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Self Balancing Electric Scooter se, those listed on the desktop shortcut open one by one. Mouse click sound so that he relaxed and happy. Stubbornly view this computer, he opened the Word software. For this moment, he has been reviewing the afternoon Chinese Pinyin. Pinyin input method, he carefully pressed the keyboard, a full half a minute later, a blank Word document appeared in the Lin Guodong words. He laughed, looking around, seemed to find someone to top self balancing scooter share the joy of success. Although he soon realized that he is alone, but these three words is undoubtedly a great encouragement to him. The next hour, he completely knocked out a complete computer, Patio Spring Snow. Time late at night, Lin Guodong s spirits did not diminish, has been operating in front of the computer. Finally, he looked at the computer desktop shortcut on the IE self balancing electric scooter browser, know this computer to take full advantage of them, there are many things to do. Discharged during this time, he was from the TV and radio to know the Internet is the word. That is his return to earth shortcut. Open this fan Windows , the whole world is at hand. He looked at the front of the laptop with the expression of infinite care and reverence, this world changes make h.owerless, not to mention not yet recovered Yue Xiaohui. The girl woke darkslateblue self balancing scooter up in Wei Jiong s shaking, a time confused and disoriented, do not know what happened. Fast, Luo Shaohua out. Hearing this sentence, Yue Xiaohui suddenly full of energy. She bass to jump up, lying in the window to look downstairs. See Luo Shaohua went to a dark blue car, she hurriedly pulled Wei Jiong ran downstairs. They went to the park entrance, just to see Luo Shaohua closed the door of the driver s seat, and soon drove away from the roadside. Yue Xiaohui raised his hand to stop a taxi. Wei Jiong turned to see that still smoke the trash, followed by a taxi in the Yue Xiaohui behind. All the way to track. Taxi trailing Luo Shaohua Santana sedan, and finally came to Hing Wah North Street and Dawang Road intersection. Luo Shaohua parked the car, looked at the road a bit, into a company called TheOne coffee shop. Yue Xiaohui instructed a taxi in ten meters away from parking, pay off after the fare. Wei Jiong is still for her just to be a taxi driver to track the reasons for laughing and crying. That s my dad, I want plum self balancing scooter to see who s the little three who s been dating. Yue Xiaohui looked at the coffee shop, expression.

i Jiong Fu in the corridor of the railings, quietly staring at the bridge under the calm lake. A pair of young lovers who had just been photographed here walked away from him. The girl specifically looked at him, and her boyfriend whispered a few words. Wei Jiong vaguely heard lovelorn The will not want to commit suicide and the like, could not help but laugh. It was a bit strange for a man to visit the park, and the lake he had watched was indeed related to death. October 27, 1992, the city s first department store salesman Liang Qingyun was raped and killed. The next day, the electric self balancing scooter body was dismembered into several pieces were found throughout the city. Among them, her two legs floating in lightpink self balancing scooter the foot of this piece of water Wei Jiong in the lake. Some people use and two years ago, Xu Mingliang homicide case almost exactly the same way to kill the woman. Now it is certain that the murderer is not Lin Guodong. Need to figure out is why he did so motivation. Du said that when these words are sitting on the self balancing electric scooter bedside, watching their feet at the foot of a trance. We do not know this, we are blind. Is that so important Of course. Du Cheng look puzzled look Wei Jiong, smiled, In particular, murderuo Shaohua pinch off cigarettes, looked at the watch, eight twenty five. He rolled all the windows and let self balancing electric scooter more cold air into the cab. Even after playing a few shivering, Luo Shaohua thoroughly spirit. self balancing electric scooter He self balancing scooter change shrank in the driver s seat, staring intently at the door of Ankang Hospital. Ten minutes later, the iron gate behind the fog came a burst of rattled sound, followed by a silhouette appears in the mist. He walked slowly, the pace of some staggering, seems full of panic, and hesitant. Luo Shaohua sat scarlet self balancing scooter up, staring at him. Gradually, the person in the fog of the outline slowly clear up. This is a height of one meter seventy or so of the men, fifty years old, thin, thick hair, messy, wearing a do not see the color of cotton padded jacket, left shoulder left a big black leather leatherette, left hand carry With a net bag, which is an enamel basin. Dental equipment, soap box and the like in the inside jingling. Luo Shaohua feel throat was suddenly strangled is he, can not be wrong. Men went to the door, it seems self balancing electric scooter that the iron gate in front of helpless. Soon, the duty room out of a chunky security. See him, a few steps back to the man, the whole person has narrowed the circle, as if ready.ok his wheelchair, conspire Wei Jiong side, looked up and down him, several times to reach out to pull him, but also to retract the moccasin self balancing scooter hand. He and Wei Jiong met in these days, the old discipline is the first time such a panicky. Wei Jiong was choked smoke straight tears, finally see the immediate thing, the first thing that catches the eye, is the old record goes full of pleasantly surprised self balancing electric scooter face. Hey, do not read ah. Wei Jiong was seen a bit embarrassed, in the meal Ah Old discipline wake up, Yes ah yes ah, do not you eat He hurried to the small wooden table Come and eat together. Lao Ji s dinner is not rich, Qing stewed chicken, braised fish, pork stew noodles, garlic sprouts, sauerkraut stew large bones, as well as cold dishes. But every dish has been completely cool thoroughly, and almost no how to move too. Wei Jiong s heart is not the taste, you can imagine the old discipline is how to use most of the time to do a table of dishes, but in the national celebration, holding chopsticks, one by one to smoke. Lao Ji misunderstood the look of self balancing electric scooter Wei Jiong, a film forehead You see me, are cold, how to eat He shook his wheelchair toward the door There should be people in the cafeteria, I le.

Self Balancing Electric Scooter ou want to go self balancing electric scooter in and see Du Cheng nodded, dwarf from beneath the warning belt drilled, and then stand up straight body, has been in the 803 room. It is a one bedroom, one bedroom home with a distinctive twentieth century architecture. self balancing electric scooter Simple furnishings, double bed, South self balancing scooter wardrobe, writing desk are old objects. Trance, Du Cheng also thought he returned to the 90 s. He went from the bedroom to the living room, kitchen, and in the bathroom around a circle, looking at the huge dry stains in the bathtub, turned and asked Zhang Zhenliang The owner To inform him, people have not to. Zhang Zhenliang look at the watch, should be fast. Is it surname Yes. Zhang Zhenliang raised his head, he is One of the victims of the husband. Oh. Zhang Zhenliang looked around, softly asked, have found it Du Cheng shook his head see the situation, the owner has not lived here for a long time. Zhang Zhenliang immediately took out the phone I ll get him. self balancing electric scooter Before he pressed the number, the door came a Qieqie voice No, I I came. Du Cheng and Zhang Zhen Liang also turned around, but saw the boy standing next to a nervous expression, next to the girls have to be much easier, from time to time curious to look at t.e cold buns from the refrigerator, into the drawer, the steamer will pour water, end to the gas stove. Cut two salted eggs, Luo Shaohua and choose a good spinach, ready to boil about water. Wait for the water to open the work, he returned to the living room, want to pick up a cigarette to mention God, but to see Luo Ying wearing pajamas sitting at the table. self balancing electric scooter From so early Luo Shaohua picked up the cigarette case, turned around and looked at the wall clock, This time ah Luo Ying s hand turning a cup, eyes blue, it seems that night did not sleep well. Dad, you sit down. Luo Ying pointed to the chair opposite, I have something to discuss with you. Luo Shaohua s heart sank, that her daughter had to go out for their own morning and evening nonsense. In fact, after the Spring Festival, Jin Feng self balancing electric scooter Luo Ying had talked about once, be interpreted as Luo Shaohua, and told her not to interfere with his father s activities. Luo Ying despite indianred self balancing scooter dubious heart, but after really no longer talk about the whereabouts of Luo Shaohua. So, early in the morning, Luo Ying looking for themselves to talk about Luo Shaohua heart question mark, obediently opened the chair to sit down. Luo Ying poured a self balancing electric scooter glass of wat.

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