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Self Balancing Motorcycle put the basket on the table in the hands. Two bedroom door is also closed, from time to time a slight snoring came from the room. Luo Shaohua sat down at the table, while adjusting the breathing, while watching the clock on the wall. Five twenty five in the morning. Outside the window of the sky is not as strong as black as ink, faintly appear a bright white horizon. Luo Shaohua atmosphere gradually stable, he got up and went to the kitchen, took out a white porcelain plate from the cupboard, back to the table, open a plastic bag in the basket, the smell of fried dough sticks blowing. He put the self balancing motorcycle dough sticks neatly placed in the plate, and took out a self balancing motorcycle few cups of milk, one by one into the straw. Subsequently, he returned to the kitchen carrying basket, the classification of a few vegetables into the refrigerator. After all this, he looked up again at the clock five forty. The family will get up at least six o clock. Luo Shaohua sitting back to the table, open the semiconductor radio, lower volume, quietly listening to a self balancing motorcycle file health care programs. Gradually, the sky a little lit up the window, the car sound, the self balancing scooter voice is also increasingly clear. This is a haze of weather, the city is.lled out a bottle, poured two tablets hold in his mouth, and then rummaging, they found that they did not bring water. blue self balancing scooter He cursed loudly, where to buy leray self balancing scooter rush to pick up good things, walked out of the archives. He was in a small supermarket outside the museum to buy a bottle of water, drank half a bottle in one breath, the mouth of the pills have been turned on, bitter mouthful. Du frowned mouthwash, is going to spit out, thought, and swallowed. Can live to find out the truth that day, his heart did not end, do it. Now at noon, Du into the car, re open the map to browse, and finally chose their own destination, driving away. It was a haze. Located in the north of the city, the winter after the rare blue sky and white clouds. Central heating requires burning a lot of coal, the self balancing motorcycle air will float a thin layer of black ash. Road on the small cars, Du Cheng looked gray days, as well as the tone of a single building and the crowd, face to face turned a street. Into the workers Road, the car appeared on the right side of a bright white. Du into the subconscious look at the past and found that it is the city s South Canal. His heart a move, at the foot of a little hard, along the river all the way to go. Soon.

Rely on his mother for more than 20 years, how so Du into a wry smile, re sit up coral self balancing scooter the body, forcing yourself to continue reading. Analysis of views The case can be with the 11.9 3.14 6.23 to kill the mutilated dead body case to do the case investigation, from the criminal approach point of view, the body fragments rare end of the flap, the bone surface no cutting marks, crime capacity was upgraded , Skilled situation. Body mass scattered law, upper and lower limbs, trunk, head were separately scattered, can be inferred when the mentality of their cool Du into a sigh. He pushed self balancing motorcycle aside the file self balancing motorcycle in front of the paper has yellowed crunching crashed, it seems that at any time may be broken into powder. Useless. He could not concentrate, can not let their line of sight from the August 8 these words away. Du turned his head, quietly looking at the picture frame on the chest of drawers. A woman with long shoulder length hair, squatting in the tulip flowers, holding a fat little pier boy, smiled and looked back at him. Du into the mouth up, at the same time, eyes a blur. He stood up, slowly walked before the chest of drawers, pick up the frame, gently stroked. The frame of the glas.way line. South terminus for the C City Medical College, the north terminus for the Century City. Luo Shaohua did not delay, ran straight to the ticket gate, regardless of the passengers behind the curse, jumping to buy a station from the station to the end of the city of the ticket. Get the ticket, Luo Shaohua ran to the platform, while running watch. There are three minutes. Time is short, but enough to make the old Interpol finishing ideas. The station is also seven stations away from the end of the century city, through the real estate building, labor park, city hall square, four will Street, South Lake, big West Road electronic market and Yongqing farmers wholesale center. The other about their own here, is unlikely to bring Luo Ying over the same time, but will instruct him to board the subway, go to the designated skque self balancing scooter review site. What is his intention, Luo Ying why fall into his hands, Luo Shaohua has not care, and now the most important thing is to know the location of Luo Ying. She and the other more than a minute, it will increase the risk of a minute. And this risk is that Luo Shaohua would not have dared to think he too understand each other s means and the extent of the decisionang elution murderer s notoriety, so that floating in the city over the injustice to rest. Therefore, he needs in the shortest possible time to collect enough evidence, in time for Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua start before Lin Guodong to justice. Ji Qiankun put down the photos of Lin Guodong, raised his head, eyes in the Du Cheng, Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui face back and forth glance, expression driven to distraction. Yue Xiaohui stepped forward, squat body, hand on the knee in the Ji kun kun, gently Mosa Zhao. He Ji Qiankun eyes dull, intonation as if in the balder in lightsalmon self balancing scooter general, Why did he want to kill my wife For perfume, said Du, thinking, For the woman who hurt him, Lin Guodong has a strong sense of possessiveness and full of hatred for all the women with that taste. He pointed to Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui have to say, find out the case, the two little guys credit. Ji qian Kun close your eyes, two lines of muddy tears fall from his face. He bowed his head, his hands clasped, washed the other three worship and worship. Thank you, thank you. Ah, long ago told you, I am self balancing motorcycle not to help skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels you. Du waved his hand, I am for myself. Wei Jiong patted Ji Qiankun shoulder. The old man wiped his.

Self Balancing Motorcycle Wei Jiong s knees, his face out of a strange expression of faint smile, as if to comfort each other, the eyes are thrown in tears. Wei Jiong could not bear to look at self balancing motorcycle him, lowered his head. August 5, 1991, she went to attend a colleague s wedding banquet. Lao Ji looked out of the window, as if to himself, more than five in the afternoon to go out, self balancing motorcycle wearing blue and white floral dress, buy And Madame Butterfly, I brought a friend back from Japan, and as a result, she did not come back all night. And then Her friend said that after ten o clock in the evening she was gone, but I found a place in all the places I could think of, and I could not see her. Early, I got a call from the police. Wei Jiong could not speak, stared at him. She was raped, strangled, the body was cut into ten, thrown in every corner of self balancing motorcycle the city. Old Ji s eyes gradually spread out, the sound becomes mechanical, no Nevada self balancing scooter emotion, as if in a narrative I had not seen the entire right leg when skque self balancing scooter fires I saw her, he said. Wei Jiong is no longer difficult to own, he jumped up, seize the old Ji s shoulder, hiss asked The case is broken The murderer caught no Old Ji s body with the movements of Wei Jiong to shake, he turned his head, lo.home, said Ma, pulling a chair and sitting in front of him, Ask your child. Do not. Du into the mind is clearly not in this matter, Ma, you say, this bastard look like Ah Ma Jian cigarette movements to stop, What do you think All the deceased s left side of the head has non fatal blunt injury. And, I just read lemonchiffon self balancing scooter the records self balancing motorcycle of the interrogative Ji Kun, the evening his wife self balancing motorcycle to participate in dinner colleagues, about 10 30 pm, before returning home and discipline The dead are hijacked in the middle of the night. Du slowly said, That is, the deceased may be on the murderer s car, the murderer from the driving Block direction shot knocked unconscious, take away rape killed. So late, but also willing to a stranger s car Ma Jian thought, and look at Du into, This guy looks at least not let people hate. Yes ah, he may be well spoken, but also justified and the dead approached. Du into the self balancing motorcycle map, For example, ask what the road. Having a certain education, dress neat. Ma Jian s eyes flashing light, looks very trust that kind of people. In addition, you have not found Du has been completely immersed in high speed thinking of the operation, This guy is more and more confident. Ok.

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