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Skyblue Self Balancing Scooter w morning before 10 o clock skyblue self balancing scooter to me, the trial contract. It seems to stay up late tonight, or finish the job. Although the salary smart self balancing scooter battery fires is very low, but Lin Guodong need this job. Not only to maintain the existing life, more importantly, he needs to know who that person is. In the evening of October 27, 1992, wandering in the darkness of the city in the specter skyblue self balancing scooter of C, who Lin Guodong rubbed his eyes, playing spirit, twist from a mintcream self balancing scooter manuscript, read word by word. It was a small business bids book, full of flashy words and empty boring service commitments. He tried to convert self balancing scooter news those square words skyblue self balancing scooter into English words until a complete sentence in my mind Suddenly, he picked up the thick side of the English Chinese dictionary, mercilessly throw to the glass window With the crash sound Cui Xiang, there are several vertical and horizontal glass windows on the cross staggered cracks, and finally, broken into pieces. Cold wind immediately poured in, gray thick curtains are rolled up. In the middle of the dancing gray, Lin Guodong saw his face reflected in the broken glass, the face distorted, head canthus to crack. Chapter seventeen girls in the evening Yue Xiaohui sitting at the bedside, playing skyblue self balancing scooter w.s, for money to bully an unconscious old man Zhang Haisheng even worse than Oida I put the two videos to you, just do not want the police to see. Old Ji Jue saw a deep, I do not have to trust people, except you. You did not answer my question. Long story. Lao Ji suddenly skyblue self balancing scooter sighed. He bent down and buried his face in his hands. Moment, he looked up, eyes full of sadness and sorrow. Do you have the patience to listen, boy You said. Wei Jiong pulled a best self balancing scooter for kids chair and sat down, quietly watching the old discipline. I used to talk to you about my wife s death, right Old discipline to shrink in a wheelchair, his eyes always staring at the blankets on his knees. Ok. It is the 20th century, said Lao Ji Xiao, from 1990 to 1991 how old are you I was not born. Wei Jiong thought, I was born in 92 years. Oh, skyblue self balancing scooter then you will not know. Old Ji s eyes atheistic, At that skyblue self balancing scooter time, C City, four rape murders occurred continuously. Ah Wei Jiong eyes wide open, Do you mean Yes. Old Ji hung his head, my wife, is the fourth victim. Wei Jiong surprised half day speechless, and finally, Nane said old discipline I m sorry. Hey, nothing. Lao Ji shook his head, are over the past 20 years. He reached out and patted.

into the bottle from the bag, remove the pills to swallow. Zhang Zhen Liang looked at him silently, and pour a cup of hot water on the front of Du. To check files in the Council Well, said Du, putting the file on the table between the two men, how lightslategray self balancing scooter did you find the case You always feel that the seagreen self balancing scooter wrong person, I was thinking, if the murderer is skyblue self balancing scooter not arrested, then he may once again commit crimes. Zhang Zhen Liang index files, the results let me find this. Du looked at him What do you think You do not come this time, I will skyblue self balancing scooter not be fooled. Zhang Zhenliang leaned back in his chair, You said first. Du smiled This case skyblue self balancing scooter and the 1990 series of rape murder case, really like. rape. Strangle the neck. Sharp device fractions. Cruciform tight black plastic bag, transparent tape sealing. Scattered around the body. No fingerprints or other traces were extracted. This is just two years ago, a series of rape murder case approach. However, Du into the heart still has a question mark. Like Zhang Zhen Liang knock on files, more than just like, that his mother is the murderer. Du did not make a sound, lit a cigarette, thoughtfully watching the file cover. If you think you can, I apply to the Bureau to re i.the bath again in a circle or not see Ma Jian trace. His mind secretly strange, what this guy doing This morning, a strange number dialed Jinfeng phone. She answered, the other has to and Luo Shaohua call. Luo Shaohua confused took the phone, only to find that familiar voice from Ma Jian. Subsequently, he asked Luo Shaohua in the bath and meet him. Luo Shaohua returned to the Ministry of men, took the waiter handed the bath clothes, ready to open the locker, to call Ma Jian. Just remove the key on the wrist, he found his locker inserted a small piece of paper. Open to the top of the writing is Ma Jian lounge area, jade bath room. Rest area of a total of four jade bath room. Each bathroom are lying in disorder in a few bath. Luo Shaohua one by one view, went to the fourth time, still did not see Ma Jian. Just as he was about to leave, a passenger lying on the door suddenly lifted his foot and stumbled on him. Luo Shaohua a stagger, just to attack, lightpink self balancing scooter I saw the bath off the lid in the head off the towel Ma Jian s face exposed. You are Ma Jian made a wink at him, motioned him not to speak out, then climb up from the jade couch, went straight to the bath room, a small compartment. Bath.e, the dark end of the Yong Lu came a rustle of footsteps, then, a looming shadow emerged in the night. Almost the same time, Du self balancing scooter at walmart as the instinct of the handle as the handle on the car keys, turning, turn off. The rear seat of the two police invariably Hey a cry, then quiet down. Du into the unplug the key, shut the door, lit a cigarette, staring at more and more clear shadows. Is a man, about 170 cm tall, his right hand carrying a big plastic shopping bags. He saw the dark suddenly light up the fireworks, slightly hesitated a moment, then speed up the pace to the Building 4, Unit 2 went. Du did not want to just like the past, trailing man into the corridor. Man apparently aware of someone behind, but did skyblue self balancing scooter not turn back, went straight to the elevator, see the LCD screen 8 , he froze for a moment, then raised his hand and pressed the up button. Elevator slowly, a few seconds later, bite is heard, the car door creak to open. Men first into the elevator, Du into the cigarette butts, also carried his feet into it. The man half bowed his head, only to see a thick short hair, wearing a dark green military version of cotton windbreaker. The elevator door closed, his hand in the floor key top.

Skyblue Self Balancing Scooter . Blurred vision, he can only see the coffee table overturned tables and chairs, as well as sitting in the hall of two people. Back to his identity that person is unknown, skyblue self balancing scooter look clothing, it seems that Luo Shaohua. The man across from him, it is Lin Guodong. Du into the back door, pulled out the phone, quickly press the number. The beam, immediately bring people to Hing Wah North Street and the intersection of Dawang Road TheOne coffee shop, Lin Guodong here. Du into the smoke in front of the fan, There, called the Exodus team over. Ji Qiankun gritted his teeth, feeling the skyblue self balancing scooter ears humming. Lin Guodong sitting across from his hands Baotou, semi volts on the table, shaking at the door. It was just a little thing. Jiangu Kun pointed to Lin Guodong seat under the black bag, the power of it more than a few times. Lin Guodong two blood red, body, his face is dust You fucking crazy Now we have only two of us. Ji Qiankun lifted the hands of the remote control detonator, You continue. Lin Guodong hysterically shouted You fuck in the end let me say Why do you want to kill her Ji Qiankun also lost control, Why do you want to kill my wife Old discipline Suddenly, Ji Qiankun heard behind him heard.matter, I can understand. Wen Jianliang raised his head, barely squeezed out a smile, If you can put an end to such a tragedy, Zhang Lan s death is valuable, right In the description of Wen Jianliang, his wife is a warm, cheerful, kind hearted woman, love to say love to laugh, get along with others, not with others have feast cyan self balancing scooter or hatred. At the same time, and most women, like beauty, love beautiful clothes. I still remember her day look. Wen Jianliang sandwiched cigarettes, eyes always staring out the window, slow pace, to attend the party, specially dressed a lot of black woolen coat, rose red turtleneck, Jeans, short boots, whole body fragrant, and I also made fun of her Wen Jianliang turned his head, his face with a smile, eyes began to pan. It is smug, said Wen Jianliang, pressing the cigarette butt into the ashtray. Now think about it, she is only thirty three and young. Parting, Wen Jianliang noticed Du into sallow face and sweat New self balancing scooter has been wet cheek, asked to open with concern. Du Cheng do not want to talk about this, hastily said goodbye to leave. Back to the car, he fell on the steering wheel, feeling the pain of the liver Mood increasingly strong. He dug out of the b.

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