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Segway Self Balancing Scooter For Sale milligrams each bought one. The old man can segway self balancing scooter for sale choose according to their taste. However, the volume of cigarettes into a larger than he imagined, can not be stuffed into the bag. Wei Jiong has bought a black plastic shopping bags, carefully installed after the cigarette, carrying plastic shopping bags out of the shop. Has been 1 10 pm, Wei segway self balancing scooter for sale Jiong trot all the way to the bus station. A few minutes later, a bus stops. Not many people on board, more fortunately, a passenger just off the cadetblue self balancing scooter seat and get off. Wei Jiong sat up, the plastic shopping bag in his chest, took a deep breath. Bus then start, Wei Jiong looked in the car in a circle, and immediately found someone staring at himself. Classmate Yue Xiaohui standing in the door of the railings, smiled at him waved his hand. Wei Jiong also hastily smiled, while taking note of Yue Xiaohui hands large and small carrying several shopping bags. He stood up, waved to her, motioned her to sit over. Yue Xiaohui rudely, through the car came to sit down. Thank you Yue Xiaohui to the shopping bag for the left hand, horizontal holding in the chest, looking down at the red scar on the right hand marks, too heavy. Bought so much Yes. Yue Xiaohui wearing., immediately gave up the idea of getting off the right side. Du into the seat belt, hands and feet and climb to the back seat, reach out and open the door. Although the door opened, but only a gap only. Ma Jian selected parts of the impact is very accurate, so that the front of the Honda CRV in front of the front door between. Du would like to open the door to get out is not possible. Fuck Du into furious. He fell back in the back seat, raised his feet, to the rear side of the window to kick severely. Just a burst into the building, Wei Jiong was the foot of the rubble tripped. He embarrassed to get up and segway self balancing scooter for sale feel the knee and elbow are painfully painstaking. He refused to see the injury, hastily observed about the surrounding environment, the cement ladder to run upstairs. No one on the second floor. Three no one. Wei Jiong ran like a cow. However, there is no sound around him, can not see half a shadow. Are they looking for the wrong place, or Yue Xiaohui has been killed The same four no one. He could no longer run, bent down, hand on his knees, breathing heavily. After a night of running around, coupled with a high degree of mental tension, Wei Jiong s physical has been completely.

and fingerprints. Yes. Du nodded, plastic bags with Xu Mingliang fingerprints, and he is selling pork, so the police was convinced that he is the murderer. The murderer may be one of his customers Ji Qiankun said, your inference, may not There is only one person s fingerprint on the plastic bag, said Du into a hand. It s summer, when you see turquoise self balancing scooter a person wearing a glove galaxy board self balancing scooter reviews to buy meat, will not it feel strange Well, that would be. Ji Qiankun honestly admitted. And, in the body bag also found a shoe. Du into frowned, This is the only time we found the victim s clothing.I can not figure out, as a patient and meticulous, Skilled, more calm attitude of committing the crime, why would commit such a stupid mistake Fen Shi encountered some unexpected Indiana self balancing scooter situations. Yue Xiaohui interrupted, So he panic. It s possible, said Du, touching his chin, antiquewith self balancing scooter but it can not explain the fingerprint. Not. Wei Jiong pondered, slowly said, If he is not Xu Mingliang customers Well, you mean The situation is like this, Wei said, thinking electric self balancing scooter hover board that Xu Mingliang was self balancing scooter usa not the murderer, but there were his fingerprints on his plastic bag, indicating that he had come into contact with the bag, right That s it. Du looked at.ked a small supermarket, to see the nursing home where the lights. Strangely, the yard is no longer silent, but with a faint noise, and segway self balancing scooter for sale that lights are flickering, but also mixed with crackling sound of deep fried. Wei Jiong more segway self balancing scooter for sale and more puzzled, could not help but speed up the pace. Just went to the nursing home front, the scene just let him stunned. Most of the three story small windows are open, the old people head out of the window, watching the yard is a pile of fireworks. Laughter, applause heard. A girl dressed in white down jacket around the fireworks, giggling to avoid the attendant. The two fireworks segway self balancing scooter for sale in her hand were dazzlingly sparking. The attendant has been in a huff Where are you, how come in Wei Jiong leaning on a segway self balancing scooter for sale wheelchair, and old stunned watching two people chasing non stop. The girl just went to the door, a black hair on the shoulders. She stopped. Wei Jiong, the old discipline. Yue Xiaohui s smiling face was a fireworks red, Happy New Year Chapter 14 Falsification segway self balancing scooter for sale Half a cup of tea, you see Zhang Zhenliang Du carrying a large paper bag came in. He waved his hand, looked around Zhang Zhenliang see him, walked over. Master New Year. Zhang Zhenliang pull the chair.long stay. Lin Guodong teeth, got up want to go. Ji Qiankun immediately low shouted Sit down Immediately, he put his right hand on the table, palm holding a black rectangular plastic box, there is a red button above. Look under your seat Lin Guodong stared at him, slowly sitting back seat, separate legs, quickly looked under the seat. A black bag on his body. He immediately looked up, looking to the opposite stranger. Ji Qiankun face smile has disappeared. He shook his hands to the plastic box Lin Guodong I just press this button to ensure that you are not left with bones residue. Lin Guodong shook, peering at him Who are you in the end Ji Qiankun did not immediately answer, but deep breath inhaled, and slowly spit it out. August 5, 1991 evening, you hijacked a woman, raped and killed her. Ji Qiankun expression becomes gloomy cold, after you dismembered her into ten, has thrown in 177 highway side, building Design Institute family area in front of the trash, the Red River Street, 163, Sheep Town, next to the village next to the water tower I m right His gentle tone, but no edge, but like a knife like, cut the brains of Lin Guodong, segway self balancing scooter for sale those hidden in the memory of the screen one by one.

Segway Self Balancing Scooter For Sale w morning before 10 o clock to me, the trial contract. It seems to stay up late tonight, or finish the job. Although the salary is very low, but Lin Guodong need this job. Not only to maintain the existing life, more importantly, he needs to know who that person is. In the evening of October 27, 1992, wandering in the darkness of the city in the specter of C, who Lin Guodong rubbed his eyes, playing spirit, twist from a manuscript, read word by word. It was a small business bids book, full of flashy words and empty boring service commitments. He tried segway self balancing scooter for sale to convert those square words into English words until a complete sentence in my mind Suddenly, he picked up the thick side of the English Chinese dictionary, mercilessly throw to the glass window With the crash sound Cui Xiang, there are several vertical and horizontal glass windows on the cross staggered cracks, and finally, broken into pieces. Cold wind immediately poured in, gray thick curtains are rolled up. In the middle of the dancing gray, Lin Guodong saw his face reflected in the broken glass, the face distorted, head canthus to crack. Chapter seventeen girls in the evening Yue Xiaohui sitting at the bedside, 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale playing w.Du, I am afraid he will immediately request Wei Jiong the phone out. However, he just looked at the volume 1. Du into the thought, it seems that trade off within the heart, and finally, he segway self balancing scooter for sale pulled out from behind his own bag. Look at this. Du into a bag from the bag out of a few thick files, and handed Ji Qiankun, This is all. Ji Qiankun only look at a few pages, his hands shaking up, it seems incredible to this surprise. This Nothing. Du into Ji Qiankun, again turned to Wei Jiong and segway self balancing scooter for sale Yue Xiaohui, In this matter, we are on the same side. Chapter XIX Lin Guodong recent life best self balancing scooter for kids is very regular. In nearly a week of continuous tracking, Luo Shaohua gradually identified the fact that Lin Guodong did find a job, and with his line of work have a relationship. Every two or three days, Lin Guodong will go to the morning to buy some food or daily necessities, and then almost at home. In most of the day, he would sit right in front of the computer, serious translation of a certain manuscripts this point, from time to time he needs access to English Chinese dictionary can be verified. Occasionally got up from the seat, not to the bathroom, is to add water to the cup. At noon he segway self balancing scooter for sale would briefly rest.

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