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Sienna Kentucky self balancing scooter Self Balancing Scooter room full of 40 degrees, and the empty compartment of the temperature is much lower. Covered with sweat Luo Shaohua went in, could not help shivering. What are you doing here Ma Jian carefully shut the door of the compartment, turned and asked Someone followed you Follow me Luo Shaohua some puzzled, Who followed me Of course, is their own people. Ma Jian snorted, You have long been Du Cheng eye on, not aware of Du into Luo Shaohua frowned, then look on the big change, he knew Ah, Ma Jian Yin nodded, he has found Lin Guodong. Lo Luo Shaohua smashed a towel to the wooden walls, This kid really his mother His hands on his hips, standing for a while breathing heavily, whispered That, how to do now Du into the master of the situation will not be more than we. Ma Jian pondered a moment, Even if he found Lin Guodong, for the time being will not have any action. Will he tell us No, Ma Jian sneer, shaking his head, unless he can prove Lin Guodong is the murderer. sienna self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua thought, think Ma Jian s judgment is accurate. To investigate the responsibility of the wrong case, provided that Lin Guodong was found guilty. There is no evidence, only Du verbal allegations, let no one will believe h.ter and gray feather vest was sitting at the table pressing the calculator. Lin Guodong came in and raised his head and asked, Are you Lin Guodong remember his surnamed ginger, the last interview on his own, busy piled up smiling face Manager Jiang Jiang Zong, I came to send the manuscript. Oh what s your last name Ginger stopped his work. Yes, Lin, J graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages, is not it Lin Guodong nodded, he conspire to the table, from the hands of the plastic bag out a stack of printing paper, I translated well, you see. Ginger left hand to take the original, the right hand to take the translation, a careful review of the control, his face can not see what expression. Lin Guodong slightly bowed back, vertical hand standing at the table, looking humility self-balancing scooter fastest and peace. A few minutes later, Jiang always put down the manuscript, cleared his throat Yes, old graduates, skills or some. Lin Guodong straight from the waist, nodded slightly, look quite coral self balancing scooter contented. The total prize Jiang. The line, then we contract it. Jiang Zedong bowed in the drawer to find, do not have to sit classes, there is no insurance, a five Jin Han, a job to give you a call as for r.

ubles. Only myself. Only for myself. How good this is. A burst of cold air poured into the room, but not annoying, on the sienna self balancing scooter contrary quite pleasant which mixed with meaty. Lin Guodong look down, downstairs is also open a small gas window, a large steam from the steam out of the faint, there are faint noise came. But also an unfinished banquet. Lin Guodong shut the mediumpurpul self balancing scooter window, standing hand in the bedroom. However, that sienna self balancing scooter kind of meat incense was not drift, still floating in the room. He sniffed the nose, which touched one of the switches in his memory. The child, what is it Lin Guodong back and forth in the narrow room pacing up and down. Gradually, the face in my mind slowly clear. Round face, some superficial. Always shy expression, tension will sweat. Habitually rubbing the nose. Like the side of the self balancing scooters body, sitting on the bed, bow back to recite the book. He returned to the computer, skillfully open the search engine, type three words. Instantly, tens of thousands of search results appear on the page. He skimmed through the first few lines not the lightcoral self balancing scooter child. Thought, Lin Guodong and type a keyword C City. Search results greatly reduced, however, still do not see the information he most lookin.he 6th floor, take the elevator chocolate self balancing scooter down to a layer. Out of the park, Du Cheng went straight to the roadside parked a few cars away. He opened the door of one of the black Buick commercial vehicles, a young man in a black leather jacket on the front passenger seat asked, How, old Du Building 4, Unit 2, 8th Floor, No. 3 right hand side. Du should be a sentence, and back to the highlighted, said hard little high, I arranged to send you back. You do not sienna self balancing scooter mind me, the brightened lazy way back, old, you be careful. Du into a smile, heel effort to climb the car. We estimate it right with a cold capsule to extract ice. Du into the abdomen by pressing, panting, at least two people. Ah. Black leather jacket turned to look back seat a thin yellow hair of youth was two plainclothes police caught in the middle, bowed his shoulders, handcuffed hands trembling. Know what to do Yellow hair nodded again and again. Du Cheng looked at him and asked the black leather jacket Zhen Liang Zhang team, how do Zhang Zhenliang fingers yellow hair youth sienna self balancing scooter Let this guy call to buy methamphetamine, we ambush at the door, a door to arrest people people have been stolen goods. Du did not speak, eyes hanging for a.or daggers to kill, and Before sienna self balancing scooter the start to sienna self balancing scooter the police darkorchid self balancing scooter and the media to sienna self balancing scooter write letters, which are some messy symbols inside. He imitated Du Cheng frowned, Zodiac killer Yeah. Zhang Zhen Liang Pie Piezui, This bastard himself for that, killing is to the Zodiac killer tribute. Du secretly scolded the sentence. Indeed, the serial murder case was so much noise, the media competing reports, the printing of a variety of do not fly conjecture. Even Xu Mingliang Fufa , for his rumors are still prevalent. Media hype, may indeed stimulate some of the potential instability of the imitation of the impulse to produce molecules, and then to experience the murder, cutting the body to bring crime pleasure. but Du into the thought, opening asked There are several victims Three. Du Cheng nodded, the number of victims in line with the law of sienna self balancing scooter imitation. Eddie Saida to the Zodiac killer to pay tribute, then at the beginning of committing the crime should have the intention of continuous murder. However, C City, the sienna self balancing scooter imitator, why only a crime on the hand it I also thought about this problem. Zhang Zhenliang has clearly guessed Du into the mind, the rape, murder, sub corpse, for most people, not an easy violet self balancing scooter t.

Sienna Self Balancing Scooter as if the sun on his head, hot, bright, with a sienna self balancing scooter never ending temperature and enough to resist the power of the dark, like this is full of looking forward to the spring. Like a new life. Just like hopeu into. But he Delaware self balancing scooter can not let this thing be exposed. Otherwise he will receive a phone call Lin Guodong, sienna self balancing scooter the first time to the old guys for help. Lin Guodong once exposed, everyone will face extinction. He dared to hijack Luo Ying, and threatened himself, that is, Luo Shaohua only dare to come to a person. Luo Shaohua always thought he was a cicada mantis, did not think Lin Guodong is the real oriole. What are you doing in the end Du Cheng staring at Luo Shaohua, continue to ask, What does this matter and Luo Ying Luo Shaohua s heart is a cold. He sighed, turned to face Du Cheng, eyes empty. No, nothing at all. Chapter Twenty Perfume Zhang Haisheng back a few steps, adjust the position of writing a whiteboard, and went up to the last few nails into the wall. Will that work OK, so be it. Ji Qiankun to the cup in front of Wei Jiong filled with boiling water, and told Road, the bar is also installed. Zhang Haisheng gloomy face to see Ji Qiankun, without a word bent over to pick up a stainless steel towel bar, remove the sienna self balancing scooter packaging, the top of the white board to start the installation. Bahrain side, he was rude to sit on the bed of Yue Xiaohui said You, make no Immediately. Yue Xiaohui bit.

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