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Self Balancing Scooter Price ed to let the murderer Fafa Old discipline, you calm a little. Du quickly to appease him, some things, you do not know worth mentioning No, Jijiankun flatly refused, I have Florida self balancing scooter waited twenty three years I have the right to know the truth, all the truth Du into the helpless, after some consideration, the Luo Shaohua sent Lin Guodong into a mental hospital to tell Ji Qiankun things. The latter listened to his story, but silence. For a long time, Ji Qiankun slowly shake the wheelchair, self balancing scooter price came to the small wooden table, pick up the cup, sipping a cup of tea. So it was, he smirked, turning his teacup, he knew who the killer was. Du see Wei Jiong, and look at Yue Xiaohui. Three people looked at each other, do not know what to say. I am running a grievance, I am in a coma bed, when I live here as a year Jiqian Kun s tone calm, it seems to himself, There are two people in this world know the truth one is The murderer himself, the other, was a policeman. Du Cheng frowned old discipline, you do not, Shaohua he also has difficulties If he took the evidence out at that time, I might not Ji Qiankun completely ignore Du into, still go on, then all this will not Lin Guodong is still a leisurely look askew, slowly Guangzhao. Luo Shaohua far from him, relying on the column, counter and other customers conceal themselves. More than an hour later, he gradually lost patience, began to doubt whether leray self balancing scooter not charging his follow self balancing scooter price up is necessary. Now Lin Guodong really like a long illness of the elderly, gentle, clumsy, weak, in others have been harmless, and even look a little pathetic. Poor When these four words appear in the Luo self balancing scooter price Shaohua s mind, he immediately reminded himself to keep alert. Do not be blinded, never again. Because, no longer twenty three years time to remedy, to repay. Luo Shaohua playing spirit, from a large poster self balancing scooter price stuck his head out, his self-balancing scooter USA eyes immediately widened. self balancing scooter price Lin Guodong was gone. Cold sweat immediately covered his forehead. Luo Shaohua walked out from the poster, looked around. At the moment, he is located in the second floor of the two rows of shops, are all around the brand women. He remembers Lin Guodong last place is the front of the right side of the Amathshi women s clothing store, rushed into the shop, but not the other side of the silhouette, only a few stores are selected windbreaker and trousers woman. woman. Mother, woman. No.

w down the stairs, Luo Shaohua feel tears in the face of arbitrary flow. Before the last moment, he could only allow himself to be vulnerable for a little while. When he walked out the door of the moment, the tears have been dry, red eyes burning only hate. self balancing scooter price Luo Shaohua took out the lighter, from the bag out of that kraft paper portfolio, ignited one corner, thrown into the Yong Road side of the trash. He wants to Ma Jian revenge, at the same time, to bring all the possible stigma for the Ma Jian to destroy everything, including the kraft paper portfolio of evidence. And the man. Luo Shaohua look at the watch, 13 10, Lin Guodong distance and time to meet there are 40 minutes. He lit a cigarette, walked to the roadside Santana sedan walked. Well Wei Jiong s eyes suddenly stared. He flips the phone, the opposite of the man downstairs and the phone in the picture for comparison. Yes, that is, Luo Shaohua. He quickly leaned over to push Yue Xiaohui. The girl sat in a fruit box, back against his legs, sleep is incense. Luo Shaohua for several days did not go out. To be sure, Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui every day to monitor the back to school late. A few days self balancing scooter price down, Wei Jiong gradually feel p.windowsill, looked downstairs. Today s temperature is slightly higher than the past, the signs of the earth rejuvenation has become increasingly apparent. There are some semi melting on the windowsill state of snow, in the afternoon sun slightly steam. Lin Guodong look outside the corner of the district, the road empty. He turned his attention to the opposite 14 buildings. Although the window from the 6th self balancing scooter price floor slowly into the window is a dark, but it is certain that there is empty. cyan self balancing scooter Since that day to Luo Shaohua issued a warning, the damn tracker no longer appeared. Posted on their own lintel on the transparent tape has long been lost in the sticky, quietly falling off in a morning. The palm of his hand began to slowly heal, and Lin Guodong heart, is picking up the weather, slowly wake up. Behind suddenly came the bite sound. He turned around and saw Chen Xiao self balancing scooter price has been sitting in his bed, is pulled from the pocket of his cell phone, look after the expression indifferent to the phone in the bed. boyfriend Well, a regular greeting. red self balancing scooter How long will he still be in Beijing Do not know. Chen does not look at him, straight legs, two ankles cross, and made like with online dating. Lin Guodon.for those who can not pro exploration, no friends can visit the people, the Spring Festival is just a myriad of lonely days, the most lonely one. January 31, Lunar New Year s cadetblue self balancing scooter Eve, New Year s Eve. Twenty eight after the twelfth lunar month, Luo Ying began to leave. From that day on, she warned her father, either explicitly or implicitly, that he should not be allowed to go out frequently. Luo Shaohua was annoyed, and suffer from unable to explain to her, only obediently obedient. The most happy is Jinfeng, despite the inconvenience of action, but such a holiday or to be manipulated by her. As a result, Jinfeng out a list every day, Luo Ying to purchase, Luo Shaohua when the driver. He is not willing, there is a Missouri self balancing scooter faint sense of ease. Relative to the day to day tracking, the procurement of work is simply easy. Luo Shaohua heart clearly, their only in the strong support it, even if the use of public security organs of the resources and manpower, a person s long term monitoring is a very difficult thing, not to mention he is now just an self balancing scooter price ordinary people. His insistence, mostly derived from the fear of Lin Guodong and ignorant of the future. However, in his mind and body self balancing scooter price fatigued, the voice.

Self Balancing Scooter Price he indoor. Room is not large, but placed very few items, in addition to a single bed, the wardrobe and a set of tables and chairs, self balancing scooter price the idea is also spacious. All the furniture is old style, and twenty three years ago is no different, with pillow covers and quilts are outdated fabric and color. The only room with a modern atmosphere is the desk of the computer and printer. Luo Shaohua leaned over and found that the surface of the mouse has been worn light, it seems that this guy on the computer utilization is very high. He thought, raising his hand to open the laptop, press the power button. Computer silently to run up, and soon, Windows start up sounded, XP operating system, the blue sky green desktop also emerged. Luo Shaohua relieved, it seems Lin Guodong do not know how to set the power on password, otherwise they have to spend some effort. He checked the hard drive in the file, nothing found, then open the IE browser, view the history. Lin Guodong in the last few days, mostly for news, online translation and professional vocabulary query website. Luo Shaohua self balancing scooter walmart patience, daily view down and found that he visited the website during the Spring Festival up, it appears that the Interne.n. However, he told the matter to Ma Jian, Ma Jian went to investigate Lin Guodong information. Du into the head down, looking at his toes, these two guys may act against him. And certainly not through proper means. Zhang Zhenliang then his words go on, they are retired, and that, if they might put themselves in at this point, their situation than we also passive. Having said that, Zhang Zhenliang around to see, conspire Du into the side, whispered Master, you say, that Lin Guodong will kill it Du did not immediately answer. Lin Guodong from the current performance, he is actively adapt to the new life after discharge, and can self reliant, do not see the intention to re do evil signs. However, in the event of stimulating the hearts of the devil to stimulate his incentive, such as perfume Du Cheng s stop abruptly, he self balancing scooter price suddenly realized Zhang Zhenliang s real intention lies. Do you mean Du turned to see Zhang Zhenliang, brow gradually wrinkled. Master, I self balancing scooter know that orange self balancing scooter the police should not say that, but Zhang Zhenliang looked back into the Du, expression complex, Maybe that is our only chance. Luo Shaohua turn off the shower, while wet from the hands of the hair, while in.

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