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Self Balancing Scooter Spain eng straight up the elevator, careful to avoid acquaintances, so again the disease statement again, listen to a bunch of comfort people. Half an hour self balancing scooter spain later, Du Cheng returned home. Open the door of the moment, a musty mixed with ash group blowing. Du into a small whisper, sucking the nose, went straight to the kitchen. Gas stove on the pot, the half pot egg noodles have been born Lvmao. Du into the noodles into the trash, the pot and clean brush. Subsequently, he opened the refrigerator, took out a withered green onions, cut a little chopped green onion, the pot heat, put oil, put the green onion into the pan of the moment, sound, smoke, filled with There was anger in the dusty little house. Du fried a few times, add water, cover the lid. Waiting for the water to open the work, Du into the rag to pick up the cleaning began, just clean the table, the liver began to dull pain. His face met with sweat, managed to draw a picture frame on the chest, wipe clean, put a wiping cloth, sitting at the table breathing. Sitting for a while, gas stove on the iron pot came a gurgling sound, big lightgray self balancing scooter steam from the edge of the lid to emerge. Du into the refrigerator from an egg, knock open, self balancing scooter spain thrown into.e man and the guard talked a few words. With his guard is clearly similar to his age is full of doubt, but still in accordance with his request to make a phone call. In this process, the man has always stood upright, his face expressionless. A few minutes later, a young man dressed in gray and blue down jacket rushed to, and the man talked for a while, took him self balancing scooter spain away from the duty room. This walk is more than two self balancing scooter spain hours. Luo Shaohua Daoshi not worry. He has guessed the purpose of self balancing scooter spain a man trip, but also know self balancing scooter spain where the next man will go. Which gives him enough time to plan for the next step. But even so, Luo Shaohua still distraught. The news came too suddenly, he did not expect a man will be discharged at this time. I thought this person and that thing can always be sealed in the well being of the hospital, I thought he could serve as a retirement, enjoy their later years, but his sudden appearance, Luo Shaohua has been conceived in the future hit smashed. He first realized the sense of powerlessness after taking off the police uniform. How to do No walls of iron, how to Massachusetts self balancing scooter bind him Is cranky, green bamboo monosodium self balancing scooter spain glutamate plant suddenly opened the iron gate, a gray van speeding out. Luo.

g Haisheng did not look back, walked out of the cafe. The waiter shrugged and put the coffee cup on the counter. Ji Qiankun grabbed the black wool cap on the table sets in the head, put up his collar to cover the face. At this time, he noted that the green bag on the antiquewith self balancing scooter desktop, open to, found that only a few books. He thought for a moment, seemed aware of the true purpose of these books, his face showing a smile. Immediately, he took out two things from his pocket, were pinching in the left and right hands, bowed his head, quietly dodgerblue self balancing scooter waiting for the man. I have nothing to self balancing scooter spain say with you. Lin Guodong grabbed the green satchel directly, open to look in the eyes of the moment vanished. Ji Qiankun uttered a chuckle. Lin Guodong s face becomes darkgreen self balancing scooter gray. He turned the bag upside down and a few books cracked on the table. He still did not give up, carrying a satchel again and again shake, but there has been empty. He put the satchel severely fell to the ground, pointing Ji Qiankun, viciously shouted My money Ji Qiankun seems to Lin Guodong very embarrassed look self balancing scooter spain very happy. He seemed to play a Xing is strong cat, is fiddle with the dying mouse, his face smile self balancing scooter spain even more. The situation has changed, not.w, while smart self balancing scooter amazon you get back. He raised his hand called Zhang Zhenliang, asked him to send Chen home. Zhang Zhen Liang Yingcheng down, to indicate the girl with him. Chen stood up, just a few steps, and turned around, hesitated and asked police officer, Lin Guodong him Du Chengzheng staring at the desktop trance, hear her questioning, thought, word by word, said The girl, do not contact him later. He looked at the girl surprised face, and added the sentence Tonight, you have found a life. CHAPTER TWENTY NIGHT Hear the tuk tuk leray self balancing scooter safety knock on the door, Ji Qiankun files from the pile of data looked up, directed at the door saying come. The door was pushed open, Wei Jiong half of the body probe came. You ah. Ji Qiankun laughed, Come on. Wei Jiong into the room, backhand with a good door, but did not immediately come up, but stood in the doorway looked up and down Ji kun. Stunned why Ji kun heart under some surprise, sit ah. Wei Jiong should be a cry, and slowly walked down the bed to sit down. Ji Qiankun took off his glasses, pointing to the electric kettle on the windowsill their own tea to drink, give me a cup. Wei Jiong conscientiously follow suit. A few minutes later, two people diabetes. Drink, we two back to the district to pick up the car, called on behalf of driving in the 22 downstairs urine, accidentally found 4 Unit 501 room window with a bloodstained person.We feel suspicious, then upstairs to see and found Lin Guodong rape murder at home.We tried to uniform Lin Guodong, was the other party armed with resistance. Luo Shaohua silence for a while, and asked Then Ma Jian turned his head, looking at the front, the tone in no way emotional facing the ongoing serious threat to human security violent crimes for example, self balancing scooter spain armed attack, take proper defense, causing unlawful infringement of serious injury, New self balancing scooter death, Do self balancing scooter spain not belong to the defense too, do not bear criminal responsibility. Luo Shaohua trembling a bit, his face became pale This OK Shaohua, we did almost four decades of Interpol, just what the scene of the defense, no one more than we know. Ma Jian lit a cigarette, took a deep, slowly spit, What we say, self balancing scooter spain That s what. Luo Shaohua bowed his head, gradually feeling the muscles began to tighten. What do we do now Ma Jian sat back in the driver s seat, staring straight at the window, and the light from the curtain after pouring out. Wait. Chen was.

Self Balancing Scooter Spain led with a slight rise in the mouth, the whole person looks quite some hostility. mediumslateblue self balancing scooter From his entry time, Lin Guodong in 1989 to 103 middle school to teach. Du Cheng looked transferred proof, that moment he was 28 years old, should graduate a long time before the teacher is it Yes, Director of Personnel pointed to a vague words on the paper, he is from 45 in the school learned at that time, the school is the introduction of him as a talent, because 45 is the city focus. How willing to be a teacher in our ordinary middle school, but he quit after three years. Is he married No, do not know is divorced, or always single. Director of Personnel shrugged, At that time, many female teachers want to help him introduce the object, have been rejected by him. Du Cheng nodded, the best electric self balancing scooter copy of these materials, into the bag. Director of Personnel sent them out when trying to explore and asked How is the teacher now, is not what happened Du Cheng did not answer, thanks to Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui with the school gate. Came to the car, he signaled the two young people on the train, his tone revealed a little excited to 45 secondary schools. As expected, 45 middle school almost no one knows Lin Guodong. A. foreach($txt as $text)

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