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Self Balancing Scooter Battery plastic bag head No. 3 and were divided into four left and right upper limbs No. 4. The same day at 15 20 Xu, found in the canal in the South canal with a black plastic bag in the human self balancing scooter battery body left self balancing scooter battery thigh 5. At 9 10 sandybrown self balancing scooter on October 29 Xu, North Lake Park artificial lake found in black plastic bags of human right leg 6 and left leg 7 Site inspection Black Oklahoma self balancing scooter plastic bag handle crossed, was cruciform tight, and sealed with a transparent tape. In addition to a small amount of blood within the bag, no other content. There is no printed word on the plastic bag. In the plastic bags and transparent tape is not extracted to the fingerprint cause of death According to the test, the deceased was due to self balancing scooter battery strangulation caused by mechanical asphyxia death Injury According to the forensic examination, the corpse pieces at the end of the wound edge irregular, a wall with multiple flaps, intracranial no interstitial bridge, part of the trail visible trailer marks, no life response, consistent with sharp cutting And postmortem Du Cheng look back to remove the files of the iron archives, which are not yet detected above the end of the file data, in other words, these cases are not det.ator sounder. Highlight could not help but laugh, whispered You old fox. Du smiled silently, indicating a bright walk in front, followed by their own, staring at the signal frequency lights. Two people lightly, in the dark corridor slowly forward. Concrete floor has been seriously worn, showing a sand, step up a rustling sound. Two people try to slow down the action, one by one to detect the three households, the signal frequency light and no significant change. Du Cheng Lala bright sleeves, turned and walked to the fire channel. Even the next five layers, still not close to the signal source. Du has been some slight asthma, forehead also has a fine sweat. Highlight listen to his breathing is different, turned and whispered Lao Du, do not take a break Du into waved his hand, pointing to the bottom of the stairs without a bottom No, continue. Highlight lightslateblue self balancing scooter light sigh The old things you take it, set I told you. That much embarrassed. Less to this set. Highlight has been carrying a positioning device to walk to the staircase, I asked me to eat back green self balancing scooter ah. Du smiled, back against the wall, reaching for his pocket to smoke, touched the air was aware that half a pack of cigarettes have been give.

k plastic bag size of 47cm 35cm. self balancing scooter battery The deceased no clothes, no other proof of identity items. Characterized by the suspect The suspect with a self balancing scooter battery knife cut into pieces, when the corpse from the major joints off, but the sub corpse practices are not very skilled, indicating that the suspects have some anatomical knowledge, but the first crime. All the dead bodies are tightly wrapped, and no fingerprints, hair, the body of the deceased has not extracted to other biological evidence, that suspects careful thought, with a certain anti detection experience, the possibility of living alone. The more corpse sites dispersed, indicating that the suspects own means of transport, with driving skills. Each part of the dead body has a certain weight, and the deceased who have less resistance to injury, the suspects should be young men, in a short period of time that is controlled the deceased, and complete the rape and homicide process work progress The next day, at 12 30 on November 12, 1990, the city residents Wen Jianliang went to my bureau to identify the body, to determine the deceased his wife Zhang Lan female, 33 years old, live in Tiedong District Pingjiang Road 87 Locomotive factory fami.ket adjacent to a large Chunyang residential areas, may have purchased his pork in the thousands. self balancing scooter One by one investigation time is difficult to estimate, and Ma Jian, who only 20 days of time. Therefore, Ma Jian chose the first possibility, while the second possibility, in the hearts of Luo Shaohua, more and more. Yang Guiqin no booth, standing behind the bed is a more than 20 year old young man, is struggling to split a ribs. Luo Shaohua stepped forward and asked Yang Guiqin it She did not come, the young man put down the chopper, Now the stall is mine. What s up self balancing scooter battery with her The young man looked at Luo Shaohua curiously, self balancing scooter battery Which restaurant are you After buying the meat to self balancing scooter battery find me, the same. Luo Shaohua did not say anything, took out the police officer card in front of him shook. You re a policeman, said the self balancing scooter battery young man, lowering his eyelids and picking up his chopper again. Is not my brother s thing over Xu Mingliang is your brother Luo Shaohua asked, Who are you I am Yang Guiqin s nephew. Young people are obviously hostile to Luo Shaohua, hacking ribs movements also suddenly increased. Luo Shaohua to see he was cut seven twisted ribs, turned and left. Fifteen minutes later, Luo Shaohua a bottle of beer, pinch his cheeks, is filling his mouth. Background, Jinfeng a red cheongsam, clutching his mouth to see them nonsense. Jinfeng s heart a soft, this is their wedding day. Then the body sturdy, clumsy guy, now turned into a gray haired old man, is stubbornly twisted his head, back to his wife, crying silently. Jinfeng holding him, over and over again in his hair Mosa Zhao. In her arms, Luo Shaohua body stiffness, could not shiver. A long time, the living room came the ring tones. Jinfeng pat Luo Shaohua s shoulder, got up to the living room to take the phone. Luo Shaohua took the opportunity to wipe the eyes, wiped his face clean. Jinfeng holding the phone, his face conspire to the front of the screen, while walking to the bedroom, whispering while reading the phone number. Who s calling Do not know, strange number. Jinfeng to continue to tweet, vibration of the phone and handed him. Luo Shaohua looked at the phone screen, self balancing scooter battery staring at the fixed phone number, thought, press the answer key. Hey No response in the handset, only vaguely hear the car Ming voice and deliberately suppressed breathing. Do not bother to distinguish, Luo Shaohua from breathing to hoverboard segway self balancing scooter know who t.

Self Balancing Scooter Battery cover the door. You, ah, come in. Ji best self balancing scooter brand Qiankun some surprise, You and Wei Jiong is how the matter is, ah, always alone. I went shopping, passing here. Yue Xiaohui the backpack on the bed, how to look at you, how do not welcome ah Ha ha, of course welcome. Ji Qiankun put down the files in the hands, shake the wheelchair came, eaten no Today, ribs lotus root soup. After eating, do not bother. Yue Xiaohui sitting on the bed, looked up and down with Ji Qiankun, old discipline, you lost. Is it Ji Qiankun touched his cheek, the recent sleep is not very good. sharper image self balancing scooter reviews I know Lin Guodong lives in this city, and I breathe the same air, but I can not do anything, he said. He will be punished. Yue Xiaohui paused, Every one will do evil. Ji Qiankun looked up at her. The girl returned with a sweet smile Give you a shave it s all that long. And the last time, ten minutes later, Ji Qiankun comfortably supine in a self balancing scooter battery wheelchair, his face covered with a hot towel. Ear shaking cream shaking came the sound. Immediately, he heard the razor was opened and the rustle self balancing-scooter of sound, it seems Yue Xiaohui gently across the blade with the thumb. Do you know, old Ji, sometimes, see you, I will think of my father. Oh, he s of a door. Dark green iron security door. Door frame is also sticking a length of torn off the warning belt. Wei Jiong to see the keyhole, from the pocket to work out a brand new key. When you insert the key into the keyhole, the hand feels very astringent. Finally completely inserted, the key can not turn. Wei Jiong while watching the movement around, while repeatedly adjusting the key point of view. Finally, with the click honeydew self balancing scooter sound, the tongue move. Security door was opened, Wei Jiong quickly sideways into. After self balancing scooter battery closing the door, he began to look at this set of one bedroom living room. All the windows are covered with thick cloth curtains, indoor light dim. The air is also floating in a touch of sour taste. Room furnishings are relatively old, furniture or the 20th century, 90 s style, heavy but durable. Living room only placed a sofa, coffee table and TV cabinet, look very spacious. The bedroom appears to be much narrower, in addition to double bed, chest of drawers and wardrobe, the remaining self balancing scooter battery space is not much. Wei Jiong in the room in a circle, went to the kitchen, staring at the stained kitchen utensils and dusty stove watched for a while, the final line of sight fell on the.

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