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Skque Self Balancing Scooter 10 Wheels }undred pieces of oil money to my own pocket Luo Shaohua recognized him, it is the white truck downstairs truck driver. I told you how many times. The old woman has been unable to attend behind the Yang Guiqin, Who can prove that it is Guodong with the oil ah I can lie to you not What is your son to open the car I do not know Car in the downstairs, do not believe let Guodong to see. Middle aged man anxious, whatever the outcome Guodong is also a college student, How can you lie You do not yell The old woman apparently did not want neighbors to hear their dispute, To say come in and say. When she finished, she raised her hand to the iron gate. Luo Shaohua standing in the corridor, shook his head with a wry smile, the heart that this is what a mess. Across the iron gate, he can still hear the old woman and middle aged men in the loud noisy, and more intense. Looks, Yang Guiqin should soon leave. Luo Shaohua decided to go downstairs or wait for her. He lit a cigarette, title in his mouth, turned downstairs. However, his pace is getting slower and slower, and finally, stopped at the second floor of the slow platform. He found himself in the mind recalling the old woman and Yang Guiqin an.

eep. The bathroom door opened, Yue Xiaohui holding high sleeves, Shuazhuo hands on the water came out. Hey Little beans kinda like you. Hush. Wei Jiong made a silent gesture, whispered, animal rescue station Nazhi Well. Yue Xiaohui sat opposite Wei Jiong, also reached out to touch the little beans. The cat is more pleasant, playing snoring. self balancing hoverboard 2016 Steal out, hehe. Girl Chong Wei Jiong squeeze his eyes, This little guy can not do without me. You can really do. Wei Jiong laugh. It has skin diseases, rescue stations do not have the heart. Yue Xiaohui stroking the forehead of the kitten, I brought back half a month to cure. The man on the sofa suddenly issued a bunch of fuzzy shouting. Wei Jiong was shocked. Arms skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels of the kittens also raised his head, Yue Xiaohui is not the first to return, his face lightly. The man rolled over, smacked his mouth, and continued to fall asleep. All right. Yue Xiaohui Chong Wei Jiong smiled, Every time you drink a lot should be busy for a while. Oh your mother Wei Jiong looked around, not at Minnesota self balancing scooter home Oh, she died. Wei Jiong stunned, stroking the action of the cat also stopped, a long while, only Nana and said I m sorry. It does not matter. Yue Xiaohui segway self balancing scooter fails s skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels face relaxed.the chest back and forth stroked, breathing steadily, he secretly took out his cell phone, open the camera mode, turn off the segway self balancing scooter flash under the table and shutter sound. Immediately, his hand amount, holding the phone the other hand hiding behind the bag, facing the front of the file again and again pressed the shutter. While taking pictures, while also pay attention to the administrator, skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels so, spent a full half an hour, Wei Jiong only then the volume of the contents needed to shoot finished. However, turned to the end of the file, Wei Jiong found that the volume is still the public security, and only two murder case. He thought, to close skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels the file, only to find the cover of the Xu Mingliang rape murder case, there are two words volume one. Wei skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels Jiong in the heart cursed loudly, subconsciously looked back behind the row of iron frame. Look, in order to understand the case the whole picture, have to go get at least one file. However, the only thing he can do now is wait. As a result, Wei Jiong patience to re look at the hands of the file again, watching the side secretly pray that the woman can give the administrator to play again the phone. Perhaps because the case is a big hit, Virginia self balancing scooter the publi.thrown on the ground step off. We have a colleague injured. Zhang Zhenliang took out the police officer card shaking a bit, you give him a look. Male skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels doctors can not neglect, walked over Where hurt The stomach is bumped. Du Cheng tried to get up, nothing serious. Quickly lie down and lie down. The male doctor untied his coat and set off his shirt, pressing on his belly, Does not it hurt I said nothing, they are not to send me. Here It s really fine oh Du Cheng suddenly cried, legs twisted, the whole person almost shrunk into a mission. Zhang Zhen Liang also shocked, could not help but remind The doctor you a little child Male doctors are unmoved, still in the Du into the belly to press to go. Du into the face became sallow, has pain could not speak. skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels Male doctor s face self balancing scooter walmart more and more dignified. Probe for a skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels long time, he thought, straightened, turned to Zhang skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels Zhenliang said Push him, come with me CHAPTER THREE The bell rang. If the mouth of the teacher Meng had to temporarily close the door, he hated to talk about a problem on the half had to stop feeling. After all, he taught the Criminal Law , not a storytelling, predict how funeral, and listen to the next decomposition of su.

Skque Self Balancing Scooter 10 Wheels s reflects his face. Gray, slightly edema, wrinkles. Old face covered in the two still young, vivid face, as if closer to the time and space, confused life and death. Du into the eyes gradually become soft, everything has been falling into the endless void, in the semi bright light, he no intention to pull back to reality, people will die, the most valuable, only memories. On skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels 8 August 1991, at 7 10 am. A young uniformed police carrying two large plastic bags, hastily onto the C City Public Security Bureau Tiedong branch in front of the steps. Through the glass door, he nodded to the duty of colleagues, turn right, along the east side of the first floor of the corridor. At the moment has been bright daylight, the corridor is dim, both sides of the door countless closed, only the north end of a window can still light. The silence of the corridor, only to hear the young police footsteps and plastic bags of the sound of friction between the rustle. Close to the eastern end of the room, the young police were inexplicable chill, as if the door skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels in front of the bursts gold self balancing scooter of cold air is being released. Came to the door, he moved the plastic bag to the left, hesitated, raised his hand and sounde.ei Jiong from time to time to see the dark sofa, the man only a vague outline, did not wake up the signs which makes him slightly rest assured. In the fear of how to introduce yourself Yue Xiaohui see his mind, tell the truth chanting, my classmates. That d. Wei Jiong some embarrassment, But, uncle probably do not want me blending skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels in Nothing. Yue Xiaohui clip a chicken wings and handed him, Even if he woke up, do not remember just now. Wei Jiong Oh 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier cry, continue to immerse Grilled rice. A few seconds later, he suddenly realized that Yue Xiaohui has been looking at himself, unconsciously raised his head, just met the girl s eyes. Hey, I said, Yue Xiaohui eyeful smile, You are afraid of being my father misunderstood my boyfriend, right Wei Jiong with a meal, face Teng to red. After dinner, Yue Xiaohui remove the chopsticks, sent to the kitchen cleaning. Wei Jiong feel sitting dry tea very embarrassed, but skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels also with the help go. One scrub dishes and one with a towel. In the cooperation of two people, the kitchen will soon be a new look. Yue Xiaohui again all the rags and wipe clean cloth bowl, dry in the balcony. Wei Jiong to the toilet convenient, gray self balancing scooter came out, see antiquewith self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui also stood.

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