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Self-balancing-scooter t, severely pumping a few slap in the face of Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua s self balancing scooter face immediately redness up. Under the blow, his eyes finally opened. Old Luo, you meet the purpose of Lin Guodong today, we all know. Du Cheng staring at the eyes of Luo Shaohua, which look scattered, it seems unable to focus, Do you remember Ji Qiankun it The name of the Luo Shaohua s attention to a slight recovery, eyes also have a life. Ji Qiankun seems to be Right. Du did not have time to explain to him, eagerly said, Now the situation is this Ji Qiankun with a bomb hijacked Lin Guodong, there are two people in the cafe. Luo Shaohua stared back into Du Cheng, half of the eyes is half doubt the fear. If he did, the consequences are hard to imagine, I only let him believe that Lin Guodong will be the four serial murders subject to legal sanctions, he was willing to stop. Du Cheng sat up straight , Every word, so I need you to Lin Guodong year rape murder evidence to me. Luo Shaohua seems to use a long time to understand the meaning of Du into. Immediately, he slowly lowered his head, smile a bit. Evidence is indeed here. Du immediately asked What is it Lin Guodong has borrowed a white Dongfen.river s seat on a black backpack. Backpack bulging capsule bag and expose the water bottle and half bread, there is a whole body black stick. Luo Shaohua glanced at the stick, which is a telescopic batons. Want to use it. Luo Shaohua raised his head, just self-balancing-scooter to see Lin Guodong disappeared in the park entrance. He started the car, slowly followed up. Luo Shaohua can not be sure Lin Guodong still remember himself, so he did not dare to take risks, saddlebrown self balancing scooter just far behind him. Lin Guodong out of the park, the right to go a few hundred meters, turn into a path. Luo Shaohua glanced at the street, cursed sentence, the car parked on the roadside. It is Chunhui Road self-balancing-scooter morning market, the car is certainly not open into. Luo Shaohua side lock the Florida self balancing scooter door, while wondering Lin Guodong is not already found himself. He walked into the morning market, but found that Lin Guodong did not disappear in the crowd, but not far in front, leisurely Guangzhao. He was like a unemployed for a long time, rely on his wife to feed the whole family s useless cook husband , patiently walked a vegetable stalls, carefully looked at every kind of goods, patiently asking price, picked up a box of konjac or a vegetable shoots Repeate.

ng Ma Jian, tentacles of the Department, are already soaked clothes blood. He turned to Wei Jiong roared hit 120, fast Wei Jiong answer and do. Du Cheng and Yue Xiaohui This is his mother in the end snow self balancing scooter how is it The girl had been crying speechless. She knelt on the ground, left face, right hand was also firmly held by Ma Jian. Du into the wound, pat Ma Jian s face Ma Jian, Ma Jian, wake up Ma Jian s head shook with his slap in the air. A few seconds later, his eyes slowly opened, looked straight into the Du Cheng, seems to distinguish each other who. self balancing scooter segway Into the child Ma Jian s face relaxed, You finally come to his mother I come. Du quickly agreed, Do not worry, we all right. Ma Jian slowly turn the head, and finally the line of sight to stop crying Yue Xiaohui. Always hold the hands of a sudden release. Nothing like. His voice is very weak, nothing like Du Cheng Ma Jian s body feel more and more heavy. At the same time, his body temperature is rapidly reduced. Strong sense of fear hit the heart, Du can only hold tightly Ma Jian, his mouth casually comforted him. You will not crash certainly not, the ambulance immediately came Ma Jian gently smiled This.okshelf. Said that the bookshelf, in fact, just a ride between the bed and the end of the bed between the wood, above some of the neatly placed all kinds of books, both sides of the fixed by the iron book. Wei Jiong swept again and found that the reading range of Ji Qiankun more special almost no self-balancing-scooter novel class of leisure reading materials, all legal, criminological and criminal investigation of teaching materials and monographs. This old man very strange. Wei Jiong whispered in the heart I do not know why the past, such a great age, the body is not good, but why these things interested. A sigh to pull his thoughts back. Wei Jiong turned his head, see Ji Qiankun to close the book heavily, frowning. No content of the 1979 Criminal Law Ji kun suddenly a wry smile, is, 97 years of criminal law applied for almost 20 years, who will study this Why do you want to find out this Wei Jiong could not help but ask, You do not want to go to the judicial examination, right Ha ha, of course not. Ji Qiankun laughed, interested in it. impossible. Wei Jiong heart question mark self-balancing-scooter greater. Only interest dictates, will not let self-balancing-scooter such a rich experience of the elderly so eager and gaffe. Wei Jiong, Ji Q.Indeed, as an outsider he will be angered by this crime of extinction of human nature, not to mention the personal experience of the self-balancing-scooter loss of his wife s pain. Must find this animal, must let him for the year to do all the self-balancing-scooter price Even if this punishment was twenty three years late Wei Jiong was the impulse to revenge can not own agitation, the ear suddenly came a ring. He Wisconsin self balancing scooter subconsciously raised self-balancing-scooter his head, just to see the administrator got up from the seat, the hands still holding an empty cup. Do not know how far the water from the archives, but this is undoubtedly a valuable opportunity. In any case, have to take a risk. The administrator of a shadow disappeared in the doorway, Wei Jiong jumped up, grabbed the file went straight to the sixth file rack. He ran to the front shelf, one self-balancing-scooter knee, the hands of the file back to the original position, grabbed next to the Pull does not move. Hand came a strange feeling, as if the other side of the file there is a force to contend with. At the same time, the opposite side of the shelf came Hey is heard. Surprised, Wei Jiong had no time to think, hands again, while the other side of the power suddenly disappeared his hand pulling the file, un.

Self-balancing-scooter rget Not so simple. Du Cheng shook his head, This guy s economic conditions should not be too bad, if only to vent the beast, station street women have. He went to the white board, pointing to a few photos rape, affirmation and sex, kill and flesh, although there is silencing, but can see his hatred of the victims from the heart for a female , He wants to possess, and deep hatred. Has been silent, Yue Xiaohui suddenly asked Du police officers, copper self balancing scooter when investigating the case of the police are male, right Uh Du was surprised by her question. Yeah, how You have ignored the point, a woman in addition to external clothing, looks, hair, there Wisconsin self balancing scooter is a kind of invisible things, the same can stimulate the man. Three are stunned, then at the same time ask What Yue Xiaohui pointed to his self-balancing-scooter clothes smell. Du into the first reaction self-balancing-scooter perfume Yes, Yue Xiaohui nodded, I checked some information, self-balancing-scooter perfume for some men, is the aphrodisiac. Perhaps it is a special smell, to stimulate his impulse. Du immediately turned his head to Ji Qiankun, who gave a little thought to give a definite answer Yes, Feng Nan day out, do paint the perfume Madame Butterfly. perfume. self-balancing-scooter Du s brain up and running, and the first victim.y, hold Luo Shaohua knee. I know you, you name Luo, right Lin Guodong s words earnestly, I saw your photo in the newspaper, wearing a big red flower that. Luo Shaohua painfully close your eyes Lin Guodong said is the task force collective meritorious service award ceremony. To shut up. Lin Guodong while observing his face, while gently to his feet from his chest moved to the ground, stand up and sit, kneel in front black friday self balancing scooter walmart of Luo Shaohua. You let me, when things did not happen today, okay Lin Guodong looked up at Luo Shaohua, eyes both pleading, there are threats, so that we all safe, is not it Do not even think about it Luo Shaohua eyes of the refocused. He bowed his head, staring Lin Guodong tightly, You killed five people, do you think so forget it Lin Guodong surprised a moment, then he realized that Xu Mingliang also counted in the victim. I have changed, really changed Lin Guodong Luo Shaohua clinging to the legs, You believe me, I will not kill, really not a Get out of here Luo Shaohua kicked his feet open, he lost his balance, leaning on cheap 2 wheel self balancing scooter the shoe, could not breathe heavily. Can not believe him, absolutely can not be killed a few days ago that woman is still lying in the morg.

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