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Self-balancing Scooter Battery Charging do not know what to do. Old Ji is still a look of Oregon self balancing scooter security, but also lit a cigarette, and slowly suck up. For a long time, Zhang Haisheng slowly raised his head, tightly staring at the old discipline, the eyes full of despair and resentment. Ji Qian Kun He stood up, rushed old shouted hoarse shouted, I fuck your mother Lao Ji spit a cigarette, quietly looking at him. Why do you fucking my mother Zhang Haisheng has been completely irrational, frantically looked around and touched, You do not let me live, do not you fucking good He picked up an ink bottle on the table, sprang to the old discipline. Wei Jiong was shocked, instinctively got up to block him. However, the old discipline of the following sentence, so that two people are stunned in place. self-balancing scooter battery charging These two videos, I did not give the police. For a long time, Zhang Haisheng first woke up to God. You He held the ink bottle, the whole person is relaxed, What are you doing Old Ji to fingers close together, stay in front of his arms leaning against the armrest on the wheelchair, eyes staring at Zhang Haisheng. I ll tell you, but it s not the darkmagenta self balancing scooter time now, said Lao to the door, somebody s coming. Voice hardly ever, the president to o.e a copy, Yue Xiaohui also prepared a notebook, so that at any smart-balance wheel time to record. However, the study for a long time, the notebook only a few lines female, 27 to 35 years old. Johnson stature good. Missing at night. For a time, we are a bit discouraged, looking at the handwriting of a handful of notebooks do not speak. Ji Kunlun thought, but also added one when the attack alone. Yue Xiaohui Minato look, but also looked up to heaven and earth Ji. I took part in the trial.According self-balancing scooter battery charging to the police s inferred, he venetian worldwide electric self-balancing scooter chose are walking alone in the night of women. Old discipline escape Yue Xiaohui sight, fingers shivering lit a cigarette, will deceive the victim, Hit the head, then take the rape, kill. Wei Jiong sigh, his hand on the shoulders of Ji Qiankun, patted. Yue Xiaoxie hanging eyelids, wrote in the notebook will drive. It seems that the police have more information, more comprehensive. Yue Xiaohui close the notebook, can get it just fine. That s easy Lao Ji shook his head, not to mention have been for so many years. Think of ways to chant. Yue Xiaohui tone lightly, old old case, self-balancing scooter battery charging chances are more easier. Is said, Yue Xiaohui cell phone rings. She picked up to answer. The other seems to.

g brand pickup truck. I have his car records. Luo Shaohua s voice subtle, it seems to himself, in the back of the co pilot shade board, I found the blood of one of the dead. Heard this remark, Du into the mixed emotions in mind. Happiness is finally found evidence of Lin Guodong committing the crime, anger is Luo Shaohua actually these two evidence to conceal the twenty three years. Where s the thing Ducheng patted a young policeman in the driver s seat, motioned him to start the police car, in your home Let s get it right back. It s late, tears poured out self-balancing scooter battery charging of Luo Shaohua s eyes, I ve burned. Du into the seat belt action half done, turned his head, staring straight at Luo Shaohua. A long while, he squeezed out from the teeth of the words Why My mediumblue self balancing scooter original plan is to destroy the evidence, to kill Lin Guodong. Twenty three years ago, the wrong case, no one knows. Luo Shaohua looked at Du Cheng, choking tone, I do not care, even if the self balancing scooter walmart death penalty does not matter. Because everything is because of me, but I can not let Ma Jian after death cast any stains. Du into the bottom of my heart a cold. A few seconds later, he wielded a punch, fiercely smashed on the door. The tingling of the As he passed through the living room, his peripheral light caught a glimpse of the new electric pressure cooker on the gas stove in the kitchen. Then, he went to the bathroom door, pushed the door and went inside. The toolbox is on the sink. Seat back, hand saw exposed wooden handle. He went to the bathtub, opened the shower curtain, staring at the bottom covered with translucent plastic film. Suddenly, his breath quickly, his hands clenched into the fist, as if the chest has a drum the greater the balloon, almost to his chest up broken. Lin Guodong pulled a plastic film, in the hands quickly kneaded into a ball, mercilessly thrown to the wall. Small cab smoke self-balancing scooter battery charging filled. Ma Jian first cough out loud, then, Luo Shaohua also began to cough. Two old people cough in the cab one after another. Finally, Ma Jian curse a fuck, opened the skylight. It is estimated that the son of a bitch is busy living it will not pay attention to downstairs. Luo Shaohua fell to the window, reaching out the cigarette butt out, looked at the watch. Fast for two hours. Luo Shaohua turned around and asked Ma Jian, also continue to wait Ma Jian look at the window, thought Otherwise, to explore the actual situat.enty minutes after the meeting The police should be a cry, have to speed up eating. First eat, and has begun to organize materials, ready to make a report at the meeting. Ma Jian even smoke two cigarettes, quietly sorting out ideas, from time to time in the notebook record points. Ready to stop, Ma Jian out of the conference room with his men, walked along the corridor to the elevator. Just a few steps, suddenly heard behind a piercing cry. That is the direction of forensic dissection room. Ma Jian stopped, his head drooping, his eyes slightly closed, his hands clenched into the fist. Behind the colleagues also stopped, watching the captain slightly trembling back. The sound of the clenched teeth is clear and recognizable. For a moment, Ma Jian raised self-balancing scooter battery charging his head, re move the pace, walked self-balancing scooter battery charging quickly forward. Analysis will be opened for more than two hours, the Secretary, Deputy Mayor and Politics and Law Committee secretary s face does not look good. self-balancing scooter battery charging No wonder, from last November, the murderer has been raped, killing four women, the city is caught in an unprecedented panic. However, from the police to obtain clues and detection progress, self-balancing scooter battery charging there self-balancing scooter is no clue. The atmosphere at the meeting was.

Self-balancing Scooter Battery Charging e Xiaohui did not answer. Old police are no longer self-balancing scooter battery charging asked, continue to drive without a word. Forty minutes later, the off road vehicle to the nursing home door. Old police parking, turn off the fire, opened the door, patiently waiting for the dawdling of Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui get off, two before, into the nursing home. Along the way, Wei Jiong are repeatedly measure their own stolen files are acts of illegal access to state secrets, after self-balancing scooter battery charging much deliberation, are not really think. Then even with the old police to the nursing home, it will not be too much tired of the old discipline. Therefore, he will no longer resist, into the small building, straight along self-balancing scooter battery charging the corridor toward the old room. Ji Qiankun and, as usual, sitting under the window reading. See them come in, quickly shake the wheelchair turned, opening asked how This saying half, Ji Qiankun to see them behind the old police, suddenly stunned. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui on the look a bit, do not know how to explain the opening. Is hesitating, Ji Kung kun is the first to speak. I know you. Ji Qiankun s expression quickly became calm, You call Du Cheng, is a police officer. Du Cheng nodded slightly, his eyes fell on t.n Hongqing pondered a long while, whispered Lao Du, what plan Du Cheng and smoked a cigarette, Zaza Zizui contented, his hands gently on the knees afraid of the name discharged home. Do not, Master. Zhang Zhenliang first objection, We have a good cure, where not to go to Beijing, to Shanghai Do not worry about medical expenses, I do. The doctor said very clearly I have diabetes, this problem lies in the liver. Governance liver, kidney is finished governance kidney, the liver is finished Both sides moccasin self balancing scooter do not please. No Duan Hongqing shook his head, you give me honestly in the hospital, preparing surgery, the cost ivory self balancing scooter of the Council out. Draw it, no meaning. Du into his body than the painted, all this age self balancing-scooter but also suffer a knife, and radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the good people tossing waste, say, is also white. Then stiffen Duan Hongqing stared, Do not fight his mother, listen to me. The problem is I m fine ah. Du into the hands of a pool, I can not run a few days before I can jump self-balancing scooter battery charging I did a lifetime of Interpol, you let me stay in the hospital, could not wait ah You less nonsense Duan Hongqing a wave, give me a few days to say rest. Du into distinction, highlight on the break came

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