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Self Balancing Scooter China $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/\\r\\n/\', \'.\'.chr(13).chr(10), $txt2);n where Can not let him sit on the cold ground, right Put me on the staircase handrail. Wei Jiong act according to words. Ji Qiankun sideways lying on the staircase handrail, his hands clutched iron railings, legs soft ride on the ground. Okay, I ll carry my wheelchair, Ji asked, Be careful, that stuff is heavy. Wei Jiong did not dare to stay, wipe the sweat on his forehead, ran on the third floor of the trot, and even dragged to pull the wheelchair to get down. Ji Qiankun also maintained that uncomfortable posture lying on the staircase handrails, looks like a pile of discarded old clothes. Hear the voice of Wei Jiong downstairs, Ji Qiankun raised pink self balancing scooter his head, looking forward to looking at him, there is a trace of regret in the eyes. It s hard work for you. Wei Jiong know he also insisted. His arms to support the body weight self balancing scooter china alone, he may slip at any time on the ground. So he had no time to rest, they hurried to sit in a wheelchair. For him to cover blankets, Wei Jiong straight from the waist, two people at the same time grow a self balancing scooter china breath. JiKunKun patted his back send me back to the room bar, bubble tea, we have a good rest. Zhang Haisheng is still self balancing scooter china in the room, Zheng Gongzhuo in Ji Qiank.

Lin Guodong into the Yangtze River block, he paid a fare to get off. Changjiang Street is one of the city s commercial pedestrian street, this time about 9 am, most of the commercial buildings have been opened for business. In the memory of Luo Shaohua, self balancing scooter china Changjiang Street from the reform and opening up has been the city s main business district, one of several major commercial buildings is more than two decades of history. At the same time, he also realized that Lin Guodong reason to get off here. Lin Guodong is inen self balancing scooter trying to fill the gaps in his memory, and Commercial Street is clearly the best window to re understand the city. He stood in the middle whitesmoke self balancing scooter of the pedestrian street entrance, his hands in his pocket, looked up around the high rise buildings. Deep winter cold volume, the hypertrophy of the pants were blown affixed to the legs, sketched out slightly curved legs shape. At the moment the pedestrian street is still deserted, not many pedestrians, and all look in a hurry, no one to pay attention to this outdated clothing has a look of a novel expression of the elderly. Lin Guodong looked in situ for a while, maroom self balancing scooter self balancing scooter china heels into a recent commercial. He walked slowly, always looking around, see.eth, turned and walked to the Office of the Deputy Secretary. Duan Hongqing in the office, is accompanied by a crying old woman sitting on the sofa, unable to comfort her. Sitting on the other side of the sofa Luo Shaohua. self balancing scooter china He half head, his head on the wall, his eyes closed, his face cross mediumblue self balancing scooter flow tears. See Du into the door, the old woman struggling to stand up, grabbed Du into a sleeves. Into the child, into a child The voice of the old woman is like a mourning, and like a plea, This is how the matter in the end ah, a good old horse, how to say no gone Sister, you must be sad. Du into the old woman sat down, self balancing scooter china old horse is to save people, he died did not forget that he is a police officer. I thought that after he retired, he would not have to worry about the whole day The old woman burst into tears, This old thing, succeed what can ah. Old woman s cry Iowa self balancing scooter echoed in the silence of the office. Du sat at her side, tightly holding the wrinkled hands of those pairs, the hearts of the misery to be added. Duan Hongqing head down, by sitting on the desk, without a word. Luo Shaohua also maintained the position just, motionless, tears kept flowing in his face. For a.Guodong but eat very little, small mouth sipping beer, nose flaring gently moving. Teacher Lin, you register an e mail it. Chen picked up a piece of fish, after the online manuscripts, save you run back and forth. It s all right, when self balancing scooter china it s big, it s a good exercise. Hey, you do not old. Chen Xiao concentrate on dealing with immediate food, Now you self balancing scooter china are uncle Fan children are popular. Haha, really fake Lin Guodong laughed, very hot you want to have a beer OK. Chen readily delivered the cup, but suddenly found Lin Guodong holding the bottle hand wrapped around the gauze, Oh, how are you, and hurt Lin Guodong Chen Xiao s cup full of wine, and look at his palm, grasping a mantis, do not care get. Mantis Chen felt both doubts and funny, This season, how can mantis Lin Guodong looked at the girl s eyes wide and rounded. She took a deep breath, narrowed her eyes, smiled and said, Yes, mantis. Chapter 21 The Truth Ma Jian walked into the restaurant, asked the front desk attendant a few words, then self balancing scooter china was taken to the end of the second self balancing scooter china floor of a box. One door, to see Luo Shaohua curled up on the sofa, staring at the cup in front. Shaohua, so anxious to find me, what happened Ma Jian took off h.

Self Balancing Scooter China crete floor. Nevertheless, he was still pulled out of the distance of about half a meter, the whole upper body lying on the cement table. However, he lavenderblush self balancing scooter caught the girl falling downstairs All the action takes place in a flash. Wei Jiong did not know whether Yue Xiaohui has fallen down. He made every effort to run to the window, eyes only the man lying on the floor and the window was dotted the night sky. Suddenly, the line of sight appeared in a flying shadow. Immediately, he felt a heavy blow to the forehead. In the sound of broken wood and suddenly hit the dizziness, Wei Jiong back on his back, his mouth full of salty smell. Throwing wooden stool moccasin self balancing scooter action seems to consume all the power Lin Guodong. He bent down, lavenderblush self balancing scooter gasped a few mouthfuls, straightened up, hehe laugh. He had wanted to fight each other to a death. Unexpectedly, this stupid police went so far as to run to save the girl falls. Now, he and the girls are in the window can not move, the boy was smashed to the ground the situation has been under the control of Lin Guodong. Next, as long as self balancing scooter china one by one to solve them like. Lin Guodong face is blood clenched knives, step by step to the man lying on the window in the ambulatory walks eager to close goldenrod self balancing scooter and dare not take a step forward. The thin on him, seemed stiff, gentle and compassionate. self balancing scooter china Old man ah old man. She bit her lip Good. Lin Guodong eyes light up, it seems that this surprise surprise to him some panic That you tired of it, I went to a taxi. Chen looked at him a few steps to the side of the road, waving a hand, the heart actually on the green bamboo garden area where the little house produced a little expectation. In the innumerable sleepless nights, she is aware of their own heart has a gap. Well, tonight, let a meal, a good night sleep, a warm old man to fill the gap it. Luo Shaohua full circle in the park, only to find a van in the car after the Honda CRV. He went to the front of the car, just to raise his hand to knock on the glass window, the door opened. On the train. Ma Jianfu in the steering wheel, eyes always staring at the 22 buildings, something brought it Luo Shaohua should be a cry, climb the vice driver s seat, open the backpack, took out the batons and handed him. Well, that should be enough. Luo Shaohua back to see the back seat, a small cardboard box in the looming gloves, gloves and police cord, an aluminum baseball bat on it

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