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Skque Self Balancing Scooter ha practice for the hand. Wei Jiong was about to reply to him, he felt the same table pushed his arm. Wei Jiong subconsciously turned around and found the same table a hand pointing to the podium, the other hand pointing to his ears. Wei Jiong suddenly understand how the matter, and quickly reach out and pull the headphones. Almost at the same time, he heard the land grandmother, the voice That male students, you talk about where I have talked about After class, Wei Jiong unhappy to pick up the bag, thinking to go online to download a written check Pham Van. Not less than a thousand words This old lady, chocolate self balancing scooter hard enough. Wei Jiong muttered, got up and left the classroom. Just go out to see Yue Xiaohui leaning skque self balancing scooter on violetred self balancing scooter the corridor of the heating, his face looked at him with a smile. Why, gloating No, Yue Xiaohui laughed happier, I am especially gloat. Wei Jiong also happy are old discipline damage. Do not blame others, you are too stupid. Yue Xiaohui and he walked side by side to the cafeteria, a little anti detection are not. To see skque self balancing scooter that broken video, a thousand word check. The good get, casually copied one became. Yue Xiaohui turned, back to go, big deal I help you I have experience. OK, you.mmersed in the arms, the shoulder began to tremble slightly. Du into silence at her, listening to the outgoing from the gray hair of the sobbing. A few minutes later, the old woman raised her head, wiping his eyes, and out of a cigarette lit. Ask, she said quietly, what do you want to know As a child of Xu Mingliang be an ordinary child, primary school and junior high school, did not do class cadres, no leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel hoverboard bad behavior and bad record. At the age of nine, Xu father died of illness, the burden of life fell entirely Xu mother Yang Guiqin body. The family s income from the work in the Roulian Chang Yang Guiqin. In order to reduce the burden on the family, Xu Mingliang did not take self balancing electric scooter walmart high school after graduating from junior high school, but to enter the city of Vocational and Technical College, learning chef professional. In 1986, Xu Mingliang graduated from the college, made secondary education, but due to chronic ethmoid sinusitis caused by the sense of smell decreased, Xu Mingliang s job repeatedly hit the wall, only in the hotel to do the work. In 1988, Xu Mingliang simply resigned from the hotel, unemployed at home. In the same year, Yang Guiqin in the Roulian Chang for leave without pay.

the jagged end, blue purple fluorescence as if laughing at him in skque self balancing scooter general, shiny. Luo Shaohua s body shaking a bit, he back two steps, leaning against the door, big mouth breathing up. This is the truth. Front of the blue violet fluorescence appeared self balancing scooter 2 wheels in a fuzzy figure. Naked man skque self balancing scooter body. He squatted in the bathtub, picked up a woman s legs, hand saw on the knee, back and forth Luo Shaohua suddenly want to laugh. Fuck, too ironic. Serial rape murder zombie case, so broken. In the case of others can not tell the truth, just like in the case of thieves, with a complete non compliance with the legal procedures of the means, so broken. If at that time can be a little more time, a little more patience, and more to collect some clues, more investigation of some suspects Xu Mingliang will not despair in the execution ground. Suddenly, the living room came the sound of twisting the door lock. Luo Shaohua s first reaction is not fear or find a place to avoid, on the contrary, an unprecedented rage rushed to his forehead. He s just outside Devil in the door Luo Shaohua did not want to pull the door, rushed out. Lin Guodong in the hall for the shoes, bent over, carrying his own sh.lled out a bottle, poured two tablets hold in his gray self balancing scooter mouth, and then rummaging, they found that they did not bring water. He cursed loudly, rush to pick up good things, walked out of the archives. He was in a small supermarket outside the museum to buy a bottle of water, drank half a bottle in one breath, the skque self balancing scooter mouth of the pills have been turned on, bitter mouthful. Du frowned mouthwash, is going to spit out, thought, and swallowed. Can live to find out the truth that day, his heart did not end, do it. Now at noon, Du into the car, re open the map to browse, and finally chose their own destination, driving away. It was a haze. Located in the north of the city, the skque self balancing scooter winter after the rare blue sky and white clouds. Central heating requires burning a lot of coal, the air will float a thin layer of black ash. Road on the small cars, Du Cheng looked gray days, as well as the tone of a single building and the crowd, face to face turned a street. Into the workers Road, the car appeared on navajowhite self balancing scooter the right side of a bright white. Du into the subconscious look at the past and found that it is the city s South Canal. His heart a move, at the foot of a little hard, along the river all the way to go. Soon.face with tears and resumed his calm expression. What s next Du into pondered a bit, stepped forward, staring at the eyes of Ji Qiankun, word by word, said old discipline, I found Lin Guodong, did not immediately tell you because you are afraid of rash action. It is not easy for him to find him Indiana self balancing scooter again when he fled in fear. He put his hand on the armrest of the wheelchair, the tone increased Now, I still ask you to be calm, temporarily do nothing. Ji Qiankun frowned, straightened up, mixed with anger and puzzled tone Why Because I will not allow anyone to kill Lin Guodong with lynching Ducheng uncompromisingly, I am a policeman, I want to send him to court, understand Ji Qiankun looked straight into the Du, after a moment, slowly replied I understand, listen to you. Well, said Du, standing upright. What I need most skque self balancing scooter now is evidence of skque self balancing scooter Lin Guodong s guilt it takes time and your help. Evidence Ji Qiankun stared, You just mentioned Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua, they also think that Lin Guodong is the murderer, are they no evidence Luo Shaohua hands should have something. Du into a skque self balancing scooter wry smile, but he certainly will not give me. Why Ji Gaikun s features distorted, You are the police, why he refus.

Skque Self Balancing Scooter Wei Jiong with body shaking gently swinging the body, on the knees of the black plastic shopping bags issued rushing friction. Old Ji in looking forward to these two cigarettes Do not know why, Wei Jiong think of these, the mind is the emergence of a group of cats toward the cat. Today s volunteer service is to clean up the nursing home. The ponytail girl divided the work for the volunteers. Girls are mainly responsible for wiping tables and chairs, windows and the like, the skque self balancing scooter boys were assigned to do some physical work, such as mopping the floor, garbage collection. Wei Jiong and several other boys are responsible for cleaning the ground floor. After receiving the mop, he did not rush skque self balancing scooter to work, but went to Ji Qiankun s room. Indoor still bright and clean, sunny. Care aliceblue self balancing scooter workers Zhang Haisheng is rubbing, Ji Qiankun is the same as the last, sitting at the window reading. See Wei Jiong came, the old Ji smiled at him, took off his glasses. You came Wei. Wei Jiong looked Ji Qiankun, his mouth a little dry, he picked up the plastic bag, Uncle Ji, this is what you want. The last time is not to say it, call me old on the line. Ji Qiankun reach out, I look. Wei Jiong handed the plastic shopping.Yes ah, and they are more than trivial. He turned off the page, trying to stretch the sore back, turned to look out the window. The first month, even late at night, the festive atmosphere is still strong. Firecrackers from time to time, and occasionally can see the gorgeous fireworks in the far or near the place bloom. The past ten days, the Green Bamboo Court area where there is no quiet. This is an old neighborhood, few households young people. skque self balancing scooter Weekdays desolate, can only see on crutches, eyes skque self balancing scooter turbid, cold old people walking around in the yard. Only the Spring Festival, the festival should be reunited, in order to allow the children scattered around the back here. Lin Guodong open the window, looking downstairs slowly driving away a black car. It is just the end of the family to visit relatives. Routine, satiated, said, Mom you pay attention to maroon self balancing scooter the body, I ll see you free kind of courtesy, then, glad to leave. The old lady was standing downstairs until she could not see the taillamp of the black car. The so called free , is probably a year later. Lin Guodong smiled. Behind him, is this empty home, no family, no responsibility. No need to insincere greeting, less rice and salt tro.

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