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Sandybrown Self Balancing Scooter led soup with the old sandybrown self balancing scooter Ji seems to be recovering from the truth, the whole person seems sandybrown self balancing scooter to have narrowed in a circle. Wei Jiong stood, overlooking the head of Ji Qiankun light gray wool hat, clearly felt something similar to the water is lost from him. That s time. In Jigu Kun sandybrown self balancing scooter s cabin, it is as clear as a jelly transparent, but still, fixed his memory in a few square meters of space. He can be elegant, but also calm, contented, indifferent. However, once this jelly thrown into the earth s self balancing-scooter start fire smoke, it will soon melt, and the rapid flow of time in the river. All it was sealed, naked to fall to the ground, covered with dust, anxiety and helpless look at their own become coarse, was coerced forward. Wei Jiong s heart soft up. For a long time, Ji Qiankun long exhaled breath. about there. He turned and looked at Wei Jiong from bottom to top. Push me back. Ji Qiankun s eyes and restore a gentle, calm look, almost. Wei Jiong though do not know the sun tan almost or time almost , but still obey his mind, turn the wheelchair, pushing him slowly walked to the small building. Just go to the door, sandybrown self balancing scooter they head to meet a large group of volunteers come out. Ponytail girl carrying Wei Jiong backpack.o Shaohua looked at a row sandybrown self balancing scooter of slowly moving car, the ear is one after another whistle, more and more irritable. He closed the window, intends smart self balancing scooter to return to the living room, a turn, but see Jinfeng is leaning against the door frame, watching themselves. Luo Shaohua surprised how do you come out Wind so big, cold how to do He trot forward, embrace Jinfeng s shoulder, took her back to the living room. Help her to sit on the sofa, Luo Shaohua to take the blanket back to the bedroom, was Jinfeng pulled. Shaohua, sandybrown self balancing scooter Jinfeng looked at the closed door of the North bedroom, to ensure that grandson will not hear, Let s talk about it. Luo Shaohua s body suddenly froze, and a few seconds later, or obediently sat opposite her. Couples to sit opposite, a time actually no words, finally, or Jinfeng broke the silence. We re thirty seven years old Well 77 years of marriage. Yes ah, Luo Ying is thirty six years old. Jin Feng smiled, Hui Hui are eleven years old. Seeing twelve. Luo Shaohua could not help but laugh, turned to see North bedroom, after April. So many years, you work busy, but, has been attentive to our Niangliang. Jin Feng Shen hand to gently on the knee Luo Shaohua Mosa Zhao, I am not good.

puter s instructions in the careful study. The front drawer is open, but the computer has not been removed. Lin Guodong wearing glasses, read a few lines of instructions, to see the computer, looks very patient. Really fucking studious ah. Luo Shaohua cursed loudly, put down the telescope. Opposite the old man is completely a harmless look, which makes his mind the impulse to go home more strongly. So far today, the computer enough for him to play for a while. Luo Shaohua slowly downstairs, feel the stomach has been hungry to sore. Out of the door, he can not wait to go outside the park. Just a few steps, 2 wheel self balancing scooter problems he stopped, bite the bullet, and turned to the 22 went. Lightly sandybrown self balancing scooter to climb the 5th floor, Luo Shaohua glanced around to confirm the safety, he took out a flashlight, while listening to the sound inside the iron gate side, while tiptoe, tear off the self balancing board news piece of transparent tape from the door frame. Then, he bite the torch with his mouth, take out a roll of tape from the backpack, tear off a section, in the fracture with a pin out of the sienna self balancing scooter four holes. After marking it, he stuck it in place and turned off the flashlight. Surrounded by a darkness. Luo Shaohua staring at the front of the iron.e Du into the back of the water tower, is far from watching the piece of farmland behind the village road, heard Ma Jian s question, casually replied Do not go back, the first busy here. Would you like to call home Do not. Du self balancing scooter news turned to wipe a face sandybrown self balancing scooter of the rain, smiled, She is used to it. As well. Ma Jian apparently hope he can stay to help, finish the case, let you leave a few days Colts Exclaimed a surveyor, Come Ma Jian rushed to the past how sandybrown self balancing scooter There is Exclaimed the investigator s voice, You see He pointed to the bottom of the black plastic bag, in a pool of bloody water, a bunch of hair looming. what is this Do not know for the time being, the inspector carefully gripped the hair with tweezers, observing, But certainly not human hair. Quickly extract Ma Jian pinch fist, Fuck this bastard finally left something. More than that, said the surveyor, showing his hand to his coworkers, Gold powder and tape, hurry up. He pointed to the middle of the plastic bag. The fingerprints were found. Back to the bureau, the extraction of the hair and fingerprints were urgently censorship. Ma Jian left a group of people at the scene to visit the villagers, Du Cheng continued to contemplate t.den Ying Ying in the end what happened Really drink, do not answer the phone, so I am anxious. Luo Shaohua escape his eyes, just the words of a doctor you are not all heard Twenty years ago, Yingying on the junior high school, did not test the final exam, dare not go home, go home to sleep two days. Du into his look, then you did not like tonight Just listen to your tone, I thought Yingying was kidnapped. Luo Shaohua s body shaking a bit child a little slip, you can to my life. I think you can North self balancing scooter stand up to toss. Du kicked Luo Shaowu at the foot of the bag, If Luo Ying is not only answer the phone, you as with a baton and telescope Luo Shaohua subconsciously bow, see the pocket of the bag open, baton s handle and telescope exposed corner. In fact, he is difficult to explain why they will find Du Cheng to help. Luo Ying may be aware of the time of the victims, Luo Shaohua first thought is Du Cheng. Perhaps in his subconscious, only this hard to trace the murderer twenty years old friend can really appreciate how dangerous Lin Guodong. However, at this moment, for the ins and outs of things, he can not explain, can not explain. He is very clear sandybrown self balancing scooter that any reason and excuse are deceptive D.

Sandybrown Self Balancing Scooter how many let him feel some comfort. Therefore, when entering palevioletred self balancing scooter the Green Bamboo Court area, his footsteps are not as heavy as in the past, and even seemed leisurely. Went to the front of the 22 buildings, he looked up to 4 units 501 room window to see. Because it is daytime, can not determine whether the room was. Luo Shaohua thought, turned to walk across the building. Climb to the sixth floor, Luo Shaohua standing in the corridor, out of the telescope to Lin Guodong home peep. Indoor furnishings or the same old, but some messy. Laptop computer on the desk, was closed self balancing motorcycle state. Luo Shaohua about moving the telescope, do not see signs of indoor activity was. He went out Luo Shaohua put down the telescope, brow Jincu, just also slightly relaxed mood has disappeared more than half. In any case, sandybrown self balancing scooter this guy is not within the scope of their own monitoring, is still not enough peace of mind. He leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette. Lin Guodong recent activity from the point of view, he should only go to buy food only. Then he will return within an hour. However, Luo Shaohua do not know when he went out, so now can do is wait. Smoking. In the corridor in a small range of activities. Occas.say first instance, but But what There s too little direct evidence to tell you that you have nothing but fingerprints, such as body fluids. Every murder case is not extracted, the murderer with a condom. But the condom was not found in his house. This good explanation, after committing the crime to discard. This is not a good explanation. Zhang self balancing scooter supplier Zhenliang knocked on the table, a know how to clean up the body, the use of condoms, wipe fingerprints, parcels in the body will commit such a mistake After committing the sandybrown self balancing scooter crime panic, understandable ah. The problem is that he was not panicked at that time. Zhang Zhenliang straightened up, to kill four people, his way of getting rid of the body has become more skilled, parcel body is also orderly. , You do not feel strange What s so strange This guy is a butcher ah. Zhang Zhenliang look around, depressed the voice, If I was sandybrown self balancing scooter him, not worthwhile to Zombie. What would you do Du asked, staring at him. We all know, the human body and pork is too his mother like a.Experiment, not all with the pig Zhang Zhenliang whispered, first handle off the head and hands and feet for example, after cooking chopped, the rest Slowly deal with chanting.T.

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