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Self Balancing Scooter self balancing scooter site uk Site Uk ionally drink a cup of hot water in the insulation. Every twenty minutes with a telescope to see Lin Guodong home movement. Hear someone downstairs came, Luo Shaohua will hide behind the window, some peeping self balancing scooter site uk carefully. However, a full half an hour later, Lin Guodong home is still a silence. Luo Shaohua began to doubt his own judgment this bastard do not sleep or died at home That s too damn good. Luo Shaohua not without malicious thought. He had long legs of endless tingling, thought, decided to explore the opposite side of the actual situation. Luo Shaohua Dai Hao down jacket hat, but also with a scarf tightly, only the nose and eyes exposed outside. He was carrying a bag, quietly downstairs, slowly through the floor of the open space, looked around a bit, quickly rushed into the 22 unit 4 self balancing scooter site uk corridor. Three steps and for two steps to climb the 5th floor, Luo Shaohua has self balancing scooter site uk been a slight asthma. He stood for a while on the slow platform, until the heart is slightly 2 wheel self balancing scooter amazon stable, carefully close to self balancing scooter site uk the 501 room iron door, opened the hat, the ear attached to the door, hold your breath. The room was silent, with no sound at all. Luo Shaohua straightened up, silently watching the iron gate in fron.e man and the guard talked a few words. With his guard is clearly similar to his age is full of doubt, but still in accordance with his request to make a phone call. In this process, the man has always stood upright, his face expressionless. A few minutes later, a young man dressed in gray and blue down jacket rushed to, and the man talked for a while, took him away from the duty room. This walk is more than two hours. Luo Shaohua Daoshi not worry. He has guessed the purpose of a man trip, but also know where the next man will go. Which gives him enough time to plan for the next step. But even so, Luo Shaohua still distraught. The news came too suddenly, he did not expect a man will be discharged at this time. I thought this person and that thing can always be sealed in the well being of the hospital, I thought he could serve as a retirement, enjoy their later years, but his sudden appearance, Luo Shaohua has been conceived in the future hit smashed. He first realized the sense of powerlessness after taking off the police uniform. How to do No walls of iron, how to bind segway self balancing scooter him Is cranky, green bamboo monosodium glutamate plant suddenly opened the iron gate, a gray van speeding out. Luo.

at together. Haha. Wei Jiong also laughed, pointing to her cuff, see. Yue Xiaohui looked down, picked up from the cuffs a few gray and white cat hair. An American shorthair cat, especially cute, very sticky. Yue Xiaohui Pie Piezui, the owner is too cruel. How many more times Once. Yue Xiaohui sighed, social practice of homework quickly completed. Almost, I need to go again. Homesick is very boring, right Yue Xiaohui and drank an ice tea, to accompany the old man talking about chartreuse self balancing scooter Do not think ah. Wei Jiong think of the old discipline, there is an old man very interesting. Oh Yue Xiaohui to the interest, talk about it. Wei Jiong self balancing scooter site uk thought for a while, all the brief description of the old Ji again. Yue self balancing motorcycle Xiaohui listened very carefully, listening to laugh. So much age there is curiosity, the old man too personality. Yue Xiaohui blinked, handsome right OK. Wei Jiong answer truthfully. self balancing scooter site uk Haha, I really want to see him once. Well, you ll follow me in the next social practice class. No. Yue Xiaohui shook his head, I have to go to the rescue station it is necessary to buy beans medicine, it has skin diseases. Little beans That beautiful short ah. Yue Xiaohui smiled, I call it a small bean. Also skip.long time, the old woman cries gradually. She wiped her eyes and breathed a long breath. Where is the old horse I m going to see him. Sister in law, you self balancing scooters still do not go. DuanHongQing cheeky, take care of their own body. No, the old woman categorically refused. Immediately, the voice choked up, I can not let him alone Duan Hongqing see Du Cheng, who gently nodded his head. He pressed the pager on the table, so that the Secretary to the old woman to the funeral home. self balancing scooter site uk After the old woman left, the office once again restored the dead silence. Duan Hongqing sitting in the desk after a long while, got up and Luo Shaohua Du and pour a glass of water. Then, he pulled a chair, sitting opposite the sofa, eyes glanced back and forth in the two men s face. Last night in the end is how the matter, why Ma Jian at the scene We all know. Du Chengheng snorted, to Luo Shaohua Nu Nu mouth, he is more clear. Duan Hongqing swept the Luo Shaohua one. The latter self balancing scooter site uk finally move, bending, bow, hands in the hair, uttered a sigh. Why did Ma Jian know that I would go to Metropark Ducheng stared at him tightly. Are you tipped off He did not need to mess around with me, Luo said, his head on his knees, his.d, do not remember these things, my dad always told me that my mother is dead. Yue Xiaohui face square, the sound seems to pass from the bottom of the deep general, Years, a relative sent to drunk father back, accidentally talking about my mother s death, I know my mother was killed Wait Wei Jiong jumped up and interrupted the words of Yue Xiaohui, You mean Perhaps the female intuition, the first time I saw the old discipline, he felt that he and I have some connection. Yue Xiaohui and lit a cigarette, So, when you told me in the library When the old commissioned your business, I knew at once what that connection was. However, in self balancing scooter site uk that family murder case, the old Ji s wife is the fourth, that is, the last victim. Wei Jiong in the fast recall, the incident in August 7, 1991. Your mother in 1992 October 27 killed, do Ah, in fact, I know you earlier than that series of murder. Yue Xiaohui bombs and soot, gently smiled, Can you imagine A second year junior high school girls, carrying HelloKitty bag, Sitting in the city library to read more than a decade ago, the newspaper, to find the year of the chain rape murder case. So, you know very early Xu Mingliang is electric self balancing scooter not.

Self Balancing Scooter Site Uk of the body into the cab, this is called Wei Jiong waving with a man over. Taxi drivers have no time to slip away, so always along the way with a straight face, and repeatedly stated that if a man spit in the car, which is the best self balancing scooter to buy we must pay the fare increase. In order to pull this trip self balancing scooter site uk as soon as possible unlucky job, the driver drove the car fast. However, in the emergency stop and high speed turn, the man finally could not control, spit a mess. Finally to the destination, Wei Jiong dragged unconscious man has taken out a sour smell of the taxi. The driver side loudly scolded, while the window ventilation, and finally more than self balancing scooter site uk fifty dollars to the fare, only self balancing scooter site uk angrily left. Yue Xiaohui lives in the 4th floor. This distance, for the arm of a drunk Yue Xiaohui and Wei Jiong, is a long and difficult journey. Finally get him to the 4th floor, the door, placed on the sofa, Wei Jiong has been tired and whole body soft, sweating. Yue Xiaohui is also out of breath. She let Wei Jiong break a break, he went into the kitchen burning water. Then, half pot of water tea, half pot of boiling water for hot fuchsia self balancing scooter towel, to wipe his father s face full of vomit. Her deft movements, looking calm, it seems to take care of d.ime helpless, the last finger into the Du, Lao Du let me to monitor Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua Monitoring he has a fart Duan Hongqing to take the piece of paper on the table, first check this. Du Cheng and Zhang Zhen Liang together in the past and found that it is a print of urban residents information. Kuancheng Branch took over the case. Duan Hongqing s voice also with a slight panting, last night, someone in the city under the overpass was robbed of the wallet.The victim is called Zhou Fuxing, according to his description of the characteristics mediumslateblue self balancing scooter of the suspect And Lin Guodong highly consistent. Highlight blurted out He s in the wide city The key Colorado self balancing scooter is not this. Duan Hongqing glared a glance, There are hundreds of dollars in cash in the wallet, as the bank cards are useless to Lin Guodong, the only value is He pressed his hand on the print. ID card. Jinfeng carrying a cup of hot tea, in the study on the door gently knocked twice. The room did not respond. She sighed, pushing the door into the room. Study in the curtains closed, light dark, airy. In the table lamp according to the mapping, a large group of flue gas to Luo Shaohua Yingyingchaochao. He sat at the desk, his left hand suppor.

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