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Self-balancing Scooter Fastest body. Room is not large, indoor items simple, obsolete. An unpleasant smell floated in the air. Du into the suction nose and found that the taste self-balancing scooter fastest comes from the corner of a huge freezer. The government finally remembered our family The old woman is carrying the oil drum into the kitchen, the families of criminals red self balancing scooter also sent it Yes ah. Du casually perfunctory Road, quietly toward the corner. Freezer is the old style, issued a huge roar. Cabinet covered with dark red stains, through the glass door, you can see inside stuffed with pig intestines, liver and the like under the goods. Some pieces of meat have deteriorated, showing a dark green. Eat. Elderly woman back to the living room, see Du Cheng is looking at the freezer, cook a cook, all right. You still selling pork Du into a cigarette, lit a, temporarily dispel the smell best self balancing scooters on the market of the nose. I ll leave my bed, said the old woman, staring at the mouthful of cigarettes, I can not sell it I have to live. Du into the attention of the old woman s eyes, the cigarette and the lighter are handed in the past. Elderly woman in his hand, skillfully out of a, spark ignition. Are you alone A meat, but also gave birth to a murderer son, who wou.the old man laughed again. It does not matter. The old man laughed and coughed up, Come and tell me again. Here, the old man suddenly thought of what, and asked Why do you come here, volunteers Yes. Wei Jiong hesitated, In addition This is also part of social practice ten hours of social practice. Look at the old watch Well, you this time Three hours or so. Wei Jiong hastily calculated, I have to at least twice. Well, the old man smiled, you next time, can you please one thing You say. The elderly did not rush to open, pocket out from the stack of hundred dollar bills, the number of three handed Wei Jiong. Help me take a healthy brand of cigarettes. Old man Chong Wei Jiong squeeze self-balancing scooter fastest his eyes, on the backpack, do not let the care workers to see. Jian card Wei Jiong took the money, what White box, the trademark is a healthy card. The elderly triumphantly in the hands of the cigarette, Hongtashan, I do not accustomed to. Well Well, Wei self-balancing scooter fastest Jiong put the money into his pocket, I will give you the extra money back. No, the old man waved his hand, do not know what the price is now a card if there is surplus, when to your hard work. Wei Jiong hastened to decline, the old.

eir own. How did you come I saw the news this morning, saw the arrest warrant. Ji Qiankun sitting in a wheelchair, looked at his back, Lin Guodong do He hijacked the junior girl who is not Yue Xiaohui Du Cheng look at Zhang Haisheng. The latter TIPS to a few meters away, relying on the wall smoking. Lin Guodong Du into account words, He killed a policeman.He last night, he hijacked people is Yue Xiaohui.This child on the body paint the Madame Butterfly , want to lead Lin self-balancing scooter fastest Guodong start, and then grab him a current. What happened to her now Ji Gai kun s self-balancing scooter fastest face suddenly turned gray, his hands clutching the wheelchair armrest tightly, seemed to want to stand up, I called her, the child has not answered. She s fine, skin trauma, in the public security hospital. Ji Qiankun s expression slightly relaxed. He turned the wheelchair, while greeting Zhang Haisheng fast, take me to the Public Security Hospital. You do electric self balancing scooter videos on youtube not do anything. Lin Guodong still at large, but caught him just a matter of time. Du quickly asked self-balancing scooter fastest Road, look was dim down, he killed my colleagues, live video evidence, this time he could not escape of. Ji Qiankun turned the action suddenly stopped. He lowered his self balancing scooter 2 head, t.s, quite angry waving. Luo Ying Bai a father, with Chunhui to go out. Home only Luo Shaohua and Jinfeng. Wash a good chopsticks, clean up the kitchen, the Luo Shaohua served Jinfeng to eat the medicine, gave her hot water bottle, put the bed in the mug and radio. Quietly accompany her to sit for a while, Luo Shaohua to see Jinfeng has closed his eyes, breathing steady and long, he lowered the radio volume, got up out of the bedroom. The house is very quiet, Luo Shaohua in the living room in the two laps, did not know what to do. Thought, he took out gainsboro self balancing scooter a tool from the bathroom, began to engage in health. Sweep again, and carefully dragged twice. Rub the furniture, wipe the stove. Water the large and small pots. After all this, he smoked two cigarettes, began to pondering the next how to pass the time. Get ready for lunch. Luo Shaohua helpless clap your hands, glanced at the wall clock mother, only nine. What is he doing The idea suddenly jumped into the mind of Luo Shaohua. In the days after discharge, Lin Guodong s life is fairly regular the morning stay at home basically, self balancing scooter at walmart around 1 pm to go out, wandering in the urban areas, buy some newspapers and magazines, evening to buy food to go.anch set up a task force, Duan Hongqing head, Du served as deputy head. Lin Guodong for the detection work in full swing. In the unremitting efforts of the panel, a variety of evidence materials were quickly extracted, summarized. Among them, in Lin Guodong bed under the floor of the seam to extract a number of hair. The DNA test, two of which can be with the 1990 11.9 rape murder case of Zhang Lan to do the same thing, one of which can be in 1991 with the 8.7 rape murder case of the victim Feng Nan do the self-balancing scooter fastest self-balancing scooter fastest same identified. In addition, Lin Guodong home sofa in the living room near the wall, found a large white powder covered with rub rub marks blood, DNA test, with the 1991 6.23 rape murder case of the victim topaz do the same. Luo Shaohua provided two pieces of evidence. self-balancing scooter fastest One of them is Lin Guodong in 1990 to self-balancing scooter fastest 1991 to borrow self-balancing scooter fastest green bamboo monosodium glutamate car class a white Dongfeng brand pickup truck records. In a total of 17 borrowing records, four times with the series of rape murder case of the self-balancing scooter fastest murder case of the high degree of coincidence. The pickup truck has been scrapped and can not be verified. But when the car class maintenance technician Liu Zhu is still alive, he confir.

Self-balancing Scooter Fastest ul, good temperament, dress is also very tasteful. One into the school, it attracted a lot of suitors. Lin Guodong is one of them. Lin Guodong when he was 27 years old, at that time already belongs to 2 wheel self balancing scooter amazon older unmarried young men. Although there are many people Vermont self balancing scooter to help him introduce the object, but said his vision is high, so has been single. Pan Xiaojin s appearance, so that the heart of the young guy moved the feeling of love. As the pursuit of many, Pan Xiaojin bear the disturbance, publicly stated that he has a boyfriend studying in the United States. Other suitors have quit, died down. Only Lin Guodong has been hot pursuit. Moreover, Pan Xiaogin seems to Lin Guodong offensive does not resent, two people often together to discuss literature, music, and occasionally also both to the movies, visiting the park. In this regard, other colleagues are not surprised, after all, is a young talent, business backbone, and the other in their smart self balancing scooter reviews prime, temperament looks superb. Although Pan Xiaojin has been a master of flowers, but after all, apart from the distant oceans, but get along day and night. At that time we all thought that the couple will soon open relations, when the fall of a late nig.case. Du into the foot to the unit 2, that the two traffickers do In the upstairs. Zhang Zhen Liang self-balancing scooter fastest also followed into the corridor, Master, the Board is not to let you rest How do you An old case, do not handle the heart is not practical. Du Cheng do not want to explain, walked quickly to the elevator, press the 8. They stood in the car, a moment without words. Suddenly, Zhang Zhenliang whispered The murderers Du Cheng Yileng, subconsciously turned around and found Zhang Zhenliang is open from the bag to look inside the bag that volume exposed half of the cover. Is the case. Zhang Zhen Liang looked at Du Cheng, softly asked, right Du into the thought, decided not to hide from him Yes. In self-balancing scooter fastest this building One of them. Du into the room upstairs Nunu mouth, Room 803. I rely on Zhang Zhenliang Zhang mouth, will not be so clever, right Is so clever. Du smiled, fate. Elevator stopped at the 8th floor, the car door slowly open. Du into the heel out of the elevator, see the 803 room door open, a warning with horizontal pull on the door frame, two uniformed police standing by the door. People Zhang Zhenliang asked. On the 15th floor. Ah. Zhang Zhen Liang turned to face Du Cheng, Do y.

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