, father, salmon self balancing scooter you have to seize him, you must seize him More and more thick fishy sweet into the mouth, Du Cheng was unaware, springgreen self balancing scooter still like a beast like roar. I self balancing-scooter am not for what duty, I just for my own For my wife and children Du close to Duan Hongqing, looking at his pupils reflect their distorted facial features, I can not let them die Woowandangang. I want them to know that they did not die in vain, when the case, I sanway smart self balancing scooter found out Du Cheng look behind Duan Hung Ma Jian, fists clenched, eyes gradually diffuse from a layer of water mist. I am a dying person, and you let me check go okay You will be hospice, okay, ah Enlightened roar, a burst of blood sprayed in the face of Duan Hongqing. Duan Hongqing stunned to see the sudden mouthful of blood into the Du, a word can not tell, let those blood spots dripping slowly in the face. Master Zhang Zhen Liang shocked, rushed over to hold Du salmon self balancing scooter Cheng. Du Cheng also stu.ed again, a light appears at the corner, from far and near, more and more obvious air began to crest on the platform. Luo Shaohua has been aware of these, the only salmon self balancing scooter thing he can do is stare at the opposite Lin Guodong, meaningless roar. Suddenly, Lin Guodong raised his right hand, the index finger in the lips, made a silence to his gestures. Luo Shaohua suddenly stopped, the upper body still leaning over the plastic Weidang, staring at each other s every move. Lin Guodong left out from his pocket, lift, pop sound shot in front of the plastic weidang. A blood red fingerprints appear in Weidang. blood. Bright red blood. Constantly dripping, flowing blood. Luo Shaohua s head bang, the last trace of the remaining reason also disappeared. Luo Ying He tried his best to hit the plastic enclosure. Look, two. Weidang shaking up, the final deformation. Electric control along the door along a gap that separates a wide. Luo Shaohua withdrew from the bag retractable batons, throwing, insert the gap in the electric gate, the force prying pressing what are you doing Accompanied by a roar of surprise and anger, two subway security officer rushed over. Luo Shaohua nothing to hear, eyes only g.

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