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Self Balancing Scooter Buyer ap said, along the 249 road station open. Xiangjiang Bridge Station, please get off the passenger ready Newspaper station female voice once again sounded, some passengers have begun to move to the direction of the door. Girls also have left the hand of the pole, with the crowd went to the door. 249 bus slowdown, slowly into the Xiangjiang Bridge site. The door opened, the passengers filed out, each separated. Girls to down jacket hat to the head, walked slowly along the sidewalk. Lin Guodong his hands inserted pocket, followed behind her. Leave the compartment, the girl s body aroma suddenly become weak. Fortunately, two people are against the wind and the line, the sense of taste is still drilling into his nose from time to time. The girl seems to still not aware of self balancing scooter buyer his trailing, neither back, nor looked around, is still a long period of time, a comfortable look. Out of about 100 meters later, the girl turned into a supermarket. Lin Guodong hesitated, waiting for a few seconds at the door, but also went inside. Within the supermarket not much, Lin Guodong a girl found in the shelf between the selection of goods. He glanced round and round, straight to the kitchen area. In r.ack in the car s stainless steel wall, the body constantly trembling, eyes wide open, tightly staring at Du into the hands of the gun. Elevator doors have begun to close, Du curse the sentence, lift his foot and rushed into the elevator. Men hit a hit, the middle of the abdomen into the Du. Suddenly, the breath stuck in the throat into the Du, his face Biede bruising, one hand tightly on the elevator door, the other hand in the floor button on the floor keys casually pressed the 9 8 6 several digital lights turn on. Almost at the same time, the peachpuff self balancing scooter elevator door creak closed. The elevator immediately down, an instant sense of loss of weight so that the blood suddenly rushed to the head, Du into some dizzy, segway self balancing scooter for sale he held high the right hand of the gun, his left hand forced between himself and the man, the body slightly separated, , Lift the man to kick open. Men hit the opposite side of the wall of stainless steel, a swoop and swoop over, went straight into the right hand into the Du, trying to gun. Tear a few back and forth, Du has been exhausted, the other side is like a wild animal in general, his eyes blood red, could cool real self balancing scooter reviews not roar. Du Cheng clearly saw the man from the accumulation of small mo.

o jump out. With the help of out of the window irradiation shimmer, Wei Jiong see the attendant and clothes lying in a small bed, feet down and the ground, has long been asleep. Wei Jiong quietly touch the wall, gently from the shelf to remove a string of keys. Subtle clamoring sound so that he breath his breath, and then dare not have action. A few seconds later, see the attendant no signs of wake up, Wei Jiong pinch the key in the palm of the hand, slowly the same way out. Out of the duty room, Wei Jiong dare relieved. He greeted the old Ji surprised eyes, walked to the door, open the lock, pushing the old discipline out of the yard. Came to the street, the old discipline suddenly become very nervous, body Bengzhi, hands tightly clutching the wheelchair armrest. Out of more than 100 meters, he self balancing scooter buyer was gradually relaxed, began to look around. In the empty streets, two people in turn walked a small supermarket, breakfast shop, barber shop, mobile communication business hall, butcher. After a primary school, the self balancing scooter buyer old Ji let Wei Jiong slow down, facing the closed gate looked for a long time, but also specifically touched the door number in the past. Those children s voices come from herea large open space on the south bank of the brown self balancing scooter canal appears in the vision of Du Cheng, where in the past called River Bay Park, in 2012, the park was demolished, a temple built in the original site, so now called Jinding Temple tourist area. Du into the car parked on the roadside, along the stone steps all the way down, carefully through the self balancing scooter buyer frost covered the grass, down the slope came to the river. Stone bridge, self balancing scooter buyer pavilion, covered with green vines gallery is gone, that tree is still there. Du into some slight asthma, his hand holding the rough trunk, looked down at the foot of the river bed. Now the dry season, abundant compared with the summer flood, the South Canal river water barren many, can see the bottom of the river silt and water swaying with the water plants. Some parts of the end of the thin ice, the part has not yet frozen in Guadan the sun braved self balancing scooter buyer a slight steam. Du into the line self balancing scooter buyer of sight in the river back and forth glance, and finally freeze in a mud. That is the 11.9 dead body found dead body 3 dead body place. Today, Du Cheng still clearly remember, when that stained with mud, to the set of black plastic bags were opened, Ma Jian blurted out the phrase I speak. At that.minutes later, he closed the hands of the file, got up from the seat. The moment he lifted his foot to the archives, Wei Jiong s eyes caught the administrator s action he looked up and looked at himself. Wei tomato self balancing scooter Jiong did not turn around, strong for calm, step by step to the archives self balancing scooter china before the file back in the hands of the original position, and quickly scanned the archives on the index card 2010 2013 punishment. It seems that this row of archives is indeed used to file self balancing scooter buyer criminal files, and is the case concluded by the order of the year to arrange. He looked to the back of the archives there should be a case before 2010. Wei Jiong bite the bullet and went back, clearly feel the administrator s eyes fell on his back. Go to the next rack, he looked up to see the index card 2005 2009 punishment. It seems that his estimate was right Wei Jiong confidence greatly increased, was about to continue to look forward to, suddenly heard the administrator in the back shouted Comrade, what are you doing mediumaquamarine self balancing scooter Well Wei Jiong shocked, hurriedly turned self balancing scooter buyer around, I I want to see other. Liu Tingchang to you which, you see what. The administrator stared at Wei Jiong, tone is skque self balancing scooter quite severe, self balancing scooter buyer can not easily.

Self Balancing Scooter Buyer s reflects his face. Gray, slightly edema, self balancing scooter buyer wrinkles. Old face covered in the two still young, vivid face, as if closer to the time and space, confused life and death. Du into the eyes gradually become soft, self balancing scooter buyer everything has been falling into the endless void, in the semi bright light, he no intention to pull back to reality, people will die, the most valuable, only memories. On 8 August 1991, at 7 10 am. A young uniformed police carrying two large plastic bags, hastily onto the C City Public Security Bureau Tiedong branch in front of the steps. Through the glass door, he nodded to the duty of colleagues, turn right, along the east side of the first floor of the corridor. At the moment has been bright daylight, the corridor is dim, both sides of the door countless leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel closed, only the north end of a window can still light. The silence of the corridor, only to hear the young police footsteps and plastic bags of the sound of friction between the rustle. Close to the self balancing scooter buyer eastern end of the room, the young police were inexplicable chill, as if the door in front of the bursts of cold air is being released. Came to the door, he moved the plastic bag to the left, hesitated, raised his hand and sounde.thundered sounded in the stairs. Lin Guodong trembled a moment, looking through the sound, saw Florida self balancing scooter a man from the darkness to their rapid rushing. Fuck Seeing someone to support, Lin Guodong has uninterested. He picked up the steel thrown to the man, then turned and ran to the other side of the stairs. Du into the dodge escaped the reinforced bar, heel to the forest Guodong chase in the past. Just ran a few steps to hear a shadow on the ground shouted to him Do not chase, first first save Du into this note on the ground to kneel climb Wei Jiong. The latter face is full of blood and dust, Wei Jiong refers to the window, the voice has been completely hoarse fast, he he and Yue Xiaohui At this time, Du Cheng saw lying down in the window, motionless Ma Jian. And on his back that almost no handle into the knife. Despite the two together, Du and Wei Jiong still spent a lot of effort to drag Yue Yue Xiao Hui. Girl out of danger, but did not immediately see their injuries, but threw around Ma Jian, crying shaking his body again and again. Ma Jian has no blood, lips gray. However, his hands are still firmly clamped on the wrist of Yue Xiaohui. Du into the horizontal holdi.

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