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Self-balancing Scooter Specification . Blurred vision, he can only see the coffee table overturned tables and chairs, as well self-balancing scooter specification as sitting in the hall of two people. Back to his identity that person is unknown, look clothing, it seems that Luo Shaohua. The man across from him, it is Lin Guodong. Du into the back door, self-balancing scooter specification pulled out the phone, quickly press the number. The beam, immediately bring people to Hing Wah North Street and the intersection of Dawang Road TheOne coffee shop, Lin Guodong here. Du into the smoke in front of the fan, There, called the Exodus team over. Ji Qiankun gritted his teeth, feeling powderblue self balancing scooter self-balancing scooter specification the ears humming. Lin Guodong sitting across from his hands Baotou, semi volts on the table, shaking at the self balancing electric scooter door. It was just a little thing. Jiangu Kun pointed to Lin Guodong seat under the black bag, the power of it more than a few times. Lin Guodong two blood red, body, his face is dust You fucking crazy Now we have only two of us. Ji Qiankun lifted the hands of the remote control self-balancing scooter specification detonator, You continue. Lin Guodong hysterically shouted You fuck in the end let me say Why do you want to kill her Ji Qiankun also lost control, Why do you want to kill my wife Old discipline Suddenly, Ji Qiankun heard behind him heard.wisted out the window, his eyes wide open, mouth large sheet Wei Jiong look of panic, upper body forward, legs tight, right hand stretched forward The girl half raised her head, long hair in the segway self balancing scooter darkness of the curtain on the chaos flying. Her hands clutching in vain in front of the eyes, seems to want to grab something. Because she knows, behind her, is a huge void and twenty meters high. Time to resume flow. The girl only had time to utter a scream, fell out from the window. The man s brain was blank, as if the body s blood were concentrated in his legs he threw away the batons and turned toward the window. The girl s hair has disappeared in the window, eyes only a top self balancing scooter hand in the waving. Men at the foot of fierce Meng Deng, the entire person flying sideways in the past. At the same time, his right hand stretched out his hand. In the pinch to the wrist of the moment, the man instinctively close the fingers, firmly grasp the slender hand. Immediately, he felt a strong chest pain his upper body severely hit the window of the cement platform. A grasping hand, the man also threw himself at the window. He quickly opened his legs, struggling to use the toe hook the rough con.

he 6th floor, take the elevator down to a layer. Out of the park, Du Cheng went straight to the roadside parked a few cars away. He opened the door of one of the self-balancing scooter specification black Buick commercial vehicles, a young man in a black leather jacket on the front passenger seat asked, How, self-balancing scooter specification old Du Building 4, Unit 2, 8th Floor, No. 3 right hand side. Du should be a sentence, and back to the highlighted, said hard little high, I ivory self balancing scooter arranged to send you back. You do not mind me, the brightened lazy way back, old, you be careful. Du into a smile, heel effort to climb the car. We estimate it right with a cold capsule to extract ice. Du into the abdomen by pressing, panting, at least two people. Ah. Black leather jacket turned to look back seat a thin yellow hair of youth was two plainclothes police caught in the middle, bowed his shoulders, handcuffed hands trembling. Know what to do Yellow hair nodded again and again. Du Cheng looked at him and asked the black leather jacket Zhen Liang Zhang team, how do Zhang Zhenliang fingers yellow hair youth Let this guy call to buy methamphetamine, we ambush at the door, a door to arrest people people have been stolen goods. Du did not speak, eyes hanging for a.iece She moved, I saw your wife s head when she was Indiana self balancing scooter alive Yue Xiaohui Huo to stand up, Yang Guodong to a solid hand to the slap in the face. stop Is issued Jirokun Nu. His body trembling, his face dark green, it seems even breathing are difficult to sustain You two, go out, right away Old Ji, he wanted to anger self balancing scooter walmart you Wei Jiong anxious, reach out and catch Ji Qiankun shoulder, You do not on his when Cafe has been heavily surrounded by the police, Lin Guodong impossible to escape. Instead of being sent to court, might as well here and Ji Qiankun die. If Ji Qiankun completely irrational, funerary and may even have two other young people. I do not suffer. Lin Guodong think so, as one desire to die stronger. He raised his eyes, to the hands of the remote control JI Kai Qian Kun Nu Nu mouth Do it, self-balancing scooter specification you this wretched You do not always want self-balancing scooter specification to kill me Come ah, ah Shut up Wei Jiong turned his head again and again New self balancing scooter shake Ji Kun Qian, old discipline, you calm down Go out Ji Qiankun get rid of Wei Jiong s self-balancing scooter specification hand, pointing to the door, I give you five seconds five Old discipline Wei Jiong anxious brain blank, you do, the most happy is Lin Guodong four He wants to die, you do not be so stupid t. ?>

Self-balancing Scooter Specification pen the door, rushed to come in anger. self-balancing scooter specification See three people in the room, the president first surprised a moment, then bluntly asked What are you doing Without waiting for them to answer, the president went straight to the old discipline, said Old Ji, let s talk. When self-balancing scooter specification he finished, self-balancing scooter USA he waved to Zhang Haisheng You go out. Zhang Haisheng put the ink bottle back in place, looked old Ji skque self balancing scooter one, eyes complex, then opened the door and walked out without a word. Dean Qi Xiuxiu to Hashao standing in situ, looked at Wei Jiong, at the very beginning asked Who are you My friend, Lao Ji replied calmly. You go out Dean impatiently waved to Wei Jiong. Wei Jiong stood up, just go, he was old with gestures to stop. He is here. Old Ji s voice is not high, but with a strong and resolute, You have something to say. Dean s face was up bruising, hold for a long while, spit out from the teeth of the words old discipline, you quite have the ability ah. Lao Ji smiled Thank you. You fucking self-balancing scooter specification can not say hello to me Dean was old Ji s smile completely angered, rushed straight to him, almost to his forehead together, have to direct the police Now the yard A mess on both sides of his mother to find me Dean, old Ji raised.paring for the funeral. To appease their parents emotions. self-balancing scooter specification Accept the sympathy of colleagues and friends. Finally, looking at a small two people were pushed into the crematorium. Everything seems a long one like a century. Everything seemed to blink for a moment. However, the once crowded one bedroom house, become empty. Twenty years later, Du Cheng s memories of those days is always vague, as if from the inside out are emptied, eyes gone, the mouth is gone, the brain is gone, the heart is not in the. Any detail did not stay, as if the two men never appeared, more impossible to talk about since when disappear. He has always been a person, always a person. The only clear memory is, Ma Jian grabbed his shoulder at the funeral, clay sculpture of the Du into a blank look at him. Ma Jian staring blood red eyes, hissing said into the child, into a child Fuck, I caught him Suspect Xu Mingliang, male, 24 years old, Han nationality, unmarried, C city residence, who lives in Tiedong District four latitude 87 311, individual practitioners, in spring farm market 632 stalls to live pigs. The investigation, Xu Mingliang early death of his father, secondary education, in the C City Vocatio.

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