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Smart Balance Wheel Battery Charging was knocked dizzy, surprised and angry. Honda CRV driver s seat on the airbag has bounced, do not see the driver s appearance. However, the Du Cheng think this car looks familiar, a huge ominous premonition suddenly hit the heart. Honda CRV front cover has changed smart balance wheel battery charging shape, a large group of steam from the cracks emerge. Suddenly, the driver s door opened, a tall figure shaking down, walking and rubbing his neck. Du into the eyes suddenly stared. That man is Ma smart balance wheel battery charging Jian. Du Cheng suddenly aware of each other s intentions he must also know that Lin Guodong is in this building, the impact is just to own trapped in the car. The Ma Jian smart balance wheel battery charging next thing to do, can be imagined. Suddenly, a variety of emotions into the hearts of Du into. Fear, anger, worry, hatred. This allows him to lose the ability to organize the language, can only stared at Ma Jian, and issued a beast like roar. Ma Jian just looked at him, pulled out a retractable batons, turned and ran to the building. His quick action so that Du Cheng recovered. He instinctively to promote the door and found that in the Honda CRV under the aegis of the door rooted. He turned and looked to the co pilot seat, see the car window after the brick coat, sitting opposite Luo Shaohua, just looked at each other, he stunned, I rely on, how are you this Luo self balancing scooter uk Shaohua hair disheveled, smart balance wheel battery charging eyes blue, his eyes full of bloodshot, his face like a knife like deep lines, the image of a drug addict. You kid, it s not fucking suck powder, right Where are you going to pull Luo Shaohua sad smile, Ma, how smart balance wheel battery charging are you, very good OK. Ma Jian s good color, hair a little longer, neatly comb to the back of the head, he patted the stomach, is fat every day idle. Luo Shaohua glanced at cornfloewrblue self balancing scooter him, got up in his cup filled with tea. Would you like something to eat Do not, just eaten. Ma Jian looked Luo Shaohua, You last time middle of the night call me, I feel strange.Well, what can I find Luo smart balance wheel battery charging Shaohua sighed, back down on the sofa, hand over his face. Said ah Ma Jian look at his depressed look, and my heart quite impatient, how do you still so mother in law Luo Shaohua silence for a while, it seems that I do not know how to speak. You say Ma Jian some irritation, aspiring to get up and dress, do not say I m gone. Old horse, Luo Shaohua finally summoned the courage, Xu Mingliang remember the case Of course, remember. Ma Jian got up and stopped half of the action, a.

heavy rain this spring. Chapter 31 The Secret of Two People 3 29 evening 10 am, in gray self balancing scooter Tiedong Songjiang Road 117 8, Metropark Building under construction , 7th floor, a deliberate homicide case. C City Normal University law school junior Yue Xiaohui in late to be followed and hijacked to Victoria King Building, 7th floor. Suspects intent on rape killing Yue Xiaohui. Passing through the C City Public Security Bureau, East Branch of the former Deputy Secretary Ma Jian aware of the unusual circumstances, to rescue. Tussle, Ma Jian was pushed down the floor to save the victims, unfortunately, sacrifice. The investigation, Ma Jian body two knives, a fatal knife punctured the left ventricle, leading to hemorrhagic shock death. The suspect Lin Guodong at large, the arrest of his work is ongoing. Zhang Zhen Liang holding the phone, the pace hurried through the corridor, kept on the microphone issued leray self balancing scooter an order. Small hotels, Internet cafes, smart balance wheel battery charging bath center, give me a detailed search again. All can mobilize the power to start up He almost roared, train station, bus station, highway cloth control, Son of a bitch to me firmly pressed death in the city Hang up the phone, Zhang Zhenliang also we. $txt2=preg_replace(\"/\\.{2,}/i\",\"\",$txt2);ting the amount of his right hand, holding half a cigarette, in front of a spread out of the album. Jinfeng put the cup on the table. Luo Shaohua turned away, the face of the wet trace reflects a slight light. Jinfeng silently watching the crying wife, hand Lanzhu his shoulder. For several days he is like this, kept looking at some old objects. The rank of the first officer, the police officer certificate, the key of the handcuff, the leather holster, the police dagger, and some old photographs. smart balance wheel battery charging Non stop smoking, water meters not into. Jinfeng holding Luo Shaohua, looking at a photo album. Ma Jian, Du Cheng, Luo Shaohua side by side, who is the olive green eighty style uniform. Ma Jian in the middle, his hands were riding on the shoulders of Du Cheng and Luo Shaohua, grinning big mouth smiled. Du into the shirt collar open, did not wear caps, is pointing smart balance wheel battery charging to what the camera said. Luo 2 wheel self balancing scooter problems Shaohua uniforms are straight, back straight, his face still with a shy smile. In another photo, drunk Luo Shaohua wearing a suit, chest also wearing red flowers, hair full mediumseagreen self balancing scooter of color confetti. Du standing behind him, will Luo Shaohua backhand his hands, his face grin. Ma Jian in front of Luo Shaohua, hold.

Smart Balance Wheel Battery Charging enty minutes after the meeting The police should be a cry, have to speed up eating. First eat, and has begun to organize materials, ready to make a report at the meeting. Ma Jian even smoke two cigarettes, quietly sorting out ideas, from time to time in the notebook record points. Ready to stop, Ma Jian out of the conference room with his men, walked along the smart balance wheel battery charging corridor to the elevator. Just a few steps, suddenly heard behind a piercing smart balance wheel battery charging cry. smart balance wheel battery charging That is the direction of forensic dissection room. Ma Jian stopped, his head drooping, his eyes slightly self balancing scooter suppliers closed, his hands clenched into the fist. Behind the colleagues also stopped, watching the captain slightly trembling back. The sound of the clenched teeth is clear and recognizable. For a moment, Ma Jian raised his head, re move the pace, walked quickly forward. Analysis will be opened for more than two hours, the Secretary, Deputy Mayor and Politics and Law Committee secretary s face does not look good. No wonder, from last November, self balancing hoverboard 2017 the murderer has been raped, killing four women, the city is caught in an unprecedented panic. However, from the police to obtain clues and detection progress, there is no clue. The atmosphere at the meeting, Besides, we have to return to school. Ah, go to the old discipline when there, call me. You want to go Ah. Yue Xiaohui drink fruit cups in the cup, you have seen the film generation master it Wong Kar wai director that Read. All the world met, Yue Xiaohui looked out the window, now is the sunset, the flow of people on the streets suddenly surging, a picture of unfamiliar faces, hurrying away in different directions, occasional eyes of a brief intersection, And quickly to avoid, are long awaited reunion. Chapter X fingerprints 8.7 murder and mutilation of the dead case analysis Brief case August 7, 1991 6 30 am, 177 highway urban area smart self balancing scooter to the town of Yanglian direction 21 kilometers at the road found under the black plastic bag packaging head for 1, the same below and was divided into four Block the upper limbs of the human body No. 2. At 7 10 on the August 7 Xu, in the peace road 14 7 Provincial Architectural Design Institute family area in front of the trash found in black plastic bags of human left thigh 3 and left leg 4. 8 7 paleturquoise self balancing scooter 9 30 smart balance wheel battery charging minutes Xu, in the Red River Street, 163 in the construction of the Viking Commercial Plaza site found in black plastic bags of female torso 5

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