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Smart Electric Self Balancing Scooter smart electric self balancing scooter ld want me Old woman spit out the smoke ring, see the cigarette case, in the end is a public pumping, good smoke. Two people standing in the living room, silent smoking. Old woman s white hair disheveled, with a rubber band in the back of the head, wearing a dirty papayawhip self balancing scooter upper body can not see the color of the wool sweater, the lower body is the same black and shiny trousers. Her face covered with age spots, muddy eyes, indifference, and only when the cigarette butts in force when to see a trace of contented look. Well, to return to what Old woman lit the second cigarette, slowly opening, is Mingliang thing Du into look at her Yes. He was very clear that this will be the most difficult one visit, but also the most can not be avoided once. Although Yang Guiqin scars will be opened, and may face her most hostile, but he must do so, because to prove that he is right, there is a big mystery to be solved. Hearing his answer, the woman unconsciously looked at the living room on the north side of a closed door, then turned to face Du People are dead, what can be accessed smart electric self balancing scooter Du into the circle in the room, asked Sit down to chat, can you Old woman thought, nodded, to the corner of an old wooden table.ive minutes before the wheelchair into the olivedrab self balancing scooter shake. Through the glass door, smart electric self balancing scooter Wei Jiong vaguely see the hands of Ji Qiankun waved a bit, it seems that something thrown into the door of the pot. Wei Jiong turned around to see Yue Xiaohui, who is using the same surprised eyes looking back at him. Is Oregon self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua appointment is Ji Qiankun Things more and more people scratching their heads. In the impression, Ji Qiankun and Luo Shaohua did not come into palevioletred self balancing scooter contact, let alone meet. So, why do two people meet in this cafe Yue Xiaohui first sit still, she pulled out the phone Do you want to call the old Ji Wei Jiong shook his head. Ji Qiankun had turned a blind eye to their own, these days is no information. It seems that he is doing a do not want to let themselves and Yue Xiaohui know things. At the moment to call Ji Qiankun, he certainly will not answer, even if the answer, it is bound to not tell the truth. hold on. This one is a full ten minutes. Cafe floor windows are made of brown glass, coupled with the reflection of the sun, completely indistinguishable indoor conditions, but no way to know Luo Shaohua and Ji Qiankun to meet the situation. While Wei Jiong and smart electric self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui is about to lose p.

old girlfriend, this is not smart electric self balancing scooter normal. He may have objects in the technical school, but I did not hear him talk about it. The old woman Pie Piezui, help me sell meat, the life circle is too small, no chance to know the girl. What about his sexual problems How do I know The old woman wry smile, I am a mother, how to ask Friends of the opposite sex more Do not say the opposite sex, same sex friends are not a few. About sedentary reason, the old woman began rubbing his shoulders, the child obedient, do not love to go out to play, close the stall to go home.I know, he does not love this , But no way. Old woman sigh, straight from the body I have thought, save a few years of money, do not let him do this, and to learn something else, and then find a girl married. Learn something else What is it called Elderly woman tapped his forehead with his finger, Yes, I did not test, and later smart electric self balancing scooter smart electric self balancing scooter I gave him a tutor. The old woman suddenly smiled meaningfully He most wanted to be a policeman, from an early age. At that time, the police found a large number of newspapers and periodicals in Xu Mingliang s family, among which a large smart electric self balancing scooter number of novels or documentary works of criminal detective cases were found.uo Shaohua s voice resolute. Luo Ying looked at him, gently exhaled breath. This is the smart electric self balancing scooter image of her familiar father a few words, on the job tight lipped. An hour ago the eyes of love, gentle words, and even some of the old man has been stuck in a hard shell. She was well aware of the color, smell and texture of the shell, and knew that she could not pull her father out at the moment. Because of this, Luo Ying black friday self balancing scooter walmart did not continue to ask, but took out the car keys on the table, then took the child out. Luo Shaohua sat did not move, hear the iron door closed, the door closed click sound, he re picked up the phone, read the message repeated several times, and then slowly eat breakfast. Wash clean dishes, Luo Shaohua filled the thermos bottle, served Jinfeng eat the medicine, looked at her after sleeping, put on his coat out the door. Although has not touched the steering wheel for a long time, but almost instinctive skilled action, still let Luo Shaohua in the moment the car has a trace of excitement. When the dark blue Santana sedan into the early morning traffic busy, Luo Shaohua even habitually touch the waist, would like to check the holster smart electric self balancing scooter is buckle. Empty. Luo Shaohua seems to have.in Guodong has been silent in a sudden opening, You and I are the same Surprisingly, Ji Qiankun did not refute him. After thinking for a few seconds, he nodded instead. You re right, smart electric self balancing scooter you and me, damn it. Wen Ji, Xiao Hui, met you, do not know fate, or robbery number.Anyway, first smart electric self balancing scooter of all say sorry to you, say thank you. He nodded slightly to Yue Xiaohui You and Wei Jiong leave here. Then, his line of sight down, fell Lin Guodong face, while lifting the hands of the remote control detonator, We two lightblue self balancing scooter damn people, is Time to be a broken. Wei Jiong was shocked, about to open to stop, I heard behind a smart electric self balancing scooter burst of rapid footsteps Du into the run. Old, you do not impulse Du has been sweating his face, holding a charred edge of the kraft paper portfolio, I got the evidence. This sudden turn of events so that the presence of all people are shocked. Especially Lin Guodong, his face suddenly became pale, tightly staring at the portfolio. Du into the portfolio of things out, on the table is a yellowing paper and a mass of non woven. These can prove that Lin Guodong in each time period of the incident, are driving a white pickup truck in the night looking for start goal.Moreover, this car has one of.

Smart Electric Self Balancing Scooter se once Lin Guodong know Luo Shaohua secretly sneaked into his home, downtown will be up, I am afraid that the scene is not good to clean up. It seems the only option is to wait for him after the door, a blow to its tipped, disembowel to leave. Luo Shaohua made up his mind, raising his hand to pull the sweater collar, cover your nose and mouth, while pulled out from the bag in the retractable batons, posture, waiting for Lin Guodong come. However, a few seconds later, Luo Shaohua expected jitter key and twist the door lock sound does not appear. On the contrary, just outside the door came the subtle sound of jitter bags, footsteps renewed, more and more light, and finally disappeared. Luo Shaohua heart doubts, but not frivolous, still maintain the original position, trying to capture the door of any trace of the ring. A full half a minute later, the corridor was still quiet. He could no longer remain patient and decided to take a peek at the door. Hastily glanced, corridor has panoramic view empty. Luo Shaohua relieved, it seems that just downstairs residents only. He gently opened the door lock, first stuck his head to look around to determine the safety, quickly dodge out. Quickly.he indoor. Room is not large, but placed very few items, in addition to a single bed, the wardrobe and a set of tables and chairs, the idea is also spacious. All the furniture is old style, and twenty three years purple self balancing scooter ago is no different, with pillow covers and quilts are outdated fabric and color. The only room with a modern atmosphere is the desk of the computer and printer. Luo Shaohua leaned over and found that the surface of the mouse has been worn light, it seems that this guy self-balancing scooter useful hint on the computer utilization is very high. He Georgia self balancing scooter thought, raising his hand to open the laptop, press the power button. Computer silently to run up, and soon, Windows start up sounded, XP operating system, the blue sky green desktop also emerged. Luo Shaohua relieved, it seems Lin Guodong do not know how 2 wheel self balancing scooter to set the power on password, otherwise they have to spend some effort. He checked the hard drive in the file, nothing found, then open the IE browser, view the history. Lin Guodong in the last few days, mostly for news, online translation and professional vocabulary query website. Luo Shaohua patience, daily view down and found that he visited the website during the Spring Festival up, it appears that the Interne.

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