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Seashell Self Balancing Scooter od. Wei Jiong thought, that still do not bother him as well. So, he stood behind the old discipline, quietly watching the front of the road. In the street light, a wipe young people, a deadpan of the elderly, constitute the New Year s Day the most strange streetscape. Night of the people from their side by speeding, each other will have a moment of staring. For passers by, it is only a few seconds puzzling. On the old discipline, it is already unfamiliar to the world. The twenty third car vanished in the distance. Lao Ji slowly opening We, go back. Return home all the way without words. seashell self balancing scooter The midnight rush let two people get exhausted. Old Ji is no longer on the street full of interest, head down, it seems that nap, but occasionally came a sigh to let Wei Jiong realized that segway self balancing scooter fails he was awake, and poor mood. After the big is bound to fall. Extreme excitement is the price of endless emptiness, not to mention, the old discipline will eventually return to that cage like yard. Wei Jiong seashell self balancing scooter is worried about the moment after the impulse, how to explain with the attendant. Seeing from the nursing home getting closer, he began to secretly pray in the heart of the attendant is still sleeping. Just wal.e road resumed. More than a dozen cars across the stop line, fast forward. Suddenly, a taxi in the traffic seems to have lost control, on the road was S shaped twisted up. In its surrounding vehicles have turned to avoid, angry whistle sound into one. Out of control taxi and then meandering forward after a few dozen meters, halted. A middle aged man jumped out from the passenger seat, ran to the middle of the road, a look of horror to the taxi. Almost at the same time, the rear door opened, wearing a black cotton padded clothes, wearing a light gray wool cap of the old man drilled from the car, shaking around the rear, went straight to the driver s seat away. He grabbed his head off the wool seashell self balancing scooter cap fell to the ground, opened the door, pulled out of the taxi driver. The driver on his electric self balancing scooter reviews back fell to the road, watched the old man sitting in the driver s seat, launched the car. After a rapid turnaround, the taxi went seashell self balancing scooter back in time to come. More and more people gathered in the cafe door, curious to peep inside the room. They looked at the cafeteria hall seashell self balancing scooter or sitting or standing of five people, have speculated in the end is what causes self balancing hoverboard 2016 the explosion just now. That debt collection, said the feelin.

ok his wheelchair, conspire Wei Jiong side, looked up and down him, several times to reach out to pull him, but also to retract the hand. He and Wei Jiong met in these days, the old discipline is the first time such a panicky. Wei Jiong was choked smoke straight tears, finally see the immediate thing, the first thing that catches the eye, is the old record goes full of pleasantly surprised face. Hey, do not read ah. Wei Jiong was seen a bit orange self balancing scooter embarrassed, in the meal Ah Old discipline wake up, Yes ah yes seashell self balancing scooter ah, do not you eat He hurried to the small wooden table Come and eat together. Lao Ji s dinner is not rich, Qing stewed chicken, braised fish, pork stew noodles, garlic sprouts, sauerkraut stew large bones, as well as cold dishes. But every dish has been completely cool thoroughly, and almost no how to move too. Wei Jiong s heart is not the taste, you can imagine the old discipline is how to use most of the time to do a table seashell self balancing scooter of dishes, but in the national celebration, holding chopsticks, one by one to smoke. Lao Ji seashell self balancing scooter misunderstood the look of Wei Jiong, a film forehead You see me, are cold, how to eat He shook his wheelchair toward the door There seashell self balancing scooter should be people in the cafeteria, I le.s of a plastic gloves, he has been naked. He rolled up his clothes, thrown navyblue self balancing scooter into the carton filled with toiletries, then got up and went to the living room. The sofa is also covered with a layer of plastic film, the above is a tape wrapped around the hands and feet, the same naked woman. The woman was motionless, and there seemed to be no sound. He tense, leaned down, with a finger touch the woman s neck. seashell self balancing scooter However, the fingers covered with a layer of plastic did not notice a significant rhythm. He then put his arm to the woman s nose, and finally felt a breath of hot and humid. He was so pleased and frightened that he needed the woman to live because he had to finish everything planned fear was that he would have to finish the most difficult part. He bent down and lifted the woman up. The unconscious woman is much heavier than imagined, he somehow thought of the dead Shen the word. At seashell self balancing scooter that moment, his mood suddenly low to the bottom. Until this moment, he was really Hawaii self balancing scooter aware of what they are doing. Same thing. The same night. He guessed a year ago, feelings and feelings. Try it, not a trembling human body, no temperature, blood vessels, bones or muscles, not any person s daughter, wife o.t, severely pumping a few slap orengered self balancing scooter in the face of Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua s face immediately redness up. Under the blow, his eyes finally opened. Old Luo, you meet the purpose of Lin Guodong today, we all know. Du Cheng staring at the eyes of Luo Shaohua, which look scattered, it seems unable to focus, Do you remember Ji Qiankun it The name of the Luo Shaohua s attention to a slight recovery, eyes also have a life. Ji Qiankun seems to be Right. Du did not have time to explain to him, eagerly said, Now the situation is this Ji Qiankun with a bomb hijacked Lin Guodong, there are two people in the cafe. Luo Shaohua stared back into Du Cheng, half of the eyes is half doubt the fear. If he did, the consequences are hard to imagine, I only let him believe that Lin Guodong will be the four serial murders subject to legal sanctions, he was willing to stop. Du Cheng sat up straight , Every seashell self balancing scooter word, so I need azure self balancing scooter you to Lin Guodong year rape murder evidence to me. Luo Shaohua seems to use a long time to understand the meaning of Du into. Immediately, he slowly lowered his head, smile a bit. Evidence is indeed here. Du immediately asked What is it Lin Guodong has borrowed a white Dongfen.

Seashell Self Balancing Scooter . What are you doing, can you talk to me Luo Shaohua s smile suddenly convergence, a moment, shook his head No at least not now. Jinfeng seems to be ready for the answer, his face did not see the expression of disappointment This matter is very important to you Important. Luo Shaohua thought, and added, very important. Is there any danger No, Luo Shaohua smiled, you forget what I was doing Well, I know. Jin Feng sat up straight, hands on his lap, long spit breath, go. Luo Shaohua raised his head ah Go to the important things you do, or else you will not be safe. Jinfeng took the car keys, handed to the hands of Luo Shaohua, I will explain with Luo Ying, you rest assured, Hui Hui I bring ,no problem. Luo Shaohua holding the car keys, stared at his wife, a long while, Nane said This matter is over, I will tell you. Ah, Jinfeng s face was still a calm smile, I m waiting. In these days, C City calm, in addition to excessive drinking or overeating was unlucky, the firecrackers were injured several children. No one was murdered. The devil is also New Year. Luo New self balancing scooter Shaohua only through the newspaper to understand the past few days to the C City, most concerned about the case he did not happen., Will not step back Zhang Zhenliang thought, suddenly shaking a bit. Master, he raised his head, his face white. What do you mean Du into the back by sitting in a chair, meaningfully looked Zhang Zhenliang. Luo Shaohua down at home with his wife and daughter over the entire Spring Festival holiday. Which makes him and the relationship between Luo Ying greatly improved. The daughter is no longer pay special attention to his whereabouts, the end of the first month in the morning of the holiday morning, Luo Ying even the car keys back to him. Luo Shaohua is grating to the grandson to Chun hui skin, to see the keys thrown on the table, looked up and looked at Luo Ying. Do not you seashell self balancing scooter drive today Do not open, no way to stop. Luo Ying hanging eyelids, If you go out, then open it. When he finished, she picked up the bag, went to the hall for shoes. Just go out, and turn back, to throw a newspaper on the shoe. Dad, today s newspaper. Luo Shaohua should be a cry, put down half of the eggs stripped, got up and went to the shoe next to open the newspaper looks. Luo Ying to see his focus on the way, leray self balancing scooter both doubts and funny, rebuke This old man, kinda very concerned about national affairs. Luo Shaohu.

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