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Smart-balance Wheel s face becomes pale. You what are you doing Go forward Lin Guodong pushed the girl, Do not shout, or I kill you Girl looked at the sharp knife, there is no resistance, turned forward. Lin Guodong grabbed the left arm of the girl, the knife top in the girl s waist, while observing the movement around, while holding the girl walked to that building. Girl quietly remove the chest cell phone within the darkseagreen self balancing scooter grid, open the WeChat interface. Wei Jiong standing under the car, quickly in the 249 bus inside the patrol. Passengers are also on the look of anxious boy curious, have turned to smart-balance wheel him to seek the advice of the eyes. However, no face is Wei Jiong want to see. The bus leaves the station. Wei Jiong jump on the roadside waiting for a taxi, the driver said continue to open, chasing the next one. Taxi speeding away. Wei Jiong has smart-balance wheel dialed the phone into the Du. As soon as the phone was connected, he asked, Where is she Black Mountain Road and Matsuyama Road between, I m coming, Zhang Zhenliang will bring the equipment to. Du into the voice of the impatient, We can certainly find her, where you are not allowed to go, and so I news I have come out, she and Lin Guodong just in the 249 ro.No, said Du, I m not talking to you personally, I m not going to be alone you can even ignore my identity. I understand. Dr. Cao relaxed a little, but still cautious, I replied to you, but also on behalf of personal opinions, and can not be regarded as the hospital s conclusions on Lin Guodong I made it clear Clear, you say. A few years ago, Dr. Zhu retired, I took over the treatment of Lin Guodong. Dr. Cao s speech rate is very slow, it seems that the words in the discretion, I read his medical records, mental disorders due to mental. A wide range of concepts, a lot of mental illness can be covered by the word. He meaningfully looked at Du into, and went on Since it is due to mental disorders, it should be a considerable degree of mental combat or mental stimulation, but I do not see Idaho self balancing scooter in his medical records To any statement, and, according to my observation of him, Lin Guodong performance and other mental patients than there is a big difference. Did not you say he had an abnormal mood mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter and behavior Oh, Dr. Cao smiled, for you, be here for decades, daily and mental patients get along day and night, you will not be safe what do you smart-balance wheel mean I do not mean anything, Dr. Cao replied at once.

ubles. Only myself. Only for myself. How good this is. A burst of cold air poured into the room, but not annoying, on the contrary quite pleasant which mixed with meaty. Lin Guodong look down, downstairs is also open a small gas window, a large steam from the steam out of the faint, there are faint noise came. But also an unfinished banquet. Lin Guodong shut the window, standing hand in the bedroom. However, that kind of meat incense was not drift, still floating in the room. He sniffed the nose, which touched one of the switches in his memory. The child, what is it Lin Guodong back and forth in the narrow room pacing up and down. Gradually, the face in my mind slowly clear. Round face, some superficial. Always shy expression, tension will sweat. Habitually rubbing the nose. Like the side of the body, sitting on the bed, bow back to recite the book. He returned to the computer, skillfully open the search engine, type three words. Instantly, tens of thousands of search results appear on the quartz self balancing scooter page. He skimmed through the first few Minnesota self balancing scooter lines not lightgray self balancing scooter the child. Thought, Lin Guodong and type a keyword C City. Search results greatly reduced, however, still do not see the information he most lookin.lost the ability smart-balance wheel to think. Old Ji s voice faded, he would not hesitate to take the pace, running up. The wheelchair swung smart-balance wheel violently on the street. Wei Jiong s ears are whistling wind, eyes shaking lights, intense breathing and old Ji growl mixed together, tearing the silence of the night sky. A wheelchair, two crazy people, and finally rushed to the end of the street. Because the speed is too fast, until the central outer ring smart-balance wheel road, Wei Jiong was reluctant to stop the wheelchair. Old Ji seems to still immersed in the pleasure of flying, still straight upper body, tightly staring at the front. Wei Jiong s mouth is white steam into a group, into the lock of sweat from the forehead down. He looked at the lights from far and near, hesitated, slowly pulling a wheelchair, back to the roadside. Old Ji into a safe location, Wei Jiong hands leaning on his knees, bending large asthma, arms and legs are feeling extremely painful. Wait for him to breathe, struggling to get up, only to find the old discipline has lost just excited posture, the whole person in a wheelchair. The old discipline Ok. skque self balancing scooter 8 wheels Are you OK Oh, nothing. Old Ji slowly turned around, seems to have no strength, In this way, very go.denly smiled. You child, daring big. He took a step forward and stood in the relatively bright light. Lin Guodong see his face, suddenly found that this man deja smart-balance wheel vu. What else do you have to say, huh The man half raised his hand, and forced to the next toss, a retractable batons appeared in his hand, Lin Guodong. Voice hardly ever, the man has rushed up, baton high. You do not come, I Lin Guodong shocked, hands magenta self balancing scooter and then force, the tip smart-balance wheel of the girl piercing the neck. But the men of his threat and girl s pain called completely unmoved, blink of an eye, has been rushed to the front of Lin Guodong. Before he could react, the batons had pierced the air and whistled. Lin Guodong subconsciously dodge, baton severely hit him on the shoulder. In a burst of pain, Lin Guodong smart-balance wheel blue self balancing scooter suddenly realized that he was caught in a trap, the girl is not occasionally encountered prey, but a bait, about to be prey, it is Lin Guodong himself. Moreover, he recognized that man was the case of one of the police investigation Xu Mingliang case. Well, his purpose is simply not rescued the girl, but set their own death Electro optical flint moment, batons to hit again. Lin Guodong trying to hide behind the gir.

Smart-balance Wheel Duan Hongqing toward the door to see, seems to try to suppress smart-balance wheel their own voice, You did for so many years, You do not even have a section chief, why, you do not smart-balance wheel know it Clear ah. Du into provoking eyebrows, So would like to break a big case Well, before dying also rose an official. Duan Hongqing impatient, the case has ended more than 20 years, people are killed, you also check ass ah I was still saying that, not him. DU Cheng calmly looked at Duan Hongqing, We catch the wrong person. Duan Hongqing a wave, stood midnightblue self balancing scooter up, from today, you give me a long holiday, honestly to be I do not fight with you. Do not entangled, press out the cigarette butts, Anyway, I will come to you again. Duan Hongqing frowning to see him pay bonuses as hair, so that they arranged a beam to beam to take care of you. Do not. Du Cheng shook his head, got up and walked toward the door, fast end, things more, so that monkey bastard were busy with their own, and then I am a person accustomed to. Just opened the door, Duan Hongqing and stopped him. Lao Du, Duan Hongqing expression is very complex, You good, happy smart-balance wheel happy this year. Du into his a few seconds, smiled know. Out of the Office of the Secretary, Du Ch.My mother angrily opened the wardrobe, picked out a bed sheet rejection, quickly put on Wei Jiong hurriedly get up, lose face with a smile for the bed, just remove the old, they see their phone screen lit up. He readily picked up, while shaking off the new sheets, while viewing just received a WeChat. Is the old Ji to. Wei Jiong smiled. New Year s Eve after a carnival, he and Yue Xiaohui have been severely criticized the nursing home meal, the attendant even threatened to the police. Fortunately, the old discipline strongly mediate, and finally only by the. But the old people have spent a very memorable Spring Festival. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui smart-balance wheel was out Dean s Office, when an old woman secretly to Yue Xiaohui pocket stuffed a lot of milk sugar. Since that day, the old discipline is quiet a lot. Calculate the day, this is the first time a few days old to send a WeChat to him. However, Wei Jiong to open the piece of information, it grabbed the corner of the sheets, froze in place. That is a video. Duration of twenty seconds, the scene is a corridor, looks very familiar. Wei Jiong a little identification, to realize that it is the third floor of the nursing home. The picture has two m.

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