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Sanway Smart Self Balancing Scooter ably standing in situ. sanway smart self balancing scooter Not kill the scene Zhang Zhenliang look around, how this girl scared sanway smart self balancing scooter like this Du did not speak, sucking his nose, turned and looked at the sanway smart self balancing scooter elevator, just to see the girl crashed into the elevator, behind the rush of the boy. Down to the first floor of the elevator, the car door just opened, Yue Xiaohui rushed out and went outside the building, helping the wall big vomit. Wei Jiong hurried out with, want to come forward to sanway smart self balancing scooter help her pat back, and feel wrong, looked up to see the door skque self balancing scooter of sanway smart self balancing scooter the park there is a small supermarket, said the sentence, you wait for me ah , ran in the past. When he ran back carrying a bottle of water, Yue Xiaohui has stopped vomiting, back on the wall, hand clutching his chest breathing. All right Wei Jiong unscrewed the water bottle, handed Yue Yuehui hands, a little better Thank you. Yue Xiaohui pale, voice is feeble, dirty, you hide away a little. She holds a mouthful of water, rinse mouth, and spit out, raising his hand to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead. A lot better, she forced Wei Jiong to smile, Do not worry. What s the matter with you Wei Jiong handed her a bundle of paper towels, Uncomfortable I do not know. Yue Xia.threw himself in bed when sanway smart self balancing scooter the mouth is still the aroma of red wine. Her dizzy, but still feel the hands of Lin Guodong walk in her body. At the same time, a piece of clothing was taken off. She just symbolic resistance to a bit, to open arms, lying in bed and let Lin Guodong action. Heart of the flame a little bit burning up. Chen Xiao quickly felt the body hot, cheeks crimson. Unconsciously, the girl s body only underwear. Lin Guodong head buried in her chest, like a beast like arch moving. Chen stroked his dry and hard hair, trying to suppress the groan out of the throat. Suddenly, she noticed the action of Lin Guodong slowly stopped, the body is gradually cooling the heat transpiration. Chen Xiao mind both funny and disappointed not into the question, this old man will not get away, right Lin Guodong volts on her body, like a puppy to sniff. You are not for perfume Lin Guodong s hands in the bed, looking down at her. Uh Chen felt puzzled, What do you say Fragrance Lin Guodong asked sharply, looks fierce terrible, You are not changed Yes ah. Chen Xiao suddenly afraid of her hands and feet, from Lin Guodong arm out under the before the bottle runs out, so I Lin Guodong sud.

under the table, nodded to him to sit down, You did not admit. Lin Guodong stared I do not know you. The stranger smiled to the green bag on the table. Nu Nu mouth This is not what you want Lin Guodong thought, and slowly sat back sanway smart self balancing scooter to his opposite. Who are you Lin Guodong looked at the green bag, Luo Shaohua it He has gone. Stranger s eyes never left Lin Guodong s face, You want to see people today, is me. Half an hour ago. Zhang self balancing scooter store Haisheng standing in self-balancing scooter specification front of the coffee shop floor to the window, to look around some of the last turned to look inside the cafe. That s right. Sitting in the hall of the double deck, facing the door of the man, it is Luo Shaohua. Zhang Haisheng took out his cell phone, dialed a phone number. Hey, where are you Quick Yes, that is, he What You crazy it sanway smart self balancing scooter He turned and looked at the coffee shop in Luo Shaohua the latter looking dignified staring at the desktop. skque self balancing scooter review Zhang Haisheng pacing back and forth in the door, tone anxiety. Your mother is trying to get me in. How much do you say He stopped, blinked quickly, his face showing a desperate look. Twenty thousand, a point can not be less Zhang Haisheng added, the last time After you do not matter, Besides, we have to return to school. Ah, go to the old discipline when there, call me. You want to go Ah. Yue Xiaohui drink fruit cups in the cup, you have seen the film generation master it Wong Kar wai director that Read. All the world met, Yue Xiaohui looked inen self balancing scooter out the window, now is the sunset, the flow of people on the streets suddenly surging, a picture of unfamiliar faces, hurrying away in sanway smart self balancing scooter different directions, occasional eyes of a brief intersection, And quickly to avoid, are long awaited reunion. Chapter X fingerprints 8.7 murder and mutilation of the dead case analysis Brief case August 7, 1991 6 30 am, 177 highway urban area to the town of Yanglian direction 21 kilometers at the road found under the black plastic bag packaging head for 1, the same below and was divided into four Block the upper limbs of the human body No. 2. At 7 10 on the August 7 Xu, in the peace road 14 sanway smart self balancing scooter 7 Provincial Architectural Design Institute family area in front of the trash found in black plastic bags of human left thigh 3 and left leg 4. 8 7 9 30 minutes Xu, in the Red River Street, 163 in the construction of the Viking Commercial Plaza site found in black plastic bags of female torso 5crying and condemning, almost all of the families of the victims are from the seat into the head down staggered Xu Mingliang. Despite the fact that the marshal, who was in charge of maintaining the order of the court, was prepared to do so, it was still paleturquoise self balancing scooter a struggle to restore quietness. Ma Jian noted that the entire court, in addition to him and Luo Shaohua, only two people have not moved. One is Du Cheng, the other is Ji Qiankun. The trial process is not smooth, when the prosecutor read out the indictment, Xu Mingliang began to cry aloud, kept innocence. In the cross examination stage, Xu Mingliang is to get rid of the two march of the block, took off prison uniform, claiming that he was tortured by the police. Bony body, all over large and small bruises. The trial judge to look to Ma Jian, who just raised his chin slightly, staring at the dock Xu Mingliang, face expressionless. The trial lasted for sanway smart self balancing scooter more than four hours, Xu Mingliang is always crying, for all the charges denied. However, the presence of the people are clear, although the direct evidence is rare, but with his statement, at that time, conviction without hindrance. No verdict in court. The clerk announced that after t.

Sanway Smart Self Balancing Scooter ater, Metro Line 2, Chunyang Road Station, to Century City direction, a person. Having said that, the man hung up the phone. Luo Shaohua cursed loudly, and then call, the daughter of the phone has been shut down. He did not dare to delay time, got up and rushed to the door, just opened the door, and Jinfeng hit a full. What Jinfeng looked at Luo Shaowa, who reliable security self balancing scooter was staring at her eyes. I just heard you yelling. Luo Shaohua pushed Jinfeng, only said the sentence at home waiting for me out of the house. At the moment has been close to 10 30 in the evening, the road on the small vehicles. However, Luo Shaohua still feel that their speed is not fast enough. He sat in the cab, holding the hand of the steering wheel has been knot section is completed, red all the cars in front of him pressed the horn, as the red smart self balancing scooter light, has long been in his eyes. Daughter, my daughter All the way bolted, sanway smart self balancing scooter open to the mouth sanway smart self balancing scooter of the station when the subway station, from the other designated time there are five minutes. Luo Shaohua lock the car, picked up the backpack burst into the subway station. Before going to the subway line schematic diagram, he hastily browsing 2 line across the city north and south of a burlywood self balancing scooter still no movement, no entrance and out of the entrance. Luo Shaohua sighed, slowly turning has begun to stiff neck, raised his hand to launch the car. Out of the green bamboo garden area, Luo Shaohua look at the watch, has been at 10 30. He hesitated, or took out his cell phone, set aside a number. A full forty seconds later, the phone finally connected. Shaohua Well, where are you At home. Why Watch the Champions League. Oh. After a moment of silence, the other tentative opening you ve been drinking No, drive it. So late Something Oh it s all right. Something to say. It s all right so be it, find time to get together, and have not seen it for so long. Line, telephone contact. it is good. Luo Shaohua hang up, visual front, the gas pedal in the end. He must go home to rest as soon as possible to restore strength, because, Lin Guodong tracking is bound to day after day. In the mall, when Lin Guodong turned away moments, Luo Shaohua saw the window of things. It is a plastic human body model, wearing a gray cashmere coat, head and black shoulder wig. She put forward a warm hand forward lightgray self balancing scooter position, lips and white teeth, to the show outside the hole, there is no life of a smile. The.

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