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Self-balancing Scooter Product Specification pour a small glass of water, placed smart self balancing scooter battery fires in front of him, when the right ashtray. Du into a mouthful of two to suck out most of the cigarette. He pinching the cigarette butts, take a look self-balancing scooter product specification at Wei Jiong Well, boy, what are you looking for me Ok You do not just look at me so simple, otherwise Yue Xiaohui will come. Du into the door to the mouth of Nu Nu, So I Xiangliang expenditure. Wei Jiong blush, and my heart whispered the sentence the old fox. Du officers, you bring us the files not all Oh Du Cheng self-balancing scooter product specification raised his eyebrows, reaching for the action of smoking also stopped, Why do you ask At the end of October 1992, there have been a rape murder case. Wei Jiong courage, look into the eyes of Du into, and before the series murder is very similar. Du stared at him for a few seconds, frowning How do you know the case Internet search information to see when. Wei Jiong decided to spread a lie. I think the murderer in two cases is not a person, no information to the old discipline do you think Du Cheng hanging eyelids, and from the cigarette out of a cigarette. I also think is not a person. Wei Jiong blurted out, immediately regret it. Because Du immediately turned his attention, his face al.of each other snuggle up, let Wei Jiong often thought it was just an illusion. More subtle is that the two seem to have a tacit understanding of the general, not to mention that field sunset. The next day at 9 30, Wei Jiong standing in front of the Provincial Higher People s Court, holding that a thin introduction letter, looking at this tall towering building, could not help but shake. Do not you do not do so ah Yue aquamarine self balancing scooter Xiaohui tone is quite easy, openly walked in I m waiting for you outside. By, not you go Wei Jiong whispered Illinois self balancing scooter in the heart of the sentence, took a deep breath, trembling, walked up the marble steps. Went to the deep red copper door, Wei Jiong be considered to the majesty of the national judiciary. I self-balancing scooter product specification do not know because of fatigue or tension, onto the steps of more than thirty levels, he has been panting, legs are soft to self balancing hoverboard battery charging death. Wei Jiong side of the wipe, while to the left and right look, always feel in front of the two lions in the tightly staring at their own. At the same time, he also attracted the attention of security self-balancing scooter product specification guards. Wei Jiong to avoid self-balancing scooter product specification the other eyes full of vigilance, to work out the phone. Five minutes later, a tall man from the hall at the end of the ru.

carrying in self-balancing scooter product specification his hand. What you fear, he is what. Luo Shaohua issued a sharp whistle, left hand tightly grasp the torch, his right hand touch the waist, eyes of the night, an instant on the overwhelming. Shaohua, Shaohua Wake up Luo Shaohua suddenly opened his eyes, his right hand uphold in the futile futile in the waist, a full half a minute later, he realized that before looking down at their own, is his wife Jinfeng. Is a nightmare, but also the nightmare. Luo Shaohua heavily back down on the bed, big mouth breathing heavily. Jinfeng Phi out of cheap skque self balancing scooter bed, took a towel to help him wipe the sweat where to buy 2 wheel self balancing scooter full of head full of brain. Wiping the neck, Luo Shaohua Jinfeng grabbed the wrist, her wrinkles, has been slightly relaxed skin to Luo Shaohua peace of mind a lot. self-balancing scooter product specification Jinfeng did not move, obediently let him hold, gently caress, until Luo Shaohua breathing gradually stable, she was softly said sleep a little longer. Luo Shaohua nodded. Jinfeng turn off the lamp, strip to lie down, a moment, they issued a slight snoring. Wait for her to sleep, Luo Shaohua re opened his eyes, a hand in Jinfeng who gently patted, sideways, watching the sky a little lit up the window. At six o clock the alarm sounded a.The doctor came round. The police acted quickly to open self-balancing scooter product specification the window and toss the cigarette butts. Less than half a minute, the doctor went into the ward. A door, he sucks nose, brow wrinkled up. How so many people self-balancing scooter product specification He dissatisfied with the ward of the police, also smoking, Du into you do not kill it Duichou self-balancing scooter product specification a. Du Cheng Hei hei smiled, Chong Zhang Liang made a wink. Zhang Zhen Liang Xinling get up, got up and put that cigarette butts hidden behind the bottle of mineral water. All out, all out. The doctor waved impatiently. Duan Hongqing stood up, the doctor lost a smile segway self balancing scooter Doctors bother you. When he finished, he turned to Du Cheng You have a good rest dare I will shut you off. Du rolled up his sleeves, ready to allow nurses to blood pressure I am in the hospital and closed what is the difference ah Duan Hongqing do not speak, put out a little bit of Du Cheng, a great warning. Done into a helpless, I listen, became, right Duan Hongqing slightly relaxed face, turned around and motioned everyone out. The policemen said goodbye to Du. Zhang Zhen Liang came over and said Master, tomorrow I ll see you again. Do not come. Du into waved his hand, first deal with the case say, get out of it. Zha.been shot. Ma Jian Luo Shaohua quickly catch up with him, We are self deception Ma Jian suddenly stopped, bowed his head, his eyes closed, cheeks muscles chattering in the chug, seems to be trying to control their skque self balancing scooter reviews emotions. Colts, Luo Shaohua look around, whispered, Maybe Du is right, we really catch the wrong No Ma Jian suddenly roared loudly, turned and grabbed Luo Shaohua collar, he firmly pressed on the wall, We did not self-balancing scooter product specification catch the wrong person, is Xu Mingliang How do you explain this case Luo Shaohua desperately tearing, face Biede red, rape after the murder, mechanical asphyxia, black plastic bags, yellow tape A few passing policemen watched to the side, revealing or curious or puzzled look. Ma Jian look at them, release the hand, standing in situ, unable to breathe heavily. Is to imitate the crime. Ma Jian s voice also with a rapid breathing, Xu Mingliang case was the media rendering too outrageous, and inevitably someone will follow suit, so this time to block the message. Luo Shaohua hand to heal the crease of the collar, tightly staring at Ma Jian, the chest with a dramatic ups and downs. So, we have to quartz self balancing scooter seize him as soon as possible. Ma Jian forked, looking.

Self-balancing Scooter Product Specification is still silent, as if a statue never openings. Shaohua, can no longer dead. Du Cheng out of a hand, take the shoulder in the Luo Shaohua, You must help me. Du paused I beg you. A long time, Du into the palm of your hand under the stone move a bit. His heart thrown a glimmer of hope. However, the stone open mouth after the first sentence let his heart thoroughly cool thoroughly. You go. Luo Shaohua s eyes empty nothing, Do not force me. Du Cheng left, Luo Shaohua and sat alone for a while, stared at the window outside the window in a daze. Things have been completely out of his control. It will be where to develop, Luo Shaohua is no way to know. As for the final will show a kind of outcome, he would like to want to think about. And sucked a cigarette, Luo Shaohua took out his wallet ready to checkout. Just stood up and felt the shoulder was a hand hold. He subconsciously turned his head and saw a sienna self balancing scooter look of livid Ma Jian to bypass their own, sitting opposite the table. You Luo Shaohua immediately react, how do you know about me to meet here He tracks me, I will not track him Ma Jian waved hands over the waiter to leave, he told you what Luo Shaohua hanging eyelids To my hands.time we all dressed in an olive green, very young, very able to drink, smoke a lot of smoke, you can boil the night after the implementation of the task can be full of energy capture. Interpol in front of the old secretly not convinced, the new police called kid actor. Keen to ride a motorcycle with a gun wandering around. Every criminal hated his teeth. Du into a warm heart a bit. Twenty three years later, in the same place, he remembered the young partners and the self-balancing scooter product specification major problems they faced together. However, this warm fleeting. Du Cheng staring at the piece of black silt, as if to see Luo Shaohua took off his shoes, rolled up his pants, a little bit of the black plastic bags dragged ashore the case. In fact, when he saw the body with a female body, the first reaction is not fear or nausea. Losing the head and limbs of the trunk and not too much human physical characteristics, he even hesitated for a few seconds to realize what it is. Followed, is the anger. A person, what kind of state of mind, will a woman dismembered into a few pieces of the pieces If he was in their own eyes, Du self-balancing scooter product specification Cheng will be dug up his mind to see what in the end there. And he believes that, at that time, the.

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