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Self Balancing Scooter News where to buy leray self balancing scooter s, self balancing scooter news quite angry waving. Luo Ying Bai a father, with self balancing scooter change Chunhui to go out. Home only Luo Shaohua and Jinfeng. Wash a good chopsticks, clean up the kitchen, the Luo Shaohua served Jinfeng self balancing scooter news to eat the medicine, gave her hot water bottle, put the bed in the mug and radio. Quietly accompany her to sit for a while, Luo Shaohua to see Jinfeng has closed his eyes, breathing steady and long, he lowered the radio volume, got up out of the bedroom. The house is very quiet, Luo Shaohua in the living room in the two laps, did not know what to do. Thought, self balancing scooter news self balancing scooter news self balancing scooter news he took out a tool from the bathroom, began to engage in health. Sweep again, and carefully dragged twice. Rub the furniture, wipe the stove. Water the large and small pots. After all this, he smoked two cigarettes, began to pondering the next how to pass the time. Get ready for lunch. Luo Shaohua helpless clap your hands, glanced at the wall clock mother, only nine. What is he doing The idea suddenly jumped into the mind of Luo Shaohua. In the days after discharge, Lin Guodong s life is fairly regular the morning stay at home basically, around 1 pm to go out, wandering in the urban areas, self balancing-scooter start buy some newspapers and magazines, evening to buy food to go.old stainless steel bathtub. He pursed his lips, walked over, quietly staring at the dark inner wall of the bathtub. It was bright as new, has also been bloody overflow. Luo Shaohua clearly remember those blue violet fluorescent form, flow like, spatter like son of a bitch. Luo Shaohua secretly cursed, how could he still in this place calmly wash your face, brush your teeth Look around some, and no abnormalities. Luo skyblue self balancing scooter Shaohua from the original road out of the bathroom, went to the north side of the bedroom door, pushing the door, was locked. He bent down, carefully looked at the door handle from the side, a thin layer of dust can be seen faintly. Lin Guodong hesitated, decided to give up unlock view. This is Lin Guodong parents Oklahoma self balancing scooter bedroom, and has not been opened for a long time, there should be no exploration value. He turned to the south side of the bedroom, found the door with a virtual cover, gently open, an indescribable breath blowing. It is the taste of people, overnight food and toiletries mixed taste. However, Luo Shaohua smell far more than these. Rust, mud, early winter plants, summer rainstorm Luo Shaohua long exhaled breath, set the gods, began to look at all t.

will believe ah Three people laughed. Lin Guodong has been bowed in silence raised his head, incredibly looking at them in front of a group of laughter. Behind his seat was a powerful bomb, the door is a large number of heavily armed police and these three people, actually in the discussion of how to fabricate skipping grounds. Hey Lin Guodong shouted, I m hungry Three people s laughter suddenly stopped, Qi Shuashua to look to Lin Guodong, seems to have just found that he also sat here. Then, Yue Xiaohui took the coffee cup on the table, to Lin Guodong face splashed. shut up Ji Qian Kun would like to raise his hand to stop, but already too late. However, looking at his face are dark brown liquid Lin Guodong, he seems to have a happy heart. Thought, Ji Qiankun pocket from the pocket to work out two hundred notes, and handed Wei Jiong. Go, get some food from the counter you re also starving. A few minutes later, the table was decked with pallets filled with donuts, cakes, hamburgers and pizza, and a few bottles self balancing scooter news of juice next to them. The sky has gradually dark down, the cafe is not very bright lights. Floor to ceiling windows flashing red and blue lights are even more dazzling. Looke.r what I will look at Lin Guodong continue to kill Do I fear every day waiting for the exposure of this matter Luo Shaohua s voice has been with a tearful voice, This is why I am looking for you today. Ma Jian suddenly returned to self balancing scooter news calm, mouth and even with a trace of Ruoyouruowu smile. Luo Shaohua stared at him, stunned for a long time only stammered and asked Do you mean Must be resolved Lin Guodong, or sooner or later there will be an accident. Ma Jian convergence of a smile, eyes become aggressive, but also to catch in front of Du into. Luo Shaohua is still an unknown on the inside look. Ma Jian took out his cell phone, open the picture library, open one of the pictures, handed to Luo Shaohua before. The picture is a girl, twenty year old look, looks sweet, well proportioned, is a drink shop to buy tea. Ma Jian s fingers sliding on the screen, the girl s photos in turn appear. Bus in the bus station. Organize documents at the desk. Stalls at the street to buy cards. See the last one, Luo Shaohua s eyes suddenly stared the girl sitting in a hot pot shop, and the opposite is the man smiled and chat. And that man, it is Lin Guodong. She is This girl called Chen Xiao, Lin Guodong is.No, said Du, I m not talking to you personally, I m not going to be alone you can even ignore my identity. I understand. Dr. Cao relaxed a little, but still cautious, I replied to you, but also on behalf of personal opinions, and can not be regarded as the hospital s conclusions on Lin Guodong I made it clear Clear, you say. A few years ago, Dr. Zhu retired, I took over the treatment of Lin Guodong. Dr. self balancing scooter news Cao s speech rate is very slow, it seems that the words in the discretion, I read his medical records, mental disorders due to mental. A wide range of self balancing scooter news concepts, a lot of mental illness can be covered by the word. He meaningfully looked at Du into, and went on Since it is due to mental disorders, it should be a considerable degree of mental combat or mental stimulation, but I do not see in his medical records To any statement, and, according to my observation of him, Lin Guodong performance and other mental self balancing scooter news patients than there mediumaquamarine self balancing scooter is a big difference. Did not you say he had an abnormal mood and behavior Oh, Dr. Cao smiled, for you, be here for decades, daily and mental patients get along day and night, you will not be safe what do you mean I do not mean anything, Dr. Cao replied at once.

Self Balancing Scooter News to sit down, how to choose such a place Big four. Du into his tea, there is a child to open on the good. Is also. Zhang Zhen Liang laugh, push the large paper self balancing scooter news bag in the past. Du into the open paper bag, which is a good binding case files. He generally turned over, all about the 1990 series of rape murder case. Relative to their own information, Zhang Zhenliang to provide more details. In addition to self balancing scooter news public security files, the Procuratorate of the prosecution material and the Court s court record, a second trial verdict has. Have you seen it Ah. Zhang Zhenliang peeling a pistachio into his mouth, intermittent, free to look up. Du lit a cigarette, watching the old disciples What view to be frank nonsense. You then engage in the case Zhang Zhen Liang Pie Piezui, If according to the current standards, that is mess. In fact, Xu Mingliang was highly suspicious of the task force, not without reason. First of all, from the residence of Xu Mingliang point of view, in line with Du Cheng according to the general framework of the dead bodies framed. Moreover, his career and driving white wagons and the panel s speculation is basically the same. As for his anti detection, is black self balancing scooter full of years of thick dust. Suddenly, his hand stopped, his eyes suddenly stared. Immediately, he removed from the top of a long strip of objects. This thing wrapped in newspapers, both ends wrapped with a yellow tape, the same coverage with a layer of thick gray. Wei Jiong picked up it self balancing scooter shook, a large group of dust Pu Susu to fall. Newspapers on the font is also exposed, is October 29, 1992, People s Daily. Newspapers have been yellowed, brittle, a little pulled on the broken open. Some dark brown things appear in the newspaper below, feels the metal cold and hard feeling. Wei Jiong breathing self balancing scooter news rapidly, he torn off the newspaper, that thing finally show the whole picture. Is seashell self balancing scooter a hand saw. Du into a good car, the pace hurried across the road, looked up lightcyan self balancing scooter at the front of the shop signs LeoCafe. He turned around the sidewalk and headed for the entrance. Just two steps, he saw the other side of the floor of the glass window Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua sitting at the table, in front of a cup of coffee did not move. His hand sandwiched cigarettes, soot has been burning a long length, falling on the table at hand. He seems unaware of this, just stare at the cup of hot smoke, the whole.

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