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Self Balancing Scooter Store is is more than 20 years, I have got used to. Wei Jiong was trying to comfort him, he heard the pocket phone ring. Is the mother called, and asked him when to go home. Wei Jiong do not want too much to stimulate the old discipline, hastily said a few put the phone hung up. Old Ji did not care, is still a smile. Your mother Anxious, right Laoji patted his knees, it s getting late, you kid go home, give your parents a good. Wei. Wei Jiong some embarrassed to get up, picked up the backpack, old discipline you take care of themselves, New Year s Eve give you New Year. The smile on his face is still in the bitter taste is getting thicker, you have to accompany parents, a family, the most important thing is round and round, you can not help me, self balancing scooter store Neat. Early in the morning, Du was knocked on the door was awakened. Clothes get out of bed, rubbing his eyes open the door, the self balancing scooter uk results of a sudden influx of hula a lot of people. Headed by Duan Hongqing, behind Zhang Zhenliang, highlighted and a few Interpol cadetblue self balancing scooter boys. Every portable shoulder, everyone is not empty handed. Du is still in a self balancing scooter store daze, Duan Hongqing has pushed him, yelling to arrange things home. For a self balancing scooter store time, self balancing scooter store fish oil eggs, rice veget.mad He pointed to the self balancing scooter store baton in the hands of Ma Jian, Execution Lin Guodong Ma Jian snatching gloves has nothing to do with you He s crazy, are you crazy scarlet self balancing scooter Du turned to Luo Shaohua behind Ma Jian, Do you know what you are doing Luo Shaohua bowed his darkviolet self balancing scooter head, teeth, without a word. Four people standing Loudukou, one side of the glare, one silent. A few seconds later, the sound control lights quietly extinguished, then re lit. Almost at the same time, a burst of crisp footsteps sounded in the corridor. Four people looked to the corridor in order. A young girl standing on the steps, a look of horror at the block at the door of them, seems to have been scared. Du looked up and down the self balancing scooter store girl, suddenly thought of what turned to see Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua. Shock. Do not understand. Disappointed. Two people face is the same expression. Not the same, Luo Shaohua seems to relieve a sigh of relief. Suddenly, Du into the mind lit a lightning, he suddenly realized Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua the true purpose of this trip. Immediately, his features to twist up, teeth bite creak. The girl looked nervously at the door of the four people, hesitated to step down from the middle to go through them. Ma Jian ti.

car before the incident, he will drive the bike white pickup truck pickup truck Of the co pilot shade board found dripping blood Moreover, the 3.14 rape murderer murderers Li Lihua is the type B blood. If all this is a coincidence, it is too coincidental too outrageous, right He can not forget the last glimpse of Lin Guodong in front of the building, the kind of Zhang Huang lost, and hate and fear of the eyes. Luo Shaohua look at the watch, press out the cigarette butts, picked up the backpack. Just do one more thing, you can know this in the end is not a coincidence. Luo Shaohua standing in the Green Bamboo Court Area 22, Unit 4, Room 501, received a good lock tool, look around this two bedroom house. Lin Guodong is school work, his mother is also monosodium glutamate plant, is now four thirty in the afternoon, leaving him not much time. Luo Shaohua quickly explored the two bedrooms and living room, especially the south side of the bedroom, placed from the items, it should be used for Lin Guodong. Simply furnished, in addition to the bed and wardrobe, is a desk. Bookshelves are mostly English books, there are several novels. One of the books, which had been wrapped in books.y, people feel lazy cozy, contented. In an open space, an elderly man in a blue and white sickle leaned against a wooden bench and closed his eyes to nap. In his hand, also holds an open newspaper. Ji Qiankun saw him, hands force, wheelchair speed to him. Laodu He walked around the old man, hard pat top self balancing scooter each other s knees, not afraid of cold. Du Cheng opened his eyes, see Ji is heaven and earth, smiled. It s you, he stretched as he struggled, and the newspaper clattered as self balancing scooter store his movements sounded, Damn fucking, glancing at the royalblue self balancing scooter newspaper and falling asleep. Ji Kung kun to see his face and more yellow swollen abdomen, asked how are you All right, the silver self balancing scooter day after surgery. Du Cheng shook his head, Zhenliang non me to do, in fact, they are useless you Yesterday s session Ah, the crime of intentional homicide and the explosion of the self balancing scooter store suspension. Ji Qiankun looking calm, seems to say something has nothing to do with their own, half a day to get away. You report to expose Zhang Haisheng, should be considered meritorious. Du into look at him, your defense lawyer to mention this did not As if to mention it, I did not seriously listen. Ji Qiankun refers to their upper abdomen, lung cancer, even if sen.little self balancing scooter store longer. Lin Guodong lips rolled up, teeth bite creak. Well, you say. Ji Qiankun narrowed his eyes, upper body forward Why do you want to kill my wife Lin Guodong thought I can only say that she was in the wrong time, appeared in a wrong place, met a His tone was slow, his eyes wandering, his eyes kept Piaoxiang Ji Qiankun hold the black plastic box right hand. At the same time, his hand on the table a little closer to each other. You d better sit still Ji Qiankun self balancing scooter store immediately aware lightblue self balancing scooter of his intentions, the whole person to sit back, while the arm to the iron table to push him in the past. Lin Guodong the back to withstand the column, under the chair and legs are stuck in the iron table, a time can not move. go on The sound of low Dr for Lin Guodong not act recklessly, but also to the waiter who came is startled. Two, he repeated hesitantly, or went to the table, What would you like to drink something What do not. Ji Qiankun s eyes for a moment refused to leave Lin Guodong, go away His tough attitude to the waiter very dissatisfied Sir, if you do not consume, please Go away Ji Qiankun waved, Let everyone leave, I have a bomb Surprisingly, the waiter did not fear, b.

Self Balancing Scooter Store ersonal communication Basically you can say that reclusive. Zhang Zhenliang pointed to the table of tablets, you first drug to eat in addition to shopping, basically do not go out, but he seems to find a job in a translation company. Du Cheng nodded, picked up the pills, drink, swallow, and then holding the glass half empty thinking for a moment. Shock beam, from the existing technical point of view, can collect enough evidence You really think Lin Guodong is the murderer Zhang Zhen Liang took Du into the hands of the cup, continued full of hot water. What do you think I think that is pretty close. Zhang Zhenliang pondered a moment, from your external transfer situation, what are sharper image self balancing scooter reviews the motives of the match, and, that day in the bureau and your Ma Jian noisy, from his reaction point of view , If not a ghost, Ma Jian will not be so easy to serve soft. Now the most troublesome is evidence self balancing scooter store ah. Difficult. Zhang Zhen Liang Pie Piezui, the evidence of the year d still keep, but no one is related to him. Yes ah, there are many things to be checked. Du into the hands of the cup, he used the car, rape the location of the body, weapons The car and the weapon can not be implemented. Zhang.ected. Du put down the cover of the paper kraft paper, reach for cigarettes. Dusty fingers and light can be rubbing the table with the people, issued a slight rustling sound. He rubbed his hand so sneakily on the body that he had a cigarette. The young archivist had a cough, got up from the seat and opened the window. Cold wind pouring in, the files placed on the table was blown crash. Female administrator of the body shiver a bit. Du into seeing, hastened to self balancing scooter store put out cigarettes, again and again after the apology from the archives. Came to the corridor, Du into the thought, heel to the Interpol Brigade Office. Zhang Zhen Liang is sitting at the desk to eat instant noodles, see Du into, hastened to get up and say hello Master when you come, eat it No, Du put the bag on the table, give me a bubble. How can self balancing scooter store you eat this. Zhang Zhenliang picked up his coat, go, we Yeliang out to eat a little good. Do not have to. Du into a chair sitting on the back, then the cigarette lit, instant noodles on the Iowa self balancing scooter line to talk to you. Ten minutes later, an old and a little two men sitting at the table, head to meet, big mouth swallowing the hot noodles. After eating, Zhang Zhenliang pick up the barrel, Du.

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