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Smart smart self balancing scooter battery fires Self Balancing Scooter Battery Fires i stopped in front of him. Although the waiting time is not long, Wei Jiong is anxious. The taxi driver looked curiously at the sweaty boy and asked, Where Wei Jiong realized smart self balancing scooter battery fires that he did not know the whereabouts of Yue Xiaohui. He thought, instructing the driver, Go ahead. Taxi drivers are more puzzled. However, or press the meter, launched the car. Wei Jiong also dialed into the phone into the ring, the bell rang only a sound on the connected. Du into the sound is also very rapid, it seems the same in the run. Location to Yue Xiaohui it I let Zhang Zhenliang to check. Handset is unlock and pull the door of the voice, in the best self balancing scooter end how is it Yue Xiaohui went to Lin Guodong. Wei Jiong s lips smart self balancing scooter battery fires shook a moment, she paint on the Madame Butterfly. Du into the sudden stop breathing, then heard the roar of the engine. how do you know Wei Jiong to Yue Xiaohui sent to his video content is simple on the Du Cheng about it again, the handset immediately came to punch the steering wheel blunt ring. You fucking Ducheng teeth clear voice, This girl crazy You less talk about these nonsense Wei Jiong interrupted him, Now how do How smart self balancing scooter battery fires to do, first save Du Cheng s tone firm, you give me honestly, wh.. 8 40, in the strict investigation of the bailiff, auditors into the courtroom. Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua just seated, I heard the court s door closed heavily. Ma Jian looked at the other side of the family sitting in the victim s family, almost everyone s face with a great hatred and hatred will soon be reported desire. Ma Jian back line of sight, I glimpse the North self balancing scooter back seat of a person. Is the Du into. He lost a lot, cheekbones terrible raised, stubble stubble covered with cheek. If not the familiar expression and eyes, Ma Jian almost did not recognize him. Ma Jian smart self balancing scooter battery fires got up, walked along the long rows of seats Du side. How do you come He looked up and down Du into, the Board smart self balancing scooter battery fires is not to give you a holiday yet Du into look at New self balancing scooter him, turned back to look empty of the defendant seats. I have to see this is what kind of person. 9 o clock, the judge in court, announced the opening. The defendant was brought to court. Xu Mingliang appeared in front of the court, behind a shouting and pressing the shutter sound. In the dazzling flash, dressed in prison clothes, wearing handcuffs and leg shackles of Xu Mingliang by two marshal into the court. Almost at the same time, the gallery burst into a burst of.

a large open space on the south bank of the canal appears in the vision of Du Cheng, where in the past called River Bay Park, in 2012, the park was demolished, a temple built in the original site, so now called Jinding Temple tourist area. Du into the car parked on the roadside, along the stone steps all the way down, carefully through the frost covered the grass, down the slope came to the river. Stone bridge, pavilion, covered with green vines gallery is gone, that tree is still there. Du into some slight mintcream self balancing scooter asthma, his hand holding the rough trunk, looked down at the foot smart self balancing scooter battery fires of the river bed. Now the dry season, abundant compared with the summer flood, the South Canal river water barren many, can see the bottom of the river silt and water swaying with the water plants. Some parts of the end of the thin ice, the part has not yet frozen in Guadan the sun braved a slight steam. Du into the line of sight in the river back and forth glance, and finally freeze in a mud. That is the 11.9 dead body found dead body 3 dead body place. Today, Du Cheng still clearly remember, when that stained with mud, springgreen self balancing scooter to the set of black plastic bags were opened, Ma Jian blurted out the phrase I speak. At that.spended, withholding bonuses, cancel the evaluation of eligibility. Chen Xiao gently stroked his back Little poor. I just can not figure out, has been puzzled. Lin Guodong eyes on the other side of the living room, bathroom door half empty, how can she hurt me Everyone look at my eyes are strange, we all Behind me secretly talking about me for me, that is set me to death. Very simply, she does not love you. Why do not I refuse her every time I invite her Chen Xiao gently smiled, boyfriend away from so far, usually no one lavenderblush self balancing scooter to accompany. Just have you this young and handsome talented suitors. For me, will be pleased to make an appointment on When looking for someone to play with their own. However, she is willing to embrace and kiss me What is it, a smart self balancing scooter battery fires woman, hold a hold, they will be warm, but you want to have a substantive relationship, she will certainly escape. Lin Guodong silence for a moment, shook his head a woman really terrible. Chen Xiao Lin Guodong arms to squeeze Minnesota self balancing scooter his head squeezed So you have been so single for so many years Lin Guodong s hand stroked on her back, can clearly feel the location of smart self balancing scooter battery fires the bra, can not let go, do not dare to love again. Fool. Chen cl.old guys and their own ideas are the same. Even so, they ended up in the case. Du lit a cigarette, slightly closed eyes, trying to relax. Here has been abandoned a woman s trunk, then, no matter how long, there will be some kind of breath to stay. He seized it, and traced it back to the night he had been twenty three years old. He Colorado self balancing scooter saw his face, grasped his hand, and put the shackle firmly on his hand. Hey, that comrade Du Cheng opened his eyes, turned around and saw a carrying broom and dustpan, wearing a sanitation workers uniforms of the elderly are serious look at him. There is no urination Half an hour later, Du into the car parked in Tiedong Wanda Plaza in front of narrowed his eyes looked at the four storey commercial buildings, and finally, in the mall entrance to see the Pingjiang Road 87, the number. He carried the bag from the passenger seat, took out the map in 1990, find Pingjiang Road, locomotive factory locality of the locality, with a red pen on a fork, then, driving away. At 2 15 pm, Du Cheng has been sitting in the locomotive factory now renamed the North Locomotive Manufacturing Group Personnel Section of the office. Clerk to find the file, he paid to the retired o.

Smart Self Balancing Scooter Battery Fires d up things, ready to Luo Shaohua out of the cafe on the roadside taxi, followed him to return home or go to another location. However, smart self balancing scooter battery fires five minutes later, Luo Shaohua still did not go out. Yue Xiaohui no longer tempted, Huo Ran stood up. No matter, I d like to see him in the end what the hell Wei Jiong hastened to pull smart self balancing scooter battery fires her. The girl was resolute attitude, a throw off his arm, big step to the door. Wei Jiong helpless, only followed her out of the Kentucky Fried Chicken. When they crossed the road, Lin Guodong drank the last cup of coffee, took out a card from his pocket, looked downstairs corner of the coin operated telephone booths. Business card is from a hotel door to get, you can make an appointment on behalf of the driving business. Lin Guodong slowly downstairs, out of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, walked to the smart self balancing scooter battery fires phone booth. He has confirmed that there is no police ambush around antiquewith self balancing scooter the cafe. Moreover, Lin Guodong clearly know that most of the city police are waiting at the train station at the moment, waiting for him to cast themselves. In the national highway set up cards to intercept the police have been very few. He only needs a person to drive him out of the city, he.hand knuckle. Car radio is playing a daily song program, Chen Baiqiang s just like you. He needed the narrow cab to be filled with music, anything, as long as it could temporarily fill his ears, otherwise they would hear the black plastic bags in the trunk of the sound. Cutting the sound of the skin blood spewing out of the sound saw the sound of bones and women from the throat of the last issue of the long moan. Urban buildings near the bushes. South Canal. North Lake Park artificial lake. Dongjiang Street Center Green Belt. Nanjing North Street and Stone Bridge at the intersection of the trash. All the black plastic bags are finished, is already four in the morning. The temperature becomes lower. The city did not wake up at all. In a dark secluded place, maroon self balancing scooter he parked the car, picked up the flashlight again check the trunk. Well, there is no trace of any kind of blood left behind, it seems that the plastic bags are tightly wrapped or meaningful. However, the smell is still lingering, even in the already zero temperature is still legible. He smart self balancing scooter battery fires sniffed his head into the trunk, sniffing carefully. Suddenly, he retracted a bit, then muzzled his mouth, staggered to the side of the road, lea.

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