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Self Balancing Scooter Bluetooth se, those listed on the desktop shortcut open one by one. Mouse click sound so that he relaxed and self balancing scooter bluetooth happy. Stubbornly view this computer, he opened the Word software. For this moment, he has been reviewing the afternoon Chinese Pinyin. Pinyin input method, he carefully pressed the keyboard, a full half a minute later, a blank Word document appeared in the Lin Guodong words. He laughed, looking around, seemed to find someone to share the joy of success. Although he soon realized self balancing scooter bluetooth that he is alone, but these three words is undoubtedly a great encouragement to him. The next hour, he completely knocked out a complete computer, Patio Spring Snow. Time late at 2 wheel self balancing scooter reviews night, Lin Guodong s spirits did not diminish, has been operating in front self balancing scooter bluetooth of the computer. Finally, he looked at the computer desktop shortcut on the IE browser, know this computer to take full advantage of them, there are many things to do. Discharged during this time, he was from the TV and radio to know the Internet is the word. That is his return to earth shortcut. Open this fan Windows , the whole world is at hand. He looked at the front of the laptop with the expression of infinite care and reverence, this world changes make h.Because the phone to answer Luo Ying s people, is Lin Guodong. Ran through the channel, washed down the escalator, Luo Shaohua arrived at the Chunyang Road subway station platform. Waiting self balancing scooter bluetooth for the passengers were surprised to see this gray haired, panting for the elderly. Luo Shaohua glanced around, did not see the shadow of Lin Guodong. Look up the electronic signs, from the next subway stop there is a minute. Luo Shaohua side of the gasp, while the phone call Luo Ying is still off. He cursed loudly, leaning against the platform of the column, constantly looked around the crowd. Subway will be out of midnight, came to take, mostly overtime or dating after the young men and women. South terminus is located in the suburbs, the northern terminus is the self balancing scooter bluetooth relative concentration of residential areas. pink self balancing scooter Therefore, Luo Shaohua living in this side of the site, much more lively than the opposite. In particular the train is approaching, on the platform soon gathered a large group of passengers. Luo Shaohua living in the crowd, the mood even more impatient. Seeing the time has quartz self balancing scooter come to an agreement, their mobile phone is still no movement. Where is the daughter, she still alive Not far fr.

o reasonable. Ma Jian then made the judgment is justified. What s more, the most deadly direct evidence. What else to ask Old woman out of the last cigarette in a cigarette, and then crumpled into a mass of cigarettes, turned and threw the floor in the living room. Du thought Do you think your son did not kill Correct. Du stared at her for a few seconds. self balancing scooter bluetooth We found his fingerprints in sienna self balancing scooter the plastic bags that wrapped the corpse. He is selling pork The old woman raised her voice. Every day he touched dozens of plastic bags, and you should go and check the pork The plastic bag has only his fingerprints. Gloves The old woman s mood was finally out of control, the murderer will not wear gloves A man in the summer wearing gloves to buy pork, Du calmly asked, You will not feel strange Old woman was asked to live, only stared at Du Cheng, a long while, from the teeth out of a word My son did not kill. I believe what you say. Du self balancing scooter spain nodded. I can not promise anything to you right now, but I promise I ll tell you whatever the truth is. Before leaving, Du into the bag of cigarettes to the old woman left. Old woman silently accepted, and then sent him to the door. Du Chenggang to turn down the stairs t.only shirt underwear, strongly disagree with Yue Xiaohui hands again. You go out Ji Qiankun s self balancing scooter bluetooth face flushed, I change for the better you come in Yue Xiaohui hold back laugh, staring eyes scare him must change ah you are rancid He finished, opened the door to hide out. To the corridor, her smile suddenly disappeared. Neat, Sven as the old discipline, and now also become slovenly. After self balancing scooter bluetooth nearly 20 years of waiting, he finally had the opportunity to close the self balancing scooter samsung battery truth of the case of his wife killed. Ji is now the universe, only this thing can let him threw himself into it. His desperate, respected, more compassionate, let Yue Xiaohui determined to help him find out the case s determination. A full fifteen minutes later, Yue Xiaohui heard Ji Qiankun in the room call OK, come in. She pushed open the door and saw Ji Qiankun has self balancing scooter bluetooth put on the set of red shirts, pants, is stiffly sitting lightslategray self balancing scooter in a wheelchair, does not seem to know where to put the handle. This is the right thing. Yue Xiaohui to see the sweat of Ji kun, it seems that the replacement of underwear so that he spent a lot of effort. She picked up the towel and handed him, and took best self balancing scooter 10 inch out a clean sweater and trousers from the closet. Ji kun before the incident, he will drive the bike white pickup truck pickup truck Of the co pilot shade board found dripping blood Moreover, the 3.14 rape murderer murderers Li Lihua is the type B blood. If all this is a coincidence, it is too coincidental too outrageous, right He can not forget the last glimpse of Lin Guodong in front of the building, the kind of Zhang Huang lost, and hate and fear of the eyes. Luo Shaohua look at the watch, press out the cigarette butts, picked up the backpack. Just do one more thing, you can know this in the end is not a coincidence. Luo Shaohua standing in the Green Bamboo Court Area 22, Unit 4, Room 501, received a good lock tool, look around this two bedroom house. Lin Guodong is school work, his mother is also monosodium glutamate plant, is now four thirty in the afternoon, leaving him not much time. Luo Shaohua quickly explored the two bedrooms and living room, especially the south side of the bedroom, placed from the items, it should be used for Lin Guodong. Simply furnished, in self balancing scooter bluetooth addition to the bed and wardrobe, is a desk. Bookshelves are mostly English books, there are several novels. One of the books, which had been self balancing scooter bluetooth wrapped in books.

Self Balancing Scooter Bluetooth he indoor. Room is not large, but placed very few items, in addition to a single bed, the wardrobe and a set of tables and chairs, the idea is also spacious. All the furniture is old style, and twenty three years ago is no different, with pillow covers and quilts are outdated fabric and color. The only room with a modern atmosphere is the desk of the computer and printer. Luo Shaohua leaned over and found that the surface of the mouse has been worn light, it seems that this guy on the computer utilization is very high. He thought, raising his hand to open the laptop, press the power button. Computer silently to run up, and soon, Windows start up sounded, XP operating system, the blue sky green desktop also emerged. Luo Shaohua relieved, it seems Lin Guodong do not know how to set the power on password, otherwise they have to spend some effort. He checked the hard drive in the file, nothing found, then open the IE browser, view the history. Lin Guodong in the last few days, mostly for news, online translation and professional vocabulary query website. Luo Shaohua patience, daily view down and found that he visited the website during the Spring Festival up, it appears that the Interne.led with self balancing scooter bluetooth a slight rise in the mouth, the whole person looks quite some hostility. From his entry time, Lin Guodong in 1989 to 103 middle school to teach. Du Cheng looked transferred proof, that moment he was 28 saddlebrown self balancing scooter years old, should graduate a long time before the teacher is it Yes, Director of Personnel pointed to a vague words on the paper, he is from 45 in the school learned at that time, the school is the introduction of him as a talent, because 45 is the city focus. How willing to be a teacher in our ordinary middle school, but he quit after three years. Is he married No, do not know is divorced, or always single. Director of Personnel shrugged, At that time, many female teachers want to help him introduce the object, have been rejected by him. Du Cheng nodded, the copy of these materials, into the bag. Director of Personnel sent them out when trying to explore and asked How is the teacher now, is not self balancing scooter bluetooth what happened Du Cheng did not answer, thanks to Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui with the school gate. Came to the car, he signaled the two young best self balancing scooter 2015 people on the train, his tone revealed a little excited to 45 secondary schools. As expected, 45 middle school almost no one knows Lin Guodong. A.

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