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Self Balancing Scooter Samsung Battery wn the side of the electric self balancing scooters for adults side connected to the phone, Zhang Zhen Liang s voice immediately spread out. A person, less than two grams of cargo. No drug manufacturing tools. Zhang Zhenliang darksalmon self balancing scooter also with severe asthma, Lao Du, how is it Du Cheng went to the fire door on the 10th floor, carefully opened a crack, the elevator, the man has to change the shopping bag to the left hand, right hand stop poking down the key. Du Cheng whispered 10 floor, fast up to help me. When he finished, Du hung up the phone, opened the fire door and went out. Hear the footsteps, the man suddenly turned around and saw the Du into self balancing scooter samsung battery the keys of the action more frenzy. You put things down, turned around. Du carefully close, one hand pointing to the man, the other hand holding the waist of the gun handle, hands Baotou The man ignored him, just turned his head, tightly staring at the elevator door. Du into the wound, walked over quickly, his fingers just touched his shoulder, the elevator door opened. The man suddenly burst, the shopping bags to throw into DU, sideways squeezed into the elevator. Du Cheng raised his hand to protect his head and face, drew a man pointing to the point Immediately give me out, hurry up Man b.n fact, I have. Chapter XII Everywhere he is. Supermarkets on the door, the walls, the train station of the ticket, the road light pole, the smart self balancing scooter amazon self balancing scooter samsung battery bank door, subway station. Lin Guodong gloomy eyes glanced at the city. Du into the line of sight, his head against the window. Driving Zhang Zhenliang to see him, the cup holder in the delivery of the insulation cup in the past. Master, first drug to eat. Zhang Zhenliang face again in front, sleep a while, from the day before to now, you basically did Tennessee self balancing scooter not sleep. Nothing. Du and water swallow pills, You ll hurry up. Zhang Zhen Liang a cry, at the foot of hard throttle. Green Bamboo Court Area 22 Building 4 Unit 501 rooms. Zhang Limin wearing hoods and gloves, masks pulled in the neck, is back against the wall smoking. See Du into three steps and two steps to climb upstairs, he frowned, pinch out the hands of cigarettes. You this body, in the bureau waiting for my phone just fine. Zhang Limin re wear gloves, there is so urgent Yes. Du around him, went straight to the 501 room. The channel pedal extends from the self balancing scooter samsung battery door to the toilet. Du carefully stepping on the pedal, saw several technical staff still busy on the ground. How is it going The fourth.

collar, dragged him to the display cabinet before. Look at these, what s this Duan pointed at the trophies and the certificate, This is the brothers who fight back with blood and sweat, in exchange for life Suddenly, he picked up a trophy, fell heavily on the ground, gold Guangcan Can cups suddenly torn segway self balancing scooter fails self balancing scooter samsung battery apart. Do not now, is not it Duan Hongqing Du Cheng roared, all the honors, are not, is not it Immediately, he pulled the next certificate, raising his hand to tear. Zhang Zhen seeing, hurriedly rushed to stop him, the piece has been ripped self balancing scooter samsung battery off a corner of the certificate grabbed down. Duan Hongqing more anger is not extinction, a pushed Zhang Zhenliang, raised a finger pointing to Du Cheng, trembling fingertips, but could not speak. A long self balancing scooter samsung battery while, he was biting his teeth openings, tone has self balancing scooter samsung battery been with a trace of pleading. self balancing scooter samsung battery When the police for so many years, the hail of bullets through the blood in the mud rolling, finally landing safely Duan Hongqing look back to see Ma Jian. Former Deputy Secretary self balancing scooter samsung battery look sadly, turned away. Doudou, I beg you. Duan Hongqing to face again, This matter, can not forget it No Du suddenly raised his head, eyes wide open, then to check this case, I die.matter, I can understand. Wen Jianliang raised his head, barely squeezed out a smile, If you can put an end to such a tragedy, Zhang Lan s death is valuable, right In the description of Wen Jianliang, his wife is a warm, cheerful, kind hearted woman, love to say love to laugh, get along with others, not with others have feast or hatred. At the same time, and most women, like beauty, love beautiful clothes. I still remember her day look. Wen Jianliang sandwiched cigarettes, eyes always staring out the window, slow pace, to attend the party, specially dressed a lot of black woolen coat, rose red turtleneck, Jeans, short boots, whole body fragrant, and I also made fun of her Wen Jianliang turned his head, his face with a smile, eyes began to lightgodenrod self balancing scooter pan. It is smug, said Wen Jianliang, pressing the cigarette butt into the ashtray. Now think about it, she is only thirty three and young. Parting, Wen Jianliang noticed Du into sallow face and sweat has been wet cheek, asked to open with concern. Du Cheng do not want to talk about this, hastily said goodbye to leave. Back to the car, he fell on the steering wheel, feeling the pain of the liver Mood increasingly strong. He dug out of the b.dow. Although only about 17 o clock, the sky was gloomy. The wind whistled, big self balancing scooter samsung battery lead black black clouds gathered in the horizon, faint to see the electric light flashing. He patted the front seat of Ma Jian It s going to rain. Ma Jian recovered from meditation, but also look out the window, scolded the sentence, shouted Shaohua. Luo Shaohua should be a cry, pick up the walkie talkie self balancing scooter battery notify the scene of the brothers, to protect the scene. Voice hardly ever, big raindrops fall down, crackling in the window. The scene is located in the village of water down the east side of the skque self balancing scooter review village, through a large field to be able to reach here. The car did not go in, the police parked the car side of the ridge, the depth of one foot shallow kicked through a person how high the corn, to see the water tower, everyone has been soaked soaked. Sheep Township police station colleagues to meet them in the field periphery, while walking through the incident a pair of young men and women in the village, similar to the water tower tryst, the woman first found abandoned in the water tower on the eastern side of the black plastic bags, plastic bags Flies around, emitting self balancing scooter samsung battery a stench. The man with a branch to pi.

Self Balancing Scooter Samsung Battery ard below. Wei Jiong squat body, come up with a white porcelain soup bowl and a spoon. You have not eaten yet Well, the old man s voice was rather disdainful, the things in the cafeteria can call rice Chicken soup soon Sheng Hao. Wei Jiong carefully handed the bowl to the hands of the self balancing scooter samsung battery elderly. The elderly holding a bowl, no rush to the entrance, it seems to enjoy the soup bowl to bring the temperature of his hands. You have a bowl Oh, no. Wei Jiong surprised a moment, shook his head, Thank you, I m not hungry. Food can not live up to. The old man s face 2 wheel self balancing scooter can not be refuted, he pointed to a small electric pot, try. A few minutes later, one old and one less two men, in the sunny indoor, each holding a bowl, small mouth sipping chicken soup. Taste how Perhaps the sake of the soup, the old man s face becomes rosy, eyes seem to water vapor abundance, soft eyes a lot. Wei. Wei Jiong s face also met with sweat, glasses kept falling down the bridge of the nose, Your craft is really good. Until now, Wei Jiong was able to carefully looked at the elderly. About 60 years old, square face, facial lines tough, cheeks have old spots, eyebrows, eyes with God. Gray hair comb to the back of the to him, and took the ashtray in front of him. what s up Dad, is this Luo Ying hesitated to say, Xiangyang came to me, he self balancing scooter samsung battery want to remarry. Oh Luo Shaohua holding the hand of the lighter stopped in the air, even for a moment, lit the mouth of the cigarette, What are you thinking I do not know. Luo Ying seemed distraught, he said, and the woman broke, will change, no longer committed Dad you say this man can change it change Bedwetting can change, swearing can change, stealing things can change, and even drug can be changed. However, some things can be changed Luo Shaohua self balancing scooter supplier suddenly remembered Lin Guodong, he can change it After twenty two years of imprisonment, he can come in the dark night, in a calm state of mind to face the color of the world Lin Guodong whether there is the possibility of recidivism, is the last few months to Luo Shaohua the most tangled things. When tracking became a habit, when the monitor into a normal state, when the Green Bamboo Garden District 14 6 floor monitor point became his most familiar place, Luo Shaohua began to forget their original intention. It seems that this person, this matter, has constituted the focus of all his life. Day aft.

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