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Smart Self Balancing Scooter Amazon off the thread, the side of the white cloth and handed Zhang Haisheng. Zhang Haisheng put the white cloth into the towel bar, install the other side, pull a few times, the hammer thrown into the toolbox. Bahrain. Well, you first go out. Ji Qiankun finishing the hands of a large stack of photos, do not look at him, I ll call you something. Zhang Haisheng bite rattle bang to close the toolbox, heels went out, back to the door fell to the mountain ring. Yue Xiaohui watched him go out, turned to smart self balancing scooter amazon Wei Jiong spit tongue. Wei Jiong helpless smile. Yue Xiaohui did not know why Qi Qiankun Zhang Haisheng so arrogant, one reason, it will not explain to her. Ji Qiankun shook his wheelchair self-balancing-scooter and greeted them Come, put the picture on the whiteboard. Two hands, Ji Qiankun to command. Soon, half a sheet of whiteboard was covered by dense photos. Small dormitory, looks like the Public Security Bureau of the conference room in general. Photos are divided into four columns, are the scene and autopsy pictures, according to the four murder case in chronological order. Wei Jiong looked for a while, back smart self balancing scooter amazon to Ji Qiankun asked Do you want to put the scene diagram also posted up Ji Qiankun did not immediately a.ption is slightly different, but the judicial examination will not have been void of the criminal law, I will not tell you. Well, thank the teacher. The boys carefully put the textbook into the bag, bowed to him, they rushed away. Meng teachers smoking, watching the boys disappear in the corner of the corridor, I thought this kid is much stronger smart self balancing scooter amazon than Shidi Shimei. In the cafeteria for lunch, Wei Jiong took out his cell phone, open the micro letter, called Candle Volunteer WeChat group, once again two wheel electric self balancing scooter confirmed the collection of time and place 13 30, in front of the library. He watches, and about an hour. Wei Jiong the plate to the recovery office, walk out of the gate. Normal University is located not far from the city center, in front of the school is a trunk road in the city, opposite is called Star MALL large smart self balancing scooter amazon commercial buildings. Wei Jiong no smoking habits, weekdays will not go to pay attention to selling cigarettes. However, Ji Qiankun designated Jianpian cigarettes in the supermarket on the campus did not buy. Wei Jiong vaguely remember Star MALL north of the cold drink shop next to a hanging alcohol monopoly brand stores, intends to take a chance. A door, Wei Jiong to feel conf.

led with a slight rise in smart electric self balancing scooter the mouth, the whole person looks quite some hostility. From his entry time, Lin Guodong in 1989 to 103 middle school to teach. Du Cheng looked transferred proof, that moment he was 28 years old, should graduate a long time before the teacher is it Yes, Director of Personnel smart self balancing scooter amazon pointed to a vague words on the paper, he is from 45 in the school learned at that time, the school is the introduction of him as a talent, because 45 is the city focus. How willing to be a teacher in our ordinary middle school, but he quit after three years. Is he married No, do not know is divorced, or always single. Director of Personnel shrugged, At that time, many female teachers want to help him introduce the object, have been rejected by him. Du Cheng nodded, the copy of these materials, into the bag. Director of Personnel sent them out when trying to explore and asked How is the teacher now, is not what happened Du Cheng did not answer, thanks to Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui with the school gate. Came to the car, he signaled the two young people on the train, his tone revealed a little smart self balancing scooter amazon excited to 45 secondary schools. As expected, 45 middle smart self balancing scooter amazon school almost no one knows Lin smart self balancing scooter amazon Guodong. A.den Ying Ying in the end what happened Really drink, do not answer the phone, so I am anxious. Luo Shaohua escape his eyes, just the words of a doctor you are not all heard Twenty years ago, Yingying on the junior high school, did not test the final exam, dare not go home, go home to sleep two days. Du into Arkansas self balancing scooter his look, then you did not like tonight Just listen to your tone, I thought Yingying was kidnapped. Luo Shaohua s body shaking a bit child a little slip, you can to my life. I think you can stand up to toss. Du kicked Luo Shaowu at the foot of the bag, If Luo Ying is not only answer the phone, you as with a baton and telescope Luo Shaohua subconsciously bow, see the pocket of the bag open, baton s handle and telescope exposed corner. In fact, he is difficult to explain why they will find Du Cheng to help. Luo Ying may be aware of the time of the victims, Luo Shaohua first thought is Du Cheng. Perhaps in his subconscious, only this hard to trace the murderer twenty years old friend can really appreciate how dangerous Lin Guodong. However, at this moment, seagreen self balancing scooter for the ins and outs of things, he can not explain, can not explain. He is very clear that any reason and excuse are deceptive D.ched, briskly jumped, put up his tail to the kitchen ran. Yue Xiaohui is cutting a sausage, see it ran over, smiled and said to it You wake up, small Chanmao She picked up a sausage, squat body, fed to the cat s mouth. Kitten sniffed, mouth Diaozhu, happy to eat up. Wei Jiong patted the cat hair, thought, but also got up and went to the kitchen. What can help Wei Jiong leaning against the kitchen door, watching the stove filled with all kinds of semi finished products, No, you do so much Xiao meaning. Yue Xiaohui understatement, you go out, here mess. Then, she picked up a yellow croaker on the flour, let it slide along the pot along the hot oil. Thorn friends sound, blue smoke appeared. Yue Xiaohui skilled with a wooden shovel to the fish turned a face, turned to see still standing beside the door of the Wei Jiong. Really want to smart self balancing scooter amazon help, to peel a few flap garlic. Boys do honestly, squatting in the trash next to peel garlic. Girl standing in front of the gas stove, the hands of the wooden shovel flying, from time to time to put a variety of spices electric self balancing scooter unicycle segway in the hot pot. smart self balancing scooter amazon They are silent, quietly listening to the roar of the smoke machine. A cat in smart self balancing scooter amazon their legs to drill between drilling, looked.

Smart Self Balancing Scooter Amazon wipe sweat, one hand trying to change down the underwear hidden in the dirty clothes. Yue Xiaohui good gas and funny, she won that a few dirty clothes, rolled into a group, thrown into the wash basin, and help him put on sweaters and trousers. Finished all this, she picked up the thermos bottle, carrying laundry tub went out. Ji Qiankun seeing this, they shouted. Do not wash it, send it to the laundry. Yue Xiaohui never returned to say know , opened the Self Balancing Scooters Product Instructions door and went out. When she came back, she was carrying half a basin of cold water and a bottle of water. Jiqian Kun face expression is not so smart self balancing scooter amazon much puzzled, might as well say is frightened Why are you doing Wash your hair ah. Yue Xiaohui replied lightly. She adjusted the water temperature, with a towel around the neck in the Qian Ji Kun, the first skim a holding of warm water to wet his hair, then put the shampoo squeezed in the palm of the hand, the dry hair in Ji dry rub. Initially, Ji Qiankun is very nervous, rigid body sitting in a wheelchair. However, with Yue Xiaohui gentle burlywood self balancing scooter action, he gradually relaxed down, and honestly let Yue Xiaohui. Finally, he half closed his eyes, pleasant to enjoy them. Get rid of the foam and rinse. O.aking rushed in. Luo Shaohua Zhang Zhenliang noticed his hand holding a long handled screwdriver, hurriedly stopped him, What are you doing Luo Shaohua eyes smart self balancing scooter amazon scattered, whole body soft, it seems likely to collapse to the ground at any time. In the face of Zhang Zhenliang block in front of his arm, Luo Shaohua on the darkolivegreen self balancing scooter potential hold, firm body, and a push him, went straight to Lin Guodong rush past. In Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui screams, Du Cheng walked quickly, hold Luo Shaohua s wrist, a backhand twist, he fell to the ground, while taking away his hand screwdriver. What the hell do you want Luo Shaohua sitting on the ground, the right wrist Du is firmly clamped. However, he seems still not reconciled, struggling to climb to the Guogong Missouri self balancing scooter Dong, his mouth growl vague kill kill him Du into the complex expression, look both anger, but also sadness. He waved his hand to indicate that Zhang Zhenliang dragged Luo Shaohua out. Zhang Zhen Liang should be a cry, leaned over his body, his arms through the arms of Luo Shaohua, dragging him toward the door. Luo Shaohua still unconscious, legs kicked in the ground weakly, my mind seems to only one thought. I kill him Ji Qi.

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