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Segway Self Balancing Scooter Fails ere Wei Jiong photo team standing on the edge, is turned behind to see the three story small building, until next to the boys took him, he realized that he was the students. Ponytail girls white at him, raised his camera. one two Three eggplant At this time when the lunch time, three small building filled with a strange mixture of taste. Carefully to distinguish, you will find this taste in rice, garlic, potatoes and cabbage. In addition, there must be something to mix these unusual ingredients to a sticky texture, heavy pressure on the body, people unhappy. Wei Jiong do not know what it is, but it can clearly feel its weight. Even in the hands of only a pack of paper towels, he still felt hands and feet tingling up. The ponytail girl was feeding an old woman. Old women may have Parkinson s disease, the head has been kept darkblue self balancing scooter shaking, while the ponytail girl is also a lack of experience, fed to the segway self balancing scooter fails old lady s mouth most of the food scattered on her skirt. Therefore, Wei Jiong s task is to keep old women with paper towels to wipe his mouth. Although this task is simple, the frequency of action is very high. He slightly distracted, it will be ponytail girls impatiently urged. And finally.erdict to Xu Mingliang was executed, there is always a man in the running for his injustice. However, the strength of the individual is insignificant, even if he is a part of the machine, in the face of a mechanically rigid judiciary. This person is Du Cheng. He insisted that it was a wrong case. To this end, the Du and had been as close as brothers, Ma Jian and others against each other. Board can not accept this is a high degree of praise of the iron case there are any flaws. In the repeated trade offs, Du Cheng was transferred from the original post, went to the province of a more remote county, was transferred back in 1993. I was in F City. Du into the thought, how Zhang Zhen Liang from the carry bag and took out a portfolio, and handed Du into. I did not guess wrong. Zhang Zhenliang look solemn, Since you have to do, then you should look at this. You fuck even told me to hide the segway self balancing scooter fails goods Du Cheng Xiao Xiao Road. However, he saw the expression of Zhang Zhenliang, realized that this is not a joke. Portfolio is still a criminal case file. segway self balancing scooter fails Du turned to see the first few, his face suddenly changed, the faster the faster turn the hand. Shock beam, Du into the file, tightly staring at t.

Du officers, you go leray self balancing scooter battery back first. Wei Jiong could not help but said, another day and then check. Boy, I do not have so much time. Du Cheng waved his hand weakly, Besides, the old discipline waiting for our news. Three people sitting around a table. A pair of young men and women sitting on the side, silently looking at the gray hair self balancing scooters across the old man. He fell on the table, hanging head, single handedly into a fist, in their own liver pressure, the other hand in the thigh spasm like kneading, it seems to want to transfer that burst of another hit pain. Wei Jiong see my heart uncomfortable, but also do not know how to help Du into relief symptoms. He looked at Yue Xiaohui, found the girl stared at Du Zheng struggling, hand over his mouth, eyes have been filled with tears. What is it that can make a dying person so insistent A full twenty minutes later, Du Cheng finally looked up, although his face is still cold sweat oozes, but the look has been much better. Sorry, frightened you, right Du into a long breath, stretched out a hand, water. Wei Jiong rush to pour a cup of warm water and handed him. Du Cheng took over, drained. He wiped his sweat and picked up the information. Go and see t.is still silent, as if a statue never openings. Shaohua, can no longer dead. Du Cheng out of a hand, take the shoulder in the Luo Shaohua, You must help me. Du paused I beg you. A long time, Du into the palm of your hand under the stone move a bit. His heart thrown a glimmer of hope. However, the stone open mouth after the first sentence let his heart thoroughly cool thoroughly. You go. Luo Shaohua s eyes empty nothing, Do not force me. Du Cheng left, Luo Shaohua and sat alone for a while, stared at the window outside the window in a daze. Things have been completely out of his control. It will be where to develop, Luo Shaohua is no way to know. As for the final will show a kind of outcome, he would like to want to think about. And sucked a cigarette, Luo Shaohua took out his wallet ready to checkout. Just stood up and felt the shoulder was a hand hold. He subconsciously turned his head and saw a look of livid Ma best self balancing scooter Jian to bypass their own, sitting opposite the table. You Luo Shaohua immediately react, how do you know about me to meet here He tracks me, I will not track him Ma Jian waved hands over the waiter to leave, he told you what Luo Shaohua hanging eyelids To my hands.on the balcony. He walked over and stood beside the girl. looking at what Yue Xiaohui forward Nunu mouth Well. At the far edge of segway self balancing scooter fails the city, the sun is slowly disappearing below the horizon. Half of the sky self balancing scooter 2 are dyed gorgeous blood red, down the order is faded, orange, bright gold, light yellow, until the buildings and streets of a gray. The city struggled to show the colors and prosperity of the day New self balancing scooter before it was completely dark. Yue Xiaohui quietly watching the sunset, smooth cheeks were coated with a layer of pale gold, which is the best self balancing scooter to buy almost every hairs are almost transparent. Her pupil has two burning flames, the rest are deep as the ocean. For a long time, she gently spit out the breath, hand in the shelves groping, and soon, after the flower pot out of a box of cigarettes in Zhongnanhai. Wei Jiong surprised in the eyes, Yue Xiaohui out of a cigarette, skillfully lit, deeply sucked. Lighters ignited the moment, her eyes that two fire into the beating of the flames, then, completely disappeared. The sun sank. The black sea was filled with a silent wave. He used to not. Yue Xiaohui body with faint water vapor, misty and empty voice, as if from far away came like, I remember, when I lay in the cri.

Segway Self Balancing Scooter Fails om the surprised, puzzled and become thoughtful. He did not and the other too much conversation, but ah to respond, and finally asked the sentence where Then hung up the phone. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen. Ducheng got up and picked up his backpack, I ll have Massachusetts self balancing scooter to leave. Lin Guodong Chen opposite the sitting, watching the girl with a smart self balancing scooter amazon slender fingers a stack of notes. Her hand is smooth, white, light blue blood vessels clearly visible. Lin Guodong adjust a bit sitting, gently exhaled breath. Chen noted that the eyes segway self balancing scooter fails of Lin Guodong, smiled. Rest assured, Lin, not wrong. She handed the money to the hands of Lin Guodong, You point a little. Oh No. Lin Guodong some embarrassment, so segway self balancing scooter fails so pocket money into the pocket. Chen rummaged on the table, took out a kraft paper portfolio, and handed Lin Guodong. Three papers, two ad copy. Ten days, how Well, I first look. segway self balancing scooter fails Lin Guodong read the manuscript looked, This is an economic paper ah, there segway self balancing scooter fails are many segway self balancing scooter fails professional vocabulary to check. Then two weeks. OK, the problem is not. Chen stood up and began to wear jackets, finishing bags, pack after stopping, segway self balancing scooter fails found Lin Guodong still sitting in place, looking at the hands of the manuscript. Teacher Lin, I wen.t went to the morning to buy food To be on the safe side, segway self balancing scooter fails Luo Shaohua quickly withdrew from the 22 buildings, toward the skque self balancing scooter fires opposite 14 buildings, back to him that very familiar place, 6th floor at the monitoring station. All step by step, familiar cooked as if cooking in their own kitchen in general off the bag, stuffed into the right hand side of the sauerkraut cylinder. And then bent down from the left corner of the empty flower pots took out two bricks, pad under the window, so that it is convenient to observe the opposite floor of the 5 story, but not to allow long standing on the cold feet of cement on the ground. Remove the telescope, took out the food with a good bag of steamed segway self balancing scooter fails stuffed bun, placed in the corridor of segway self balancing scooter fails the heating pipe this place can give food insulation, not compelling, in case someone upstairs or downstairs, Luo Shaohua ready to put away Telescope, quickly leave. Ready, Luo Shaohua to Lin Guodong room looked. Curtains opened, bed bedding is also neatly stacked. Small notebook on the desk was closed state, usually stacked in the side of the manuscript was gone. It seems that Luo Shaohua to the possibility of delivery is great. Luo Shaohua look at the watch, the.

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