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Self Balancing Scooter For Sale river s seat on a black backpack. Backpack bulging capsule bag and expose the water bottle and half bread, there is a whole body black stick. Luo Shaohua glanced at the stick, which is a telescopic batons. Want to use it. Luo Shaohua raised his head, just to see Lin Guodong disappeared in the park entrance. He started the car, slowly followed up. Luo Shaohua can not be sure Lin Guodong still remember himself, so he did not dare to take risks, just far behind him. Lin Guodong out of the park, the right to go a few hundred meters, turn into a path. Luo Shaohua glanced at the street, cursed sentence, the car parked on the roadside. It is Chunhui Road morning market, the car is certainly not open into. Luo Shaohua side lock the door, while wondering Lin Guodong is not already found himself. He walked into the morning market, but found that Lin Guodong did not disappear in the crowd, but not far in front, leisurely Guangzhao. He was like a unemployed for a long time, rely on his wife to feed the whole family s useless cook husband , patiently walked a vegetable stalls, carefully looked at every kind of goods, patiently asking price, picked up a box of konjac or a vegetable shoots Repeate.e a ghost. Sudden great grief, combined with the head segway self balancing scooter for sale to hit the ground, the man s consciousness is self balancing scooter for sale already unclear, the whole person was as soft as mud. Four male police finally took him to the corridor, go out very far, his mouth roar is still clearly heard. Ma Jian self balancing scooter for sale breathing heavily, fingers outside the door His clothes Cover the corpse. Ducheng look sadly, the deceased was his wife. Ma Jian silent for a while, waved a colleague go, darkgray self balancing scooter wait for him a little emotional calm, and ask the situation of the deceased. When he finished, he sat in front of Du, out two fingers. The Son, twenty days. I heard. Du Cheng nodded, sighed, This self balancing scooter for sale case, how to engage No idea. Ma Jian lit a cigarette, What do you think From his range of activities to start it. Du into their own desk drawer, remove a stack of slides, and handed Ma Jian. Ma Jian hastily browsing and found that this is a simple hand painted city map, each slide has a date mark, several places marked with a red marker to do. this is This four cases of dead bodies. Du into a tag labeled 11.9 the words of the slide, This is the self balancing scooter for sale first case, you see He pointed to the places where the red signs were made Songjiang Street and Democracy Ro.

tone, The only one, so you may be able to provide me with information I do not know. Ji Qiankun raised eyebrows ah Most people will choose this tragedy forgotten, I visited the parties are, including Xu Mingliang s mother. Du into the eyes of the self balancing scooter for sale eyes of Ji Qiankun, But you are not, you do not choose to continue living , But in the memory of twenty three years ago maybe it s cruel to you, but I need you to do it, because only then can I dig out what I want. Ji Qiankun stared at him, for a time speechless. So, I think, your choice is right. Suddenly, Yue Xiaohui spoke, I might as well tell you, we have been discussing before the murderer why would choose those women start. Well, this is indeed a train of thought. Du turned to Yue Xiaohui, looked up and down her some, the conclusion Yue Xiaohui to see Wei Jiong. The latter scratching his head, rather embarrassed to speak No self balancing scooter for sale conclusion. Du into Pie Piezui, his face did not disappointed expression down. The first victim is Zhang Lan, 33 years old, wearing a black woolen coat, a red turtleneck sweater, a blue jeans, a short leather boots when the incident happened, , New self balancing scooter Black long hair the second victim is Li Lihua, 27 years old, the incid.nt a full ten minutes, Ji Qiankun to understand what is WeChat, after some on the phone to tinker with, hi not win. This thing is good, with the phone like ah. Ji Qiankun looked up at them, Thanks to the two of you, I have to master the old high tech. Of course. Yue Xiaohui said with a smile, You are so fashionable old man, how can not self balancing scooter for sale play this ah. Ha ha ha. Laughter hardly ever, Ji Qiankun the phone rang. Suddenly the pleasant ring tones let him panic Oh, how to pick up Slow slowly, I come Ji Qiankun expression tension, hand on the screen slide, the phone connected. Operation is successful, Michigan self balancing scooter Ji Qiankun very satisfied with their own, a smile to answer the phone. However, chatted a few words, his face slowly darkened down. Well, I know I m over now. Hang up the phone, Ji Qiankun holding the phone, silently sat for half a minute, frowning, solemn expression. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui looked at each other, do not know what happened, dare not ask questions. Finally, Ji Qiankun self balancing scooter for sale looked up and squeezed out a smile. Go, Wei Jiong, to open the wardrobe, which has a purse. Wei Jiong honestly do, from the closet self balancing scooter 2 wheels out of a bulging bag of old fashioned black leather bag, handed Ji kun.mended to him several radio and portable MP3 player. These goods is clearly not his goal, Lin Guodong just looked briefly turned away. After a little hesitation, he went straight into a recent computer franchise stores. Luo Shaohua look at the store s trademark, and my heart secretly funny. Sure enough, Lin Guodong after a tour, self balancing scooter for sale they ran out of fear, but also go back and look at the neon signs that the bite of the apple, shook his head. But he did not give up, look around, and into a domestic computer franchise stores. Into the store after the first price tag, I feel acceptable, patience to stroll up. Soon, Purchasing Guide came to provide advisory services. Luo Shaohua hiding in a dozen meters away from the side of the counter, pretending to pick the keyboard, secretly watching his every move. Lin Guodong and the Purchasing Guide in the conversation, mainly in the other asked, and Lin Guodong self balancing scooter for sale very little answer. From Lin Guodong clumsy words and constantly support the gesture point of view, he told the Purchasing Guide best electric self balancing scooter to describe their product requirements. And his request is clearly relatively low, Purchasing Guide quickly designated a few computers for his choice, and to introdu.

Self Balancing Scooter For Sale on the car next to the back door. Immediately, he opened the door, leaned into the body, picked up a gray haired old man, put him in a wheelchair. Old man sitting in a wheelchair, the self balancing scooter middle aged man off the door, the taxi quickly away from the cemetery. Middle aged man pushing the old man into the cemetery, and gradually come into the crowd to worship. Bypassing the remains of several farewell hall, the two went straight to the ashes hall. At the self balancing scooter for sale door of the shopping, they stopped. Middle aged man from the hands of the Texas self balancing scooter elderly took a few notes, turned into the shopping. Then came out, his hands more than two bouquet of flowers. The elderly to hold flowers in his arms, pushed by the middle aged man into the ashes. Soon, a middle aged man came out, brass self balancing scooter leaning against the door, first looked around a bored look around, then took out the cigarette smoke. The old man stayed in the ashes for a long time. Middle aged man gradually become anxious, from time to time to peep from the door to the ashes, the face of the expression has become increasingly impatient. A full hour later, the old man slowly came out of his wheelchair. His head hanging, Alaska self balancing scooter face tragic, the whole person seems a small circle.htly staring at him. A few minutes later, a 116 bus slowly approaching. Lin Guodong row in front of the elderly carrying a basket of several people on the train, went to the central compartment, took the ring stand. Luo Shaohua saw the bus away from the site, hurried trot across the street, waved a taxi stop, with the up. The driver said the sentence to keep up with the car in front of 116 Road , Luo Shaohua took out his cell phone, connected to the Internet, began to query the bus along the site. Analysis of Lin Guodong may get off a few sites, Luo Shaohua put away the phone and found the driver is constantly looked at himself. Father, you are Luo Shaohua almost blurted out police handling self balancing scooter for sale the case, the words, then to his mouth but changed grandson truancy, I went to see this kid to which Internet cafes. The words of the driver to open the box, from the education of children talk to the Internet cafe remediation. Luo Shaohua inadvertently and self balancing scooter for sale his chat, absent minded to deal with, eyes fixed on the front of the bus. After four stops, Lin Guodong in the Yangtze River Street Station and get off. Luo Shaohua let the driver parked in front of the bus not far from the place, see.

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