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Self Balancing Scooter Suppliers alf down, as if immersed in a memory difficult to extricate themselves. Three people navyblue self balancing scooter look at each self balancing scooter suppliers other, are no longer open, quietly watching Ji Qiankun. A long while, Ji Qiankun finally recovered. He took a deep breath, looked up and looked at the remaining three, some embarrassed smile. This is the taste, yes. Ji Qiankun reach for wallet, Xiao Hui, how much money I give you reimbursement. No, I bought their own paint. Yue Xiaohui waved self balancing scooter segway his hand, You just talk about I went to meet once again Yang Guiqin is Xu Mingliang s mother. Du into the table of information, she gave me a list of the above and Xu Mingliang contacts more closely. In other words , That is, he may send the pork to the other person. Du Chengxiang Wei Jiong Yang Yang chin According to your speculation. Wei Jiong s face suddenly became red I just casually said. You have a good idea, Du smiled, if you can get rid of other possibilities, even then incredible, but also the final truth. He turned to Ji Qiankun These two children are quite competent. Yes ah. Ji Qiankun looked at Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui, eyes soft, I am very lucky. Wei Jiong increasingly embarrassed. Yue Xiaohui s attention has been in that data. Not too. $txt1=preg_replace(\"/\\s{2,}/i\",\" \",$txt1);

My mother angrily opened the wardrobe, picked out self balancing scooter suppliers a bed sheet rejection, quickly put on Wei Jiong hurriedly get up, lose face with a smile for the bed, just cornsilk self balancing scooter remove the venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews old, they see their phone screen lit up. He readily picked up, while shaking off the new sheets, while viewing just received a WeChat. Is the old Ji to. Wei Jiong smiled. New Year s Eve after a carnival, he and Yue Xiaohui have been severely criticized the nursing home meal, the attendant even threatened to the police. Fortunately, the old discipline strongly mediate, and finally only by the. But the old people have spent a very memorable Spring Festival. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui was out Dean s Office, when an old woman secretly to Yue Xiaohui pocket stuffed a lot of Arkansas self balancing scooter milk sugar. Since that day, the old discipline is quiet a lot. Calculate the day, this is the first time a few days old to send a WeChat to him. However, Wei Jiong to open the piece of information, it grabbed the corner of the sheets, froze in place. That is a video. Duration of twenty seconds, the scene is a corridor, looks very familiar. Wei Jiong a little identification, to realize that it is the third floor of the nursing home. The picture has two m.I was less than one year old when she left, so no impression on the mother, not to mention much grief. She stood up, Are self balancing scooter suppliers you hungry I ll cook. Not so much trouble. Wei Jiong cautiously picked up the cat from his knees, I should go back. You sit down honestly. Yue Xiaohui hold down his shoulders without any explanation, a while like today, you helped me, reward you treat you. The kitchen is rattling. Wei Jiong sitting from the location, just to see the busy Yue Xiaohui. Girls move quickly remove all kinds of ingredients from the refrigerator, thawing, peeling, sorting, washing. Her face focused, face slightly red because of labor, gradually, the tip of the nose also Qin out of the fine sweat. A lock of hair hanging from his forehead, from time self balancing scooter suppliers to time by her tuck to the ear. Then, with her movements fall in the cheeks. Occasionally, she would turn his head, red sitting in the living room Wei Jiong smiled. Every time, has been watching the girl Wei Jiong will panic to remove the line of sight, pretending to touch the kitten on the knee. Ten minutes later, more and self balancing scooter suppliers more strong flavor came from the kitchen. Small beans suction nose, opened his eyes. It was in Wei self balancing scooter suppliers Jionghuai greatly stret.again. After listening to Ji Qiankun, look slightly dignified, a little pondered about, the right color of Du Cheng said Du police officers, I let these two children to go to steal the files were nothing to do self balancing scooter suppliers with them. Du waved his hand, it seems that this matter does not care This thing does not belong to me, but He narrowed his upper body to his face and stared at each other s face. Why are you going to see the file twenty three years ago Do you still use the question Ji Qiankun looked back at Du without hesitation, you arrested the wrong person, kill my wife s murderer, still at large. Du into the face can not see the expression, always staring Ji Qiankun So I want to catch him. Ji Qiankun s eyes bright and piercing, it s that simple. Du into the body sit up, lit a cigarette, the line of self balancing scooter for sale sight from the face of heaven and earth moved to the legs can not let go Never put lightslateblue self balancing scooter down. Ji Qiankun smiled, You are not the same, otherwise, why do you and Wei Jiong to see the same file it Du Cheng Yi Leng, then laughed. Yeah, he said, staring at his knee and shaking his head, No place. I have to say thank you very much, said Ji Qiankun, in a tone of sincerity, I heard that when you t.

Self Balancing Scooter Suppliers d, I m sorry, I m sorry. Okay. Ji Qiankun shook his head, he looked at the mirror to see the chin, the gap is not, the blood quickly stopped, You continue. I can not. Yue Xiaohui has become apologetic full, back then you cut. Jiuqian Kun took the razor self balancing scooter suppliers and handed the handle to her, I trust you. Yue Xiaohui took over the razor hesitated, but also looked at Ji Qiankun. The old man smiled at him, half raised his head, close your eyes. The girl crouched down, re razor in Ji Qian Kun s chin. Soon, Ji Qiankun cheeks become smooth Missouri self balancing scooter and clean. Yue Xiaohui also restored confidence, began to clean up his neck of the hawthorn. Hand on the skin has been relaxed, can clearly feel the carotid artery in a strong rhythm. Scratch to the throat, Yue Xiaohui not self balancing scooter suppliers distracted, staring at the razor slowly across the Adam s apple. Glowing green and self balancing scooter suppliers white skin slowly up a layer of goose bumps, Ji Qiankun breathing steady, breath evenly, his hands gently on the lower abdomen. Finally, the old man s beard was shaved clean. He felt the dull chin, his face expression satisfied. It s so comfortable. Yue Xiaohui side cleaning razor, while watching him My craft is too bad. In the past, my wife also clamored to flying off, many ink spots scattered, fell on the windshield, doors and seats, and soon disappeared. Luo Shaohua eyes to the front windshield near. An ink dot adheres to self balancing scooter suppliers the right side of the visor. The viscous liquid dripped and fell on the back of the visor. Immediately, an invisible hand to wipe the shade above the ink point Luo Shaohua looked at the self balancing scooter suppliers piece of sun visor, slowly reach out and turn it down. In the lower right of the sun visor, a dark brown dot is clearly visible. Luo Shaohua breathing rapidly, he removed the sun visor, carefully hides into his arms. Car self-balancing scooter window, Liu Zhu green self balancing scooter looked at his every move, his face more doubts. I said police comrades, you take this removed, how do I explain ah You first look for a change, to buy a line, looking for my reimbursement. Luo Shaohua pointing to his chest, I used after you. Lin Guodong he Liu Zhu panic up, I do not care, ah, this kid no matter what happened, oil money had to give me alas He suddenly cried, pointing to the direction of the district entrance to come Luo Shaohua turned and saw a three year old man wearing a black trench coat, carrying a brown self balancing scooter suppliers bag came over. Liu Zhu ran in the past, grabbed a man s a.

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