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Self Balancing-scooter Start a white short down jacket, jeans, boots, orange scarf, long hair in the back of the beam into a cauda equina, Chongqing Road in the discount Well. Wei Jiong looked at her arms shopping bags, are more suitable for students in the low end fashion brand clothing. Yue Xiaohui noted that the hands of the black plastic bag Wei Jiong. I ll hold it for you. No, Wei Jiong hurriedly refused, very light. Give steelblue self balancing scooter me. Yue Xiaohui the plastic shopping bags on the self balancing-scooter start top of that pile of shopping bags, curiously from the open bag at the glance. Hey, you smoke ah No, help an old friend buy. Be careful, Yue Xiaohui said self balancing-scooter start with a smile, You carry into the dormitory floor, then 100 will be detained aunt caught. Rest assured. Wei Jiong also laugh. Bus stop in the Star MALL in front of Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui get off. Wei Jiong took back self balancing-scooter start his plastic bag, again in the hands of Yue Xiaohui shopping bags are also mentioned in the hands. Thank you, thank you. Two people walking in the zebra crossing, with the crowds of people across the road. Yue Xiaohui looked very relaxed, one hand clutching the end of the scarf, could not shake. Into the gate, Wei Jiong far to see the library door parked a bus. Sorry, I.. This also became Xu Mingliang strong anti detection capability source. lightgodenrod self balancing scooter How old are you when your husband died I think thirty five. Du silently looked at her for a few seconds can ask you a relative privacy problem Old woman stared, self balancing-scooter start stared back at him You ask it. After his death, you have not Du into account words and phrases, and other men The old Wisconsin self balancing scooter woman turned her head and looked out the window. Xu Mingliang know this, right Well, the old woman retracted, looking at the ground, Mingliang technical school the first year, the man and I That day the child suddenly came home. And then He returned to school directly. The old woman smiled, I did not explain, can not explain. Fortunately, the child did oldlace self balancing scooter not ask me, I and the man broke. After that incident, has he changed your attitude No, he did not talk much since he was a kid, and I did not have much to talk to. Du Cheng nodded, reaching for cigarettes, found inside the cigarette has been running out, thought, and hand received back. Can go to his room to see it Du fingers into the living room of the north side of the door closed. Casually. The old self balancing-scooter start woman got up and went to the door, pushed open. The room is n.

threw himself in bed when the mouth is still the aroma of red wine. Her dizzy, but still feel the hands of Lin Guodong walk in her body. At the same time, a piece of clothing was taken off. She just symbolic resistance to a bit, to open arms, lying in bed and let Lin Guodong action. Heart of the flame a little bit burning up. Chen Xiao quickly felt the body hot, cheeks crimson. Unconsciously, the girl s body only underwear. Lin Guodong head buried in her chest, like a beast like arch moving. Chen stroked his dry and hard hair, trying to suppress the groan out of the throat. Suddenly, she noticed the action of Lin Guodong slowly stopped, the body is gradually cooling self balancing-scooter start the heat transpiration. Chen Xiao mind both funny and disappointed not into the question, this old man will not get away, right Lin Guodong volts on her body, like a puppy to sniff. You are not for perfume Lin Guodong s hands in the bed, looking down at her. Uh Chen felt puzzled, What do you say Fragrance Lin Guodong asked sharply, looks fierce terrible, You are not changed Yes ah. Chen Xiao suddenly afraid of her hands and feet, darkcyan self balancing scooter from Lin Guodong arm out under the before the bottle runs out, so I Lin Guodong sud.dly, it seems curious about everything. Luo Shaohua try to hide behind the crowd, pay attention to his every best electric self balancing scooter move. Initially, he was strange to Lin Guodong s strange behavior, but he soon understood for a person in a mental hospital for more than 20 years of people, already on the human world feel strange. A surge in the heart of Luo Shaohua. Not far from this person, in the electric bar and under the constraints of clothing spent a small half life, and now become a food shoots do not know the waste. But Luo Shaohua soon realized that the reason why he would feel strange, because he Lin Guodong as leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel hoverboard their own people. Witnessed the rapid development of the city, from the cottage to the skyscrapers everywhere, secretly pleased with the increase in wages, annoyed in the soaring prices. As Luo Shaohua often feel the same illusion when he stares in the dark streets of those darker corners, always feel a pair of eyes are self balancing-scooter start looking back at himself. In fact, he never left. Through the morning market, Lin Guodong straight across the street to the bus station, looked up at the stop sign, quietly waiting in place. Luo Shaohua has no time to go back to drive, can only hide in a breakfast stall, tig.emorrhage, should be caused by the Department of neck 5 body for the body left thigh, length 30cm, circumference 50cm, from the top of the femoral head off, the lower end of the articular surface from the femur From the broken, up and down the wound to see more than one flap, cut edge edge of the skin more homogeneous. 6 body is the right thigh of the human body, length 32cm, circumference 52cm, from the top of the femoral head from the broken, the lower end of the articular surface of the femur from the off, see the upper and lower wound flap, cut edges rough skin. 7 for the left leg and left leg self balancing-scooter start body, left leg length 41cm, circumference 39cm, from the tibial plate at the broken off, see the end of the six flaps, with the patella, bone surface see three cut marks. The body parts can be stitched together to form a female body, can be identified as the same person. cause of death According to the test, the deceased was due to strangulation caused by mechanical asphyxia death. Time of death The dead body is fresh, combined with the digestive capacity of the dead stomach, analysis of the time of death in the 17 hours before the incident. Individual identification According to t.

Self Balancing-scooter Start wisted out the window, his eyes wide open, mouth large sheet Wei Jiong look of panic, upper body forward, legs tight, right hand stretched forward The girl half raised her head, long self balancing-scooter start hair in the darkness of the curtain on the chaos flying. Her hands clutching in vain in front of the eyes, seems to want to grab something. Because she knows, behind her, is a huge void and twenty meters high. Time to resume flow. The girl only had time to utter a scream, fell out from cool real self balancing scooter reviews the window. The man s brain was blank, as if the body s blood were concentrated in his legs he threw away the batons and turned toward the window. The girl s hair has disappeared in the window, eyes only a hand in the waving. self balancing-scooter start Men at the foot of fierce Meng Deng, the entire person flying sideways in the past. At the same time, his right hand stretched out his hand. In the pinch to the wrist of the moment, the man instinctively close the fingers, firmly grasp the slender hand. Immediately, he felt a strong chest pain his upper body severely hit the window of the cement platform. A grasping hand, the man also threw himself at the window. He quickly opened his legs, struggling to use the toe self balancing-scooter start hook the rough con.radually separated self balancing-scooter start from the electronic control door and the opposite is still constantly flowing blood fingerprints. Luo Ying my daughter Suddenly, everything in front of the reverse, electric door and blood fingerprints turn right to the ninety degrees Luo Shaohua was thrown to the ground. Two of the plum self balancing scooter weight of pressure on the body, Luo Shaohua moment can not move. However, years of training to create the skill, coupled with the fury inspired by Lin Guodong let him get up quickly, quickly brought down the two subway security personnel. Once again got up and looked opposite the platform, Lin Guodong figure just flash a bit, was speeding over the subway car blocked. The subway stop for the southern terminus. Luo Shaohua more anxious. Out of a large number of passengers inside the opposite, on the platform on the mintcream self balancing scooter sudden flow of people on the flow. He tried to find in the crowd Lin Guodong figure, but always found nothing. At this point, the two down the security staff are grimace in pain to stand self balancing-scooter start up, one staring at Luo Shaohua eager, and the other has been using the radio to call security guards. Luo Shaohua bite the bullet, picked up the backpack to the escalator ran. Just some of the.

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