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Self Balancing Scooter Change was in the back seat pretend to be drunk, Mengtoutaishui escape the possibility of great. Lin Guodong into the phone booth, picked the microphone. His cell phone to kill the police that night to throw away, and now he can only rely on this to external contact. It was a little annoyed to find his coin in his pocket, because it was his last bit of money. However, think of Luo Shaohua body that full of green bag, he was happy. Lin Guodong humming tune tune, press the number keys on the phone. Cafe really few customers. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui standing in the doorway, one to see their indianred self balancing scooter back to them, sitting in the cafeteria hall Luo Shaohua brown down jacket, black wool cap. Wei Jiong to Yue self balancing scooter change self balancing scooter change Xiaohui self balancing scooter change made a wink, took her sitting by the door. The waiter came over. Wei Jiong to two cups of hot chocolate, sent her to leave. Two people sitting relative, pretending self balancing scooter change to look at the furnishings of the cafes, I light from time to time Piaoxiang Luo Shaohua. He sat quietly on a double deck, the back of the figure does not move, in front of the table with a green bag. Yue Xiaohui looked at the bag, suddenly mind a move. Wei Jiong, just old out of time Yue Xiaohui to him, whispered, You s.nt to the office door. He hesitated a little, pushing the door in. Indoor light dim, smoke filled. In addition to Du Cheng, the office empty. Zhang Liang Liang gently walked self balancing scooter change around, pulled over a chair and sat down. Du into his footsteps, but did not look back, still facing the computer monitor, staring at a video. That is from Yue Xiaohui s phone to take out the video, a complete record of what happened that night. His left hand on the chin, his right hand sandwiched a violet self balancing scooter burning half of the cigarettes, scheduled to be looked at the picture was turned ninety degrees Lin magenta self balancing scooter Guodong semi volts in the back of Ma Jian, his hands hold down the handle, Under the press. Ma Jian s legs twitch. Computer speakers, the girl kept shouting let go ah, quick to let go ah Zhang Zhenliang lift up the self balancing scooter change mouse, turn off the video screen. Du Cheng is still staring at the monitor. A long time, he bowed his head to the amount of hand, cheek hidden in self balancing scooter change the arms, the body trembling slightly. Zhang Zhen Liang got up a cup of hot water, but also from Du into the bag pulled out self balancing scooter change of the bottle, placed in front of him. The arrest warrant has been dispatched, and the place where it is dispatched has been arranged.

u explain to me, what is the time limit for prosecution The time limit for prosecution Wei Jiong was puzzled, Why ask this Do not be afraid, not to test you. self balancing scooter change Old man laughed Oh, I just want to know. Wei Jiong carefully recalled a moment, found a complete recitation of the original criminal law is really impossible, put the prosecution prescription to tell the general meaning of the elderly to listen to. The old man listened with great concentration. To see him intently, for fear of missing any word look, Wei Jiong could not help but think of himself in the final examinations before the teacher assigned to the scope of the examination when the moral character. However, listening to Wei Jiong stammered finished, the old man s mood was suddenly subsided, the eyes of the light slowly dim. He sat silently for a while, and pulled out a cigarette lit. Do not say, kill people The old man looked thoughtfully misty smoke, twenty years later, all right No. Wei Jiong quickly waved his hand, seems to continue to prosecute, is the highest law or the highest seized to Ah The old man s face slightly relaxed, young man, not solid ah. Wei Jiong face Teng to look red. See his distress.kun look at the watch, a little planning a lot, his face becomes bleak. Wei Jiong, Xiao Hui you go. Ji Qiankun looked up, washed two people smiled, There are five minutes. Wei Jiong suddenly stunned, a long while, only stammered and said old discipline, and so on okay, Du Cheng may It is impossible. Ji Qiankun shook his head, Luo Shaohua if willing to hand over the evidence, self balancing scooter change there is no need to kill Lin Guodong. Ji Qiankun from his pocket and pulled out a police dagger He is ready. Wei Jiong think of that burning portfolio, heart disorder. Thank you to accompany me to finish this last section of the road. Jiqian Kun pat on the shoulder Wei Jiong, eyes kindly, Thank you, I have no regrets. Immediately, he faced Lin Guodong The rest of this a few minutes, they left me and him. Suddenly, Lin Guodong rattle to laugh. Yes ah. Lin Guodong staring at the hands that half of cigarettes, but also a bite, I have something to say to you. The remaining three people immediately quiet down, stared at him. Do you want to know what your wife was like before she died An chill passing from the heart of Wei Jiong. He turned darkgray self balancing scooter around and looked to Ji Qian Kun the latter shaking a bit, his face Guodong has been silent in a sudden opening, You and I are the same Surprisingly, Ji Qiankun did not refute him. After thinking for a few seconds, he nodded instead. You re right, you and me, damn it. Wen Ji, Xiao Hui, met you, do not know fate, or robbery number.Anyway, first of all say sorry to you, say thank you. He nodded slightly to Yue Xiaohui You and Wei Jiong leave here. Then, his line of sight down, fell Lin Guodong face, while lifting the hands of the remote control detonator, We two damn people, is Time to be a broken. Wei Jiong was shocked, about to open to stop, I heard behind a burst of rapid footsteps Du into the run. Old, you do not impulse Du has been sweating his face, holding a charred edge of the kraft paper portfolio, I got self balancing scooter change the evidence. This sudden turn of events so that the presence of cool real self balancing scooter reviews all people are shocked. Especially Lin Guodong, his face suddenly became pale, tightly staring at the portfolio. Du into the portfolio of things out, on the table is a yellowing paper and a mass of non woven. These can prove that Lin Guodong in each time period of the incident, are driving a white pickup truck in the green self balancing scooter night looking for start goal.Moreover, this car has one of.

Self Balancing Scooter Change ei Jiong from time to time to see the dark sofa, the man only a vague outline, did not wake up the signs which makes him slightly rest assured. In the self balancing scooter site uk fear of how to introduce yourself Yue Xiaohui see his mind, tell the truth chanting, my classmates. That d. Wei Jiong some embarrassment, But, uncle probably do not want me blending in Nothing. Yue Xiaohui clip a chicken wings and handed him, Even if he woke up, do not remember just now. Wei Jiong Oh cry, continue to immerse Grilled rice. A few seconds Utah self balancing scooter later, he suddenly realized that Yue Xiaohui has been looking at himself, unconsciously raised his head, just met the girl s eyes. Hey, I said, Yue Wyoming self balancing scooter Xiaohui eyeful smile, You are afraid of being my father misunderstood my boyfriend, right Wei Jiong with a meal, face Teng to red. After dinner, Yue Xiaohui remove the chopsticks, sent to the kitchen cleaning. Wei Jiong feel sitting dry tea very self balancing scooter change embarrassed, but also with the help go. One scrub dishes and one with a towel. In the cooperation of two people, the kitchen will soon be a new look. Yue Xiaohui again all the rags and wipe clean cloth bowl, dry in the balcony. Wei Jiong to the toilet convenient, came out, see Yue Xiaohui also stood.pushed open. Guodong, do you sleep Lin Guodong unscrew the faucet, while crazy grabbed the three pieces of stump into the plastic bag, while trying to suppress the trembling voice. Mom, are you back I m in the shower. Oh, said the voice in the living room, taking off his shoes and putting a satchel, I ll come back and take some clothes.Your uncle is ill, and I ll take lavenderblush self balancing scooter care of him for a few days. Well, I know. Lin Guodong mouth to self balancing scooter change cope with, tearing the yellow tape, the bag in the bag on the fast wound. After parcels, he picked up the plastic bag, thrown into the tub, then kicked the toolbox below the bath cabinet. Immediately, he turned off the faucet, jumped into the bathtub, splashed up on the shower curtain, open the shower. Cold water sprayed out, playing in the black plastic bag, issued a crackling sound. Lin Guodong bent over, in the cold water erosion, struggling to push the pile of black plastic bags to the corner of the bathtub. Water temperature began to rise, Luo Shaohua standing under the shower, quickly washed the body s blood. Light red water slowly gathered at his feet, and finally, the name of the vortex, disappeared in the mouth of the water. At this time, the bathr.

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