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Skque Self Balancing Scooter Reviews d in this stuff a lot, Luo Shaohua came in he did not find. Lao Zheng, that copies of the test report came out Out, on the table. Lao Zheng pointed to his desk, bow to continue to work, Shaohua, or not to see this Luo Shaohua did not mind to accompany him to talk casually perfunctory picked up the test report, directly to the conclusion. In the sunscreen to extract the blood, blood type B type. What case ah Lao Zheng has been installed the instrument, you do a mysterious. Intentional injury. Luo Shaohua put the test report into his pocket, barely skque self balancing scooter reviews smiled, relatives thing. Oh, now only blood type, then we can cattle. Lao Zheng does not where to buy 2 wheel self balancing scooter ask, pointing behind the instrument, can skque self balancing scooter reviews test DNA, who left the blood we can figure out or take You try this case Well Luo Shaohua suddenly came to the mood, really can it Of course. Lao Zheng sitting in front of West self balancing scooter the DNA analyzer, Let your team out of a letter of entrustment. Luo Shaohua s face changed so much trouble He thanked Lao Zheng and turned away to the forensic room. Back to the office, Ma Jian is called a collection of players, see Luo Shaohua came in, hurriedly greeted him Shaohua, to get the equipment, ready to go. What Luo Shaohua look aro.fighting but let him calm down. Alone on his own, apparently can not save his daughter. All the concerns in the life of Luo Ying are worthless in front of. That blood, whether it is Luo Ying Luo Shaohua did not dare to think, while running out of the phone, dialed a number. A few seconds later, Du Cheng s voice came from the handset Old Luo Where are you, son Home. Sounds, Du into his call quite unexpected, something Luo Shaohua has rushed into the opposite site, look around, no one stands on the platform, he cursed loudly, to the Du Cheng reported a bunch of phone numbers, there is news immediately notice me. Du hesitated a moment, but quickly replied Yes, I skque self balancing scooter reviews ll call the shock beam. Luo Shaohua segway self balancing scooter fails hang up, turned and ran to the exit. Not to go out of the gate, to see several security guards are around to try to stop him. Out of the way Luo Shaohua roared loudly. Perhaps by his face vicious face scared, it is intimidating his menacing momentum, security guards who have flinched. While they hesitated, Luo Shaohua leaped from the gate, ran straight to the station. Coming to the street, Luo Shaohua quickly to the surrounding glance, the road only a few scattered pedestrians, very few vehi.

investigation of the situation, Wang Xu and Xu Mingliang is a cousin, since childhood is closely related. In early 1990, Xu Mingliang to obtain a license, and Wang Xu is peers. Xu Mingliang before the case, Wang Xu has been in the same farmers market to sell fish for the industry. skyblue self balancing scooter Because they usually pay, often with fish and each other. Series rape murder after the incident, Yang Guiqin inadvertently operated meat stalls, put the seashell self balancing scooter stall to Wang Xu. In Wang Xu body, both doubts, there may be ruled out. At the same time, he usually caught fish, fish and cut fish when the time, will be wearing gloves, in line with the provisions of the Wei Liang Wei, Jiong s inference. However, from another perspective, when Wang Xu s work skills should be limited to decomposition of fish, dismemberment of the human body I am afraid that force can not be caught. Therefore, the best way is skque self balancing scooter reviews to conduct face to face with him. Wang Xu was impatient with Du s visit. Du Cheng said in the identity, he dangling from the cigarette, cut into small pieces of meat into the meat grinder, glanced Du skque self balancing scooter reviews into a You have not been looking for my skque self balancing scooter reviews two aunt yet, come to me why Nothing, talk about your brother s thing. Du look.lm lake Zhang Zhenliang has suggested that 10.28 murder and murder case motive is to imitate. It seems that in addition to this possibility, the high degree of restitution of crime without a better explanation. Indeed, the police had Liang Qingyun social relations were investigated and found that her interpersonal relationship is relatively simple, not with people grudges, and no financial disputes, because the relationship between men and women causes the possibility of the victim can also be ruled out. Du skque self balancing scooter reviews Cheng does not deny that this is imitation, but the problem is why the murderer to imitate From a psychological point of view, one of the functions of imitation is to make the original performance of the underlying behavior is not expressed. Then, there is such a possibility a person who originally had internal impulse to kill, in the Xu Mingliang homicide case to stimulate or inspire, imitate his way to kill a woman, to be shot by the murderer pay tribute. At that moment, he Oklahoma self balancing scooter might have regarded himself as he. However, this possibility in the Du into view, can be excluded. In the early 1990s, people s values were relatively simple, although the initial performance of the idol wo.isfaction, Ma Jian, before and after retirement is a branch deputy director, so dry is not it Little high, do you know what I was looking at the case Du asked him. How many know a little. Highlight to see Zhang Zhenliang, and self balancing scooter reviews see Du Cheng, more than skque self balancing scooter reviews 20 years ago, a case with Ma Jian I m not sure, so I need your help, said Du, clapping his bright shoulders, this case is very important to me, and I can not close my eyes and see if I can break it. Rely on, you old guy. High muttered his mouth, but the mood has been loose. Liang son, Zhang brother usually how about you Zhang Zhenliang handed him a cigarette, did not speak to you The line of the line. Highlight lit cigarettes, waved his hand, I fucking you two. I wait best self balancing scooter for the news not to mention I skque self balancing scooter reviews did ah Du Cheng and Zhang Zhen Liang Lianlian nod. Highlight glared at them, turned and left the staircase. See him go away, Zhang skque self balancing scooter reviews Zhenliang whispered Master, you really think Luo Shaohua and Ma Jian Well, they probably knew the wrong person very early, Du nodded, or your boy reminds me. Indeed, Zhang Zhenliang prompted him to pay attention to the 1992 10.28 rape murder case of the police handling the case, it is Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua.

Skque Self Balancing Scooter Reviews pushed open. Guodong, do you sleep Lin Guodong unscrew the faucet, while crazy grabbed the three pieces of stump into the plastic bag, while trying to suppress the trembling voice. Mom, are you back I m in the shower. Oh, said the voice in the living room, taking off his shoes and putting a satchel, I ll come back and take some clothes.Your uncle is ill, and I ll take care of him for a few days. Well, I know. Lin Guodong mouth to cope with, tearing the yellow tape, the bag in the bag on the fast wound. After parcels, he picked up the plastic bag, thrown into the tub, then kicked the toolbox below the bath cabinet. Immediately, he turned off the faucet, jumped into the bathtub, splashed up on the shower curtain, open the shower. Cold water sprayed out, playing in the skque self balancing scooter reviews black plastic bag, issued a crackling sound. Lin Guodong bent over, in the cold water erosion, struggling to push the pile of black plastic bags to the corner of the bathtub. Water temperature began to rise, Luo Shaohua standing under the shower, quickly washed the body s blood. Light red water slowly gathered at his feet, and finally, the name of the vortex, disappeared in the mouth of the New self balancing scooter water. At this time, the his hat, took out his pocket stuff hides pocket. He turned to look at the counter, the waiter is back to their own, operating the coffee machine. Ji Qiankun to sit in front of Luo Shaohua oblique, is a small mouth sipping a cup of orange juice, Zhang Haisheng nodded. The latter immediately got up, walked to have been lying on the desktop Luo Shaohua side, took off his black down jacket. Ji Qiankun shake wheelchair came to them, bent down, the black bag into the seat of Luo Shaohua. Zhang Haisheng hold him to the opposite skque self balancing scooter reviews of Luo Shaohua chair, again Luo Shaohua clothes thrown to him, he put Ji Qiankun s jacket to wear in a coma Luo Shaohua body, wearing a hat. Just two minutes, Zhang Haisheng has Luo Shaohua on a wheelchair, cover the blanket. Ji Qiankun also been sitting in the deck, the two have been reversed over the jacket. Zhang Haisheng is sweating profusely, he Chong Qiankun nodded money In my pillow below. Ji Qiankun smiled, to the door Nu Nu mouth, brisk walking. You fucking not say Ji Qiankun convergence of a smile go Zhang skque self balancing scooter reviews Haisheng glared at him, pushing Luo Shaohua walked to the door. At this point, the waiter shouted in the counter Sir, your coffee is good. Zhan.

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