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Security Self Balancing Scooter many people. Well, Xu Mingliang relatively simple interpersonal relationships during his lifetime. Du Cheng also turned to a security self balancing scooter small wooden table, I screened the list a bit, two have died, are due to age, natural death. They are close to the incident Sixty years old, and basically can be ruled out. Other people Yue Xiaohui staring at Du into, look focused. We are lucky. Du Cheng picked up the list and looked at the handwriting outlined above, one of which has been moved to other cities, you can find a friend to help look up the other several, still living in the city. Well, when do we start the investigation Immediately from the beginning of a small age to check. Du suddenly thought of what, looked at Yue Xiaohui, You are also active than the old Ji ah. Oh Yue Xiaohui immediately sat up straight body, we have to open it. You two do not delay security self balancing scooter classes. Ji Qiankun interrupted, Then I was too sorry. Anyway, seven or eight individuals need to investigate, will not take too long. Yue Xiaohui rejection of hair, Yes, Du police officers Du into just look at her, did not speak. You clean up very clean house Well. Chen took off his coat, readily placed on the sofa, is the house a bit old. Lin G.scene in the bathroom, the most likely there are physical evidence. However, the results of the site survey is not optimistic. So, where can find clues it Most of the room furniture, items are replaced, no exploration value. Even those who have used so far, after years of scrubbing, are almost impossible to have orengered self balancing scooter evidence to stay. Du into frowning, stepping on another pedal. Old floor overwhelmed, issued a squeaky voice. Du into the heart of a move, looked to the foot. Brown yellow ash floor, the surface of the old, mottled paint, seams have been more than security self balancing scooter cracked. He turned his attention to the bedroom. From his point of view, just to see the corner placed at the single bed. The old wooden bed, bed sheets and bedding is relatively new. Du into the thought, waved hello behind Zhang Zhenliang the channel hit cornfloewrblue self balancing scooter the bedroom. The channel pedal is quickly laid. Du into the bed, open the flashlight, V low body security self balancing scooter look at the bed. Bed floor wear level worse, the floor surface is a thick layer of dust. Du Cheng stood up, motioned colleagues to move the bed. After he was lying on the edge of the bed, the upper body to the floor, inch by inch closer look. Large dust accumulation security self balancing scooter on the floor, Du C.

been shot. Ma Jian Luo Shaohua quickly catch up with him, We security self balancing scooter are self deception Ma Jian suddenly stopped, bowed khaki self balancing scooter security self balancing scooter his head, his eyes closed, cheeks muscles chattering in the chug, seems to be trying to control their emotions. Colts, Luo Shaohua look around, whispered, Maybe Du is right, we really catch the wrong No Ma Jian suddenly roared loudly, turned and grabbed Luo Shaohua collar, he firmly pressed on the wall, We did not catch the wrong person, is Xu security self balancing scooter Mingliang How do you explain this case Luo Shaohua desperately tearing, face Biede red, rape after the murder, mechanical asphyxia, black plastic bags, yellow tape A few passing policemen watched to darkslategray self balancing scooter the side, revealing or curious or puzzled look. Ma Jian look at them, release the hand, standing in situ, unable to breathe heavily. Is to imitate the crime. Ma Jian s voice also with a rapid breathing, Xu Mingliang case was the media rendering too outrageous, and inevitably someone will follow suit, so this time to block the message. Luo Shaohua hand to heal the crease of the collar, tightly staring at Ma Jian, the chest with a dramatic ups and downs. So, we have to seize him as soon as possible. Ma Jian forked, looking.g smiled, looked at her while drinking tea. Girl today wearing a black turtleneck sweater, dark blue jeans. Upper body caused by convex, straight self balancing scooter site uk legs slender. His face because of the formation of the blush has not yet subsided, coupled with hot tea Xiadu, face on the vapor surplus. Lin Guodong walked slowly, and girls sitting side by side on the bed. Under the weight of two people, mattress depression down, security self balancing scooter Chen s body over, half leaning on Lin Guodong s body. However, she did not escape or adjust the sitting position, let his arms close to Lin Guodong. Two people do not speak, holding their cups, small mouth sipping. Girl with his left hand on the bed, looking at the front of the wall, head is not strabismus, arm occasionally carried to the mouth, the tea slowly into the mouth. Lin Guodong is constantly flaring nose, it seems that girls should take all the air sucked into the whole body. Tea fragrance, after the initial bitter taste of the entrance, after the goods suck back Gan. Lin Guodong but drink the more thirsty, as if the nose is not the girl s body aroma, but a mass of fire, and instantly the tea will evaporate completely. He quietly moved the body, Zhu right in the bed sl.in Guodong has been silent in a sudden opening, You and I are the same Surprisingly, Ji Qiankun did not refute him. After thinking for a few seconds, he nodded instead. You re right, you and me, damn it. Wen Ji, Xiao Hui, met you, do not know fate, or robbery number.Anyway, first of all say sorry to you, say thank you. He nodded slightly to Yue Xiaohui You and Wei Jiong leave here. Then, his line of sight down, North self balancing scooter fell Lin Guodong Oklahoma self balancing scooter face, while security self balancing scooter lifting the hands of the remote control detonator, We two damn people, is Time to be a broken. Wei Jiong was shocked, about to open to stop, I heard behind a burst of rapid footsteps darksalmon self balancing scooter Du into the run. Old, you do not impulse Du has been sweating his face, holding a charred edge of the kraft paper portfolio, I got the evidence. This sudden turn of events so security self balancing scooter that the presence of all people are shocked. Especially Lin Guodong, his face suddenly became pale, tightly staring at the portfolio. Du into the portfolio of things out, on the table security self balancing scooter is a yellowing paper and a mass of non woven. These can prove that Lin Guodong in each time period of the incident, are driving a white pickup truck in the night looking for start goal.Moreover, this car has one of.

Security Self Balancing Scooter kles made his face twitch, and another voice kept telling him in his mind calm, calm. He looked at the watch, about seven minutes later, Ji Qiankun will detonate the bomb, and Lin Guodong die. Du quickly into action. He ordered the young driver in the driver s seat to remove the sun visor from the passenger seat. Then, he pulled out from the bag in the ball point pen, and tear off from the notebook a white paper, sat Luo Shaohua side. Do you remember the contents of that chart He put the pen in his arms, Write it down. Luo Shaohua some puzzled What are you doing Do leave evidence to Ji Qiankun see. Du into the young police handed the sun visor, turn over, come up with a police dagger from the body, as long as he surrender detonators, anything is easy. Du with a dagger punctured fingers, squeeze a drop of blood, carefully dipped in the sun visor back. Look back, Luo Shaohua blankly looked at his hands the visor, motionless. What the hell is your mother still stunned The sun visor is plastic. Luo Shaohua smile, my hand piece, the back is non woven. No matter, Ji Qiankun have not seen. Du Chengqiang anger, rub your fingers, but also urged Road, You write. But Lin Guodong seen, you can.into the bottle from the bag, remove the pills to swallow. Zhang Zhen Liang looked at him silently, and pour a cup of hot water on the front of Du. To check files in the Council Well, said Du, putting the file on the table between the two men, how did you find swagway self balancing scooter reviews the case You always feel that the wrong person, I was thinking, if the murderer is not arrested, then he may once again commit crimes. Zhang Zhen Liang index files, the results let me find this. Du looked at him What do you think You do not come this time, I will not be fooled. Zhang Zhenliang leaned back in his chair, You said first. Du smiled This case and the 1990 series of rape murder case, really like. rape. Strangle the neck. Sharp device fractions. Cruciform tight black plastic bag, transparent tape sealing. Scattered around the body. No fingerprints or other traces were extracted. This is just two years ago, a series of rape murder case approach. However, Du into the heart still has security self balancing scooter a question mark. Like Zhang Zhen Liang knock on files, more than just like, that his mother is the murderer. Du did not Kansas self balancing scooter make a sound, lit a cigarette, thoughtfully watching the file cover. If you think you can, I apply to the Bureau to re i.

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