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Self-balancing Scooter Useful Hint he front windshield. He refused to rub self-balancing scooter useful hint the sore, turned and asked Why parking It s 102 Montenegro. The driver pointed to the street sign, This is a one way street, not open. Alley and black and long, Yue Xiaohui end position before sharing, in this alley to the west line. As early as a minute to find her, she was a little more likely to survive. Go in Wei Jiong said eagerly, I ll give you money. Not the money thing. The driver has raised the empty lights, the meter creak creak to print the invoice, sub deduction not how I work ah Wei Jiong reluctant to talk to him again, throwing a hundred dollar bills, jumped out of the car ran to the alley. The rain is still under, and growing. Wei Jiong ran out of tens of meters, the face is self-balancing scooter useful hint already full of rain. He looked at the houses on both sides, speeding up the pace. Here can not be Lin Guodong place to start, they should be in the alley in the self-balancing scooter useful hint deeper. A mass transit concept from his side and speeding. At the same time, one thing on the ground was blown by the stirring airflow. Disappointed Wei Jiong heart of a move, he walked a few steps forward, and finally see that thing. It is an ordinary plastic shopping bag, which contains a few items.ame, a moment to come. Do not bother a short paragraph. You work busy, I know. Ma Jian suddenly looked very anxious, or else, small self balancing hoverboard battery charging high, you urging reminder, I took the information after something. OK, then you first sit. High up from the seat, back to the corridor. He took out his cell phone looked, and conspire to the window, looked downstairs to the parking lot. At this time, an old style Paladin SUV just into the sub compound. Highlight the expression of a song, his mouth to himself Old things, you can count to the. He pulled up his jacket, pulled out a transparent folder from the lower back, and stood in the conference room door for a while, pushed the door into. Ma Jian see him come, his eyes fell on the first line of the folder. Highlighted but did not immediately to him, but to open the folder, the information will be spread out inside the desktop. Ma waiting for a long time. He pointed to those papers, This is Lin Guodong s household registration certificate, which is his discharge certificate Ma Jian patience to listen to for a while, his mouth ah ah perfunctory. Finally, he finished, Ma Jian quickly gather up the information, into the folder. Thank you a small self-balancing scooter useful hint hi.

can not help you to the dormitory. Oh, nothing. Yue Xiaohui stop rejection scarf, reach out to, give me. Not for the time being. Wei Jiong to the library direction Nunu chin, can help you carry it self balancing scooters there. Yue Xiaohui look at the past Candle volunteers Yes ah, the content of social practice. Where What about you Stray animal rescue station. Yue Xiaohui narrowed his eyes and laughed, I like what cats and dogs. When he finished, the girl thought of something like a racking his head self-balancing scooter useful hint Oh, I forgot to buy cat food. What about that Not afraid. Yue Xiaowen indifferent to say, big deal tomorrow morning slipped out to buy. There are two land law classes in the morning. It s okay to have my roommate cover up for me. Said, two people have come to the bus next to the bus. Several volunteers chatting around the car have to cast curious eyes. Wei Jiong pretending not seen, the shopping bags handed back to Yue Xiaohui. Thank you The girl waved at him friendly, I can not see tomorrow morning can not be surprised. Wei Jiong and her waved goodbye, turned on the bus, looking for a position near the window, watching the girl back away. 1 30, full of red candle volunteer service team bus to start on timealf down, as if immersed in a memory difficult to extricate themselves. Three people look at each other, are no longer open, quietly watching Ji Qiankun. A long while, Ji Qiankun finally recovered. He took a deep self balancing scooter price breath, looked up and looked at the remaining three, some embarrassed smile. This is the taste, yes. Ji Qiankun reach for wallet, Xiao Hui, how much money I give you reimbursement. No, I bought their own paint. Yue Xiaohui waved his hand, You just talk about I went to meet once again Yang Guiqin is Xu Mingliang s mother. Du into the table of information, she gave me a list of the above and Xu Mingliang contacts more closely. In other words , That is, he may send the pork to the other person. Du Chengxiang Wei Jiong Yang Yang chin According to your speculation. Wei Jiong s face suddenly became red I just casually said. You have a self-balancing scooter useful hint good idea, Du smiled, if you can get rid of other possibilities, even then incredible, but also the final truth. He turned to Ji Qiankun These self-balancing scooter useful hint two children are quite competent. Yes ah. Ji Qiankun looked at Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui, eyes soft, I am very lucky. Wei Jiong increasingly embarrassed. Yue Xiaohui self balancing scooter buyer s attention has been in self-balancing scooter useful hint that data. Not too.r. Zhu before retirement Luo Shaohua did not listen to him finished, hung up the phone. Regardless of whether or not to understand the reasons for Lin Guodong discharged, he has now reintegrated into society, self-balancing scooter useful hint this is a have to face the reality. Decades of Interpol career self balancing scooter segway taught Luo Shaohua many things, one of which is not to have unrealistic fantasies about anything. He has to do the worst of the pre judgment, and he has to do is to make every effort to prevent this pre sentence into reality. Luo Shaohua launched the car, he knows he has lost the professional to bring him a lot of convenience and power, so he should be prepared in advance. He is not clear is that, at the moment, Lin Guodong is standing in the window of Unit 4, 501, quietly watching him and that dark blue Santana sedan, his face with a faint smile. Chapter Six Friends Old Ji is not in the room. Wei Jiong put the rag on the back of the chair, dry hands in the jeans, wondering whether to wait in the room and other old discipline. Is thinking, Zhang Haisheng came in carrying a mop door and saw Wei Jiong, but also surprised a moment. What about the old Do not know. Wei Jiong honestly replied, I just came. This ol.

Self-balancing Scooter Useful Hint e seem to shout far away, struggling, tussle, while a few men scolded, but also mixed with women screaming. Gradually, the confusion of the voice attributed to calm, and ultimately completely quiet down. Du inexplicably thought of prison and Ji Qiankun where the nursing home. A self-balancing scooter useful hint few minutes later, a man in white underwear walked into the drawing room. He self-balancing scooter useful hint walked down to roll up skque self balancing scooter review the sleeves, kept breathing royalblue self balancing scooter paleturquoise self balancing scooter heavily, his forehead full of shiny self-balancing scooter useful hint sweat. Du police officer is not it He went to the table, out of a hand to the Du, My surname Cao, is the attending physician. Du Cheng stood up, across the table and shook his hand. Sorry to keep you waiting, there is a patient of the disease. Dr. Cao wiping sweat, sitting in the opposite Du Cheng, eyes fell on the cup of hot water. Du immediately pushed the glass to him You drink, I did not move. Dr. Cao also rude, picked up the cup drained. What are you looking for About a patient. Du Cheng out of Notepad, he called Lin self-balancing scooter useful hint Guodong, I heard that you are his attending physician. Dr. Lin Guodong Cao, raising his hand and wiping his mouth to stop the action, He has been discharged. I know I just saw his discharge proved. Du Cheng nodded, is the most rec.ited States and the United States to absorb a big mouth, Xie, ah, Zhang team. Master, you call me Zhenliang it. Zhang Zhen Liang s voice has been with a tearful voice, blame me, I should take you to see a doctor earlier. What s the matter with you This age, the body is a bit wrong too normal. No, Master Zhang Zhen Liang s lips shaking up, I did not take care of you 15th Floor, I also let you climb up and down. The line of the line, you control a little emotional. Duan Hongqing stared Zhang Zhenliang one, your master live it well pumping me. He saw Du into three finished a cigarette, put the cigarette butts into a bottle of mineral water, and reached for Zhongnanhai, quickly from his pocket and pulled out a pack of Su smoke. Du was not polite, out of a light, waved to his colleagues to indicate Do not stand, and find a place to sit. Colleagues rushes to agree, have in the ward in the other two beds to sit. Duan Hongqing pulled a plastic stool, sitting on 2 wheel self balancing scooter the edge of Du into the bed. Zhang Zhen Liang did not sit, leaning against the bed, looked helplessly into Du. Some people come up with smoke to smoke, the room soon filled with smoke, it was pulled up the window. Dua.

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