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Self Balancing Scooter Importers . What are you doing, can you talk to me Luo Shaohua s smile suddenly convergence, a moment, shook his head No self balancing scooter price at least not now. Jinfeng seems to be ready for the answer, his face did not see the expression of disappointment self balancing scooter importers This matter is very important to you Important. Luo Shaohua thought, and added, very important. Is there any danger No, self balancing scooter importers Luo Shaohua smiled, you forget what I was doing Well, I know. Jin Feng sat up straight, hands on his lap, long spit breath, go. Luo Shaohua raised his head ah Go to the important things you do, or else you will not be safe. Jinfeng took the car keys, handed to the hands of Luo Shaohua, I will explain with Luo Ying, you rest assured, Hui Hui I bring ,no problem. Luo Shaohua holding the car keys, stared at his wife, saddlebrown self balancing scooter a long while, Nane said This matter is over, I will tell you. Ah, Jinfeng s face was still a calm smile, I m waiting. In these days, C City calm, in addition to excessive drinking or overeating was unlucky, the firecrackers were injured several children. No one was murdered. The devil is also New Year. Luo Shaohua only through the newspaper to understand the past few days to the C City, most concerned about the case he did not happen.rape, murder and mutilated the scene. Ma Jian frowned, throwing the paper on the tea table What the hell is that Some of the foreign sites, specifically for those psychopathic guy to provide stimulation. Luo Shaohua snorted, Do not underestimate the son of a bitch, out of a few months, even over the wall have learned. Ma Jian silent, staring at the cup in front of trance. For a long time, he sighed Fuck, I thought retired, you can corpuscles for several years. Ma, I do not mean to embarrass you. Luo Shaohua bowed his head, low voice, I really do not know how to do. Is silent. When, Ma Jian Duanqi cup drained, got up to get a jacket. Do not worry, I ll figure it out. Ma Bureau Luo Shaohua quickly got up to stop him, Ma Jian is a determination has been the next look. So be it. When he finished, he put on his coat, opened the door between the rooms went out. Across the road opposite the restaurant, an old Paladin SUV closed the window. In its oblique self balancing scooter importers self balancing scooter importers front, Ma Jian is quickly through the road, jumped on a Honda CRV, driving away. A few minutes later, a look self balancing scooter importers of distraught Luo Shaohua out from the restaurant, standing in the street for a while, stopped a taxi, in the opposite dir.

$txt2 = str_replace(\' .\',\'.\',$txt2);gs of the dispute. What is more, the assertion is outside the terrorists sneak into the city to engage in sabotage. At this time, the rapid siren from far and near. Soon, several police cars South self balancing scooter and ambulances, fire engines and rapid. Zhang Zhenliang jumped from a police car, while commanding colleagues to block the scene, while running to the cafe. A door, he saw the dignified look of Du Cheng and Lin Shugong is unable to live bran. Master Zhang Zhenliang walked quickly to the table, immediately discovered Jiqian Kun hands of the remote control initiator. He without hesitation to pull out the pistol, the head of Qi Qiankun at the same time look at Du into. What s this Block the street, evacuate the masses. Du did not answer him, directly issued an order, Let the team, fire and emergency on standby. Good. Zhang Zhenliang put down self balancing scooter importers the gun, eyes and detonators in the remote control for a few seconds, Do you want someone to talk to him Useless. Du into a frowning, I come. Zhang Zhen Liang nodded Master, you be careful. Then he chartreuse self balancing scooter turned to the door. Just a few steps, Zhang Zhenliang eyes suddenly stared. self balancing scooter importers An old man in black cotton padded clothes staggered through the broken glass door, sh.ce him to use. Lin Guodong listened very carefully, nodded, and then pointed to the computer said a few words, seems to make some kind of request. Purchasing Guide readily agreed to start one of the notebook computer, operating a lot, Lin Guodong bent over looking at the monitor, ask from time to time, but also personally picked up the mouse click a few times. From his face light and shade changes, self balancing scooter importers a program was he started. Which makes him feel very pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the moment to take out his wallet, counting a large stack of hundred notes. Ten minutes later, Lin Guodong look forward to carrying a notebook loaded with cartons out of the mall. He did not self balancing scooter in walmart go to the subway, but stopped a taxi, seems to want self balancing scooter importers to go home early to play with this new toy. At 6 15 pm, Lin Guodong returned to Green Bamboo Court 22 Unit self balancing scooter importers 4 Room 501, the night did not come out. Luo Shaohua in the downstairs surveillance to about ten o clock, hunger and fatigue has been so that he can no longer stick to it. For insurance purposes, he climbed the opposite building, from the corridor windows glimpse Lin Guodong home situation. In the telescope, can see him sitting at the desk, holding the com.

Self Balancing Scooter Importers at together. Haha. Wei Jiong also laughed, pointing to her cuff, see. Yue Xiaohui looked down, picked up from the cuffs a few gray and white cat hair. An self balancing scooter importers American shorthair cat, self balancing scooter importers especially cute, very sticky. Yue Xiaohui Pie Piezui, the owner is too cruel. How many more times honeydew self balancing scooter Once. Yue Xiaohui sighed, social practice of homework quickly completed. Almost, I need to go again. Homesick is very boring, right Yue Xiaohui and drank an ice tea, to accompany the old man talking about Do not think ah. Wei Jiong think of the old discipline, there is an old man very interesting. Oh Yue Xiaohui to the interest, talk about it. Wei Jiong thought for a while, all the brief description of the old Ji again. Yue Xiaohui listened very carefully, listening to self balancing scooter importers laugh. So much age there is curiosity, the old man too personality. Yue Xiaohui blinked, handsome right OK. Wei Jiong answer truthfully. Haha, I really want to see him once. Well, you ll follow me in the next social practice class. No. Yue Xiaohui shook his head, I have to go to the rescue station it is necessary to buy beans medicine, it has skin diseases. Little beans That beautiful short ah. Yue Xiaohui smiled, I call it a small bean. Also skip.serve the movement around to confirm that no police ambush, then go and Luo Shaohua meet. The taste of coffee is not very good, but it is burlywood self balancing scooter the last few days he drank the best things. Lin Guodong smack mouth, began to Imagine a few hours after the food and freedom. Station next to the newsstand darkorenge self balancing scooter stand, the ticket office door carrying a black trolley box of young men, in front of the square sweeping the cleaning staff, holding small hotel signs Showmanship of women. This is the part that can be seen from the telescope. Outside the railway station has been under the control of the police. Zhang Zhen Liang is more clear is that within the train station, a large number of plainclothes police are mixed in the waiting crowd, pay close attention to the B5 wicket. He put down the telescope, look at the watch, it is two o clock in the afternoon, from the grid there is a half hour or so. Lin Guodong will not come hotpink self balancing scooter too early. Zhang Zhenliang turned to self balancing-scooter face Du Cheng, You lie down for a while. Voice hardly ever, he was shocked. Du is looking at the station before the police room out of the window, the hands of a box of painkillers stripped from the tin foil cardboard. His face was yellow and his fac.

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